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Updated on: Jul 2, 2023

Ever wondered why a digital marketer is being paid so well in practically every country in the world? And do you want to make your career as a digital marketer in Sorong?

Take a look at this blog to find out why Digital Marketing Salary in Sorong are good. You must be aware by now that there is a significant need for digital marketers across all industries, even in Sorong. It’s because we’ve been immersed in the world of digitalization for all purposes, and whether consciously or unconsciously, we’re adopting the idea that the world is transitioning into the metaverse.

Before digging into the salary, let us first be aware of digital marketing and its actual definition:

What is Digital Marketing?

The most demanding and trending job position nowadays is digital marketing. But do you know its actual meaning? It is any marketing initiative done by a marketer online or on any other digital platform to locate, develop, and target an audience and convert them into buyers of a good or service. In plainer terms, it is a type of marketing in which a marketer uses the internet and other digital communication channels to advertise and sell goods and services. 

Why is Digital Marketing emphasized so much lately?

Digital marketing has entered the larger picture and is now taking off as a result of the growing usage of digitization in practically every element of our daily lives. We tend to use gadgets such as mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and computers to get access to the internet. The Internet has become a global village where we can obtain every sort of information, and hence a marketer can organize their promotional campaigns via the internet in the best possible way.

The reason why the emphasis is largely put on digital marketing is that through the medium of internet, we can reach as many users who have gotten access to the internet, and according to the reports, approximately 4.5 billion people across the world use the internet in their daily lives.  Digital marketing has many benefits over traditional and physical marketing, such as being easily accessible to all, having a global reach, being less expensive, and so forth. Also, businesses may leverage data and insights from digital marketing to target their potential consumers. Additionally, it gives companies the chance to engage in online competition with their rivals.

If we talk about remuneration, the current pay for a digital marketer is very satisfactory, which is why so many people are giving thought to pursuing a career in digital marketing. In this blog, we’ll examine the many aspects of the digital marketing wage and, more crucially, the digital marketing positions in Sorong that provide the highest salaries. Let us explore these aspects of the topic to be more precise and clear about it.

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 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Sorong:

Various factors might affect your digital marketing salary. Some major factors that affect your digital marketing salary are as follows:

1. Work Experience

The amount of money you’ll make at work mostly depends on your experience. The more experience you have in this field, the more money you’ll make working in digital marketing. Experienced workers often earn more than new hires since they are more productive over a longer period of employment. However, in the world of digital marketing, experience isn’t limited to a single area. Digital marketing has many different subfields, so if you have expertise in more than one of them, you’ll be able to make more money in this profession, which is always expanding. It is always a plus if you’re experienced enough to grab a job, and this applies equally in the field of digital marketing.

2. Credibility

In the world of digital marketing, credibility is a crucial component as well. As a digital marketing employee, your income will increase in direct proportion to your reputation. When working as an employee or as a freelancer, a reputable and well-known digital marketer may demand a larger compensation. They can also charge more for their services. You might start writing blogs or making websites to build your credibility. Making connections with influencers or leaders in your target sector can also help you sound more credible. Being credible is always a better option to compete in today’s market. So what is stopping you from being credible? Make sure to brace yourselves as credible people to grab the better opportunities ahead.

3. Job Title

You will have greater responsibility as an employee the higher your position or title in the company. Furthermore, your income will increase as your duties increase. You will undoubtedly make more money than a person in a junior position in the same company if you have a senior job there. For instance, the remuneration of a digital marketing manager will always be higher than that of an executive in the field since managers are expected to shoulder greater responsibilities. Everyone prefers to be in a higher job position and to be a supervisor rather than working below somebody else’s orders. So higher the job title, the higher will the satisfaction level of a person.

4. Region,

However, a sizable portion of work in a digital marketing position may be done from a distance. Nonetheless, the nation of your employer’s residency may have a significant impact on the compensation you will receive for that employment. The payment you’ll receive for a job in digital marketing might vary by nation. According to the city, incomes might vary even within the same nation. For instance, a position in digital marketing in Jakarta will pay you more than one in Sorong or Medan. Therefore, we can consider that the region in which you’re residing plays a significant role in determining your salary. If you’re smart enough, you’ll want to start living in a region that will offer you a satisfactory salary.

5. Company’s size

The pay you receive will increase with the size of the firm you work for. This is because businesses with a broad employee base frequently have higher income returns and can easily afford to pay their staff higher compensation. We have encountered this instance multiple times at some point in our lives, either in some movies or in normal life. But if that is not the case, then now you’re aware of the fact that a company’s size also matters a lot in determining your pay. Smart ones always opt for larger companies, one of the reasons being this. Therefore, the company’s size is also one of the major factors affecting the salary for not only the job of digital marketer but for all jobs.

6. Certifications and Skills

The importance of certification in determining an employee’s wage in digital marketing is crucial. A worker with a qualification from a reputable digital marketing institute will unquestionably get paid more than a worker without one. Likewise, skills play a crucial role in determining the salary. A digital marketing professional with high skill levels can earn a handsome salary. It is to be informed that certification is a must while getting a good job and satisfactory pay but the demand for well-skilled personnel is also rapidly growing in the market which has now triggered many to work on upskilling themselves for a brighter future ahead.

7. Educational Background

Last but not least, your educational level also plays a major role in salary determination. Your pay may be significantly impacted by your education, particularly if you are still in the early stages of your profession. Later in your career, however, your payment will be based on your performance in the field of digital marketing as well as your work history. If you’re willing to build your career in the field of digital marketing you must have the basic knowledge and education about it in the first place then only your skills come later. Your educational background imparts good foresight within the company, which will reward you based on your qualifications in the respective position.

8. City

It is to keep in mind that the city is also one of the major factors affecting your digital marketing salary. The amount of income is determined according to which part of the city you’re residing in. For instance, if you are residing in the world’s topmost city, like New York, or London, your pay will be immensely high and satisfactory. So it is to be aware that the city plays a vital/ significant role in affecting your salary. Likewise, the region affecting the salary city also serves the same. Therefore, the digital marketing pay varies from city to city and this thing is to be kept in mind while applying for or preparing for the job.


Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023 (Digital Marketing Jobs in Sorong That Pays You High)

Given below are the areas of digital marketing jobs that offer high- high salary:

1. SEO Specialist

One of the best and most in-demand occupations in digital marketing is SEO. Finding ideas, techniques, and tactics that can boost a website’s traffic and place it high on search engine results pages is the responsibility of an SEO professional. Additionally, they assist companies in producing more leads and present them with fresh chances to boost growth and profits.

Salary of an SEO Specialist

According to Glassdoor, the estimated salary of an SEO specialist in Sorong is IDR 9,589,920 per month, with an average salary of IDR 6,940,524 per month.

Major roles of SEO Specialist

  • For the website, create and edit unique, SEO-friendly content that is catered to the target demographic.
  • Conduct analysis and optimization for both the on- and off-page
  • Create and incorporate a range of content marketing tactics
  • Keep track of the most recent modifications by keeping an eye on the algorithms of the main search engines.


2. Social Media Specialist

For different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a social media specialist’s role is to produce and post high-quality content to expand an audience and raise brand awareness. Their major objective is to plan and carry out a comprehensive social media strategy to increase a business’s revenues.

Salary of a Social Media Specialist

In Sorong, the anticipated total monthly compensation for a social media specialist is IDR 11,381,273, with an average pay of IDR 5,128,405 per month, according to Glassdoor.

Major responsibilities of Social Media Specialist

  • Daily plan, develop, distribute, and publish fresh, high-quality material
  • Create, carry out, and maintain a social media plan.
  • Conduct market research, choose a platform, and decide who to target with social media marketing.
  • Keep up with the most recent developments in social media technology and trends.
  • see what happens on different social media accounts
  • Find opportunities to interact and influence the audience

3. Pay-Per-Click Analyst

To manage and optimize sponsored search campaigns, a pay-per-click (PPC) analyst must do keyword research, set up ad groups and campaigns, monitor bids and develop landing pages. You must possess a thorough grasp of campaign development, as well as the skills and abilities to generate a profit that is larger than or equivalent to the company’s investment.

Salary of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Analyst

In Sorong, Indonesia, the average gross pay-per-click (PPC) manager salary is Rp234.723.285 or Rp112.848 per hour. This is 12% more than the typical pay-per-click (PPC) manager income in Indonesia (Rp24,338.593). Additionally, they receive a bonus of Rp7,886.702 on average, according to the data given by the Salary Explorer.

Key responsibilities of Pay- Per -Click ( PPC) Analyst

  • Keeping an eye on campaign results
  • Examining data
  • Making suggestions for enhancements
  • Taking Charge of Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Directing marketing campaigns across numerous social media platforms
  • Recognize Google Analytics
  • Adjust the keyword bids


4. Content Strategist

Companies are continually looking for experts that can effectively create and manage content due to the significant and rising need for content strategists nowadays. Material strategists are responsible for planning, developing, designing, editing, and publishing content that is based on the goals of the business and the demands of the user. Additionally, content strategists oversee writing teams, create editorial schedules, and participate in the company’s online marketing initiatives.

Salary of Content Strategist

According to Salary Explorer, in Sorong, the average monthly salary for a content marketing strategist is roughly 13,500,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 6,730,000 IDR, while the highest is 20,900,000 IDR.

Key responsibilities of Content Strategist

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy through analysis
  • Creating an editing plan
  • Observing all of the content
  • Monitoring and estimating content ROI
  • Researching consumer trends and opinions
  • Researching to get in-depth information about distinct consumer personas

5. Copywriter

One of the most sought-after digital marketing abilities in today’s digital environment is copywriting. The role of a copywriter is to provide engaging and informative content for advertisements, periodicals, and websites. They craft captivating and understandable copy for a variety of marketing platforms, including advertising, social media postings, blog entries, and newsletters. They are in charge of creating engrossing and clear material that may be altered for use in a variety of advertising mediums, including websites and print advertisements.

Salary of Copywriter

In Sorong, the average salary for a copywriter is about 8,530,000 IDR per month. The lowest salary is 4,180,000 IDR, while the highest is 13,300,000 IDR, according to Salary Explorer.

Key roles of Copywriter

  • Carrying out extensive research
  • Engaging in creative collaboration
  • Constructing marketing initiatives and strategies
  • Creating copy that is spoken, aesthetically, and concisely
  • When needed, revise and proofread the text
  • Utilizing several SEO methods to increase the reach of copy

6. Web Developer

A company’s website must be designed, developed, tested, monitored, and maintained by web developers. They are in response to the overall appearance and functionality of a website. Their objective is to produce a fantastic user experience while producing a large number of leads. They keep an eye on a website’s navigation, visuals, and content to ensure that consumers have a satisfying experience.

Salary of Web developer

In Sorong, the average monthly salary for a web developer is roughly 11,200,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 5,150,000 IDR, while the highest is 17,800,000 IDR.

Roles of Web Developer

  • a deeper grasp of coding languages used for web design, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and others
  • Create web pages with relevant information that are well-designed for lead generation.
  • evaluates the effectiveness of websites
  • Makes and keeps up with the software documentation
  • cooperating with web designers to fit the intention of the visual design
  • Keeps track of website traffic


7. Digital Marketing Strategist

Planning, developing, implementing, and managing the entire digital marketing strategy is the responsibility of the digital marketing strategist to maximize lead generation and enhance brand presence. They are also in charge of leading, supervising, and training the team’s new digital marketers. They assemble all applicable marketing platforms and channels into one workable strategy, which they then use to begin the promotion of a good or service. They are also in charge of creating and overseeing budgets for digital marketing.

Salary of Digital marketing strategist

In Sorong, the average monthly salary for a digital marketing strategist is roughly 16,400,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 8,370,000 IDR, while the highest is 25,300,000 IDR.

Responsibility of digital marketing strategist

  • Establish goals and develop plans to attain them.
  • Analyze online traffic data as well as a range of other important indicators.
  • Draw conclusions that are relevant to campaign data.
  • Identify possible areas for improvement
  • Talk to your team members
  • Keep current with new developments in technology and recommended procedures.
  • control all platforms and channels for digital marketing
  • Budget for digital marketing prepared and managed

8. Web Analysts

Web analysts have a reputation for devoting a lot of time to data. It is their responsibility to collect and analyze data to find significant insights that may be used to address certain issues. They collect, purify, model, analyze, and present data to interested parties in the form of charts, graphs, and written reports. In addition to addressing coding faults and other data-related issues, they also build and maintain databases and data systems. They provide suggestions based on their findings by using data to detect trends and patterns.

Salary of Web Analysts

In Sorong, the average monthly salary for a web analyst is roughly 10,400,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 5,490,000 IDR, while the highest is 15,800,000 IDR.

Roles of Web Analysts

  • use statistical analysis to examine data, and then present the results.
  • Finding, analyzing, and interpreting patterns in large, complicated data sets
  • Clean and filter data to provide insightful data
  • Together with management, determine the business’s top priorities.

9. Market Research Analyst

The responsibility of a market research analyst is to track and predict sales and marketing trends. They research certain market circumstances and aid in the creation of marketing strategies. They gather information from many sources and utilize it to predict future marketing trends. They are in charge of foreseeing the direction the market will take soon. To determine where the business should allocate its resources going forward, they consider existing patterns and future expectations.

Salary of Market Research Analyst

According to Glassdoor, the expected monthly compensation for a market research analyst in Sorong is IDR 28,193,089, with an average pay of IDR 7,813,153.

Role of Market Research Analyst

  • tracking and predicting sales and marketing trends
  • study certain market circumstances
  • analyzing the tastes of the public
  • evaluate the success of different marketing initiatives and tactics
  • collecting information on customers, rivals, and market circumstances
  • using statistical analysis and interpretation software
  • transforming complicated data into simple, accessible representations.


10. Digital Marketing Manager

Implementing, supervising, and managing different digital marketing methods to promote a company’s goods or services is the responsibility of a digital marketing manager. They are in charge of other professionals that work on the digital marketing team as the department’s head of digital marketing. As they are knowledgeable and skilled in every aspect of digital marketing, including social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and others, they are also known as “jacks of all trades.” They are in charge of ensuring that each department is working toward the same objectives. They are also in charge of spotting the most recent market trends in digital marketing.

Salary of Digital Marketing Manager

According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary for a digital marketing manager is roughly 17,400,000 IDR in Sorong. The lowest salary is 9,410,000 IDR, while the highest is 26,300,000 IDR.

Key Responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager

  • Construct online marketing programs.
  • Maintain a company’s social media presence across different digital channels.
  • Analyze and report on the effectiveness of all digital marketing initiatives.
  • Keep an eye on the company’s internet presence to spot the newest trends.
  • Create fresh, innovative growth methods
  • Analyze cutting-edge technology
  • keeping an eye on the opposition
  • Determine the difficulties, both immediate and long-term, and deal with them


Ways to Build a Higher Digital Marketing Salary (Upskilling Negotiation and Communication Skills)

To make a satisfactory income, you must be prepared from the very beginning and possess an incredible level of negotiation and communication skills to demand whatever you work for in return. Do you want to know how you can upskill your negotiation skills but are perplexed about how to improve them? Don’t worry, we got you in this one. Here is a list of some tips that you can work on to enhance your negotiation skill to demand better compensation.

Do your assignment

First things first, you need to be fully aware of the salary offered by the company to whom you’re about to apply. Being a smart and knowledgeable candidate will leave a good impression among the interview holders which will help you consider a remarkable and recognized candidate. There are various sites you can refer to be aware of the salary, Glassdoor and Payscale are the most trusted website and you can avail authentic information from these sites. Another alternative could be to refer or communicate with the working employees in that particular organization or do proper thorough research on the area of specialization that you’re about to apply to.

Showcase your ability

Making yourself unique and well-presentable in front of the interviewers will certainly create an image that will be remembered forever. Showcasing yourself based on your niche will be a greater perspective and your abilities will be considered and respected in return, there will be preferably more chances of bargaining with the expected amount with the offered salary. During an interview, what you can consider is your grooming, communication skill, and agreeable nature which will avail you to get the job along with better payment options along with respect. Also, the two major tips which you can work on are focusing on outcomes and making a strong portfolio.

Know what is expected of you

This should be your major concern as you can only negotiate after identifying your capabilities. The interview is one of the platforms where you need to prove yourself as the best suitable candidate for the role. Thus, there should be proper knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of the job that you’re applying for. A job description is a major reference from where you get to avail the overall duties and responsibilities of the occupation that you’re about to apply for. After thoroughly observing the job description, the next step includes your identification that whether you’re suitable for the job or not later on after identifying it you can prepare a set of queries to ask the interviewers about the job that will create a better image increases the chances of being hired more.

Making yourself prepared for the salary question

The most probable question that you will face during an interview is what amount of salary is expected from your side for the job. So you need to brace yourself for this very basic yet intimidating question. The best way to answer this query will be to state what exact amount of remuneration you expect from the company. The probability of availing of the expected remuneration will be high if you demand the proper and suitable remuneration for the job as offered by the company. In some cases, the candidate tends to remain silent and shows shy nature to ask for the salary of their expectation and the company also pushes them towards the minimum salary offered from their side. So speaking up for your right is always a better option than remaining silent and convincing.

Expect to negotiate

It’s possible that you won’t start with the pay you requested. Be ready to bargain to receive what you desire. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and ask for a better deal. Be honest and explicit about your expectations. This step includes the overall procedure of the above-mentioned tips. As you’ve prepared for all the suggestions mentioned above, you’re good to go with asking for whatever is expected from your side. All you need to remember is that there is no need to be afraid to speak up for your rights and the expected amount of salary from your side. Companies these days tend to negotiate the candidates highly and they offer better salaries to those who negotiate highly. Therefore, negotiating is always a plus to make an increment in your remuneration and avail better pay.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

I feel You have understood how much salary digital marketers earn, now if you too want to learn and earn your job in the digital marketing field, then you need to learn first and become certified in digital marketing. For that, you need a skill from a well-known and credible course and institution. so here comes IIDE’s Advanced Digital Marketing course. You can learn Digital Marketing from the best Digital Marketing Institutions by the end of this course you will be ready to play a game of digital marketing in your career because you will learn everything from scratch. 

Key Highlights of the Course:-

  •    100+ Hours of Live Class
  •    50+ Hours of Videos
  •    1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  •    20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  •    In-Class Live Presentations
  •    7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  •    100% Placement Assistance
  •    Resume & Interview Training


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: The basic salary of a digital marketer varies according to different factors, as stated above. But in Sorong, the average monthly salary for people in Indonesia is 17,400,000 IDR. The lowest salary is 9,410,000 IDR, while the highest is 26,300,000 IDR, according to Salary Explorer.

Q. What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

Ans:  The monthly salary of a digital marketer is very satisfactory. Inside digital marketing, the various fields earn different amounts in salaries. For instance, SEO specialists earn  IDR 9,589,920 per month, social media specialists earn  IDR 5,128,405 per month, content strategists make IDR 13,500,000 per month, and so forth.

Q. Do digital marketers make a lot of money?

Ans: Yes, digital marketers do make a lot of money. But it is entirely up to your effort and dedication towards the work to determine how much you’re willing to contribute to the work specified.

Q. Is digital marketing difficult?

Ans: It is a myth foisted upon us that digital marketing is tough. Digital marketing is not that difficult if you put your enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication into learning the skill.

Q. Is being a digital marketer a stressful job?

Ans: Although it occasionally becomes hectic, digital marketing is not always boring. It is best to establish your priorities first and truly focus on the things that offer you joy in your corporate work life because every job type may cause stress at some point in your life.



That’s the end of the blog, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading the blog thoroughly. To conclude, digital marketing is a booming choice among youngsters at present. From the vast career pools, people tend to opt for digital marketing rather than any other marketing tasks, the reason being that it offers various advantages, undoubtedly. 

As we talked about the digital marketing salary in Sorong, we can see that the salary pay for digital marketing is very fascinating, something that you must consider while making your crucial decision, especially if you’re pursuing your career in marketing or any other business program. So, if you want to become a digital marketer who is prepared for employment, we advise choosing IIDE’s MBA Level Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing. Anyone who wants to begin a career in digital marketing should go there. You will receive top-notch educational resources and fantastic job placement possibilities in this post-graduate program. You can use the information and skills you acquire via this program as a foundation for your career.

Thank you for staying till the end. We sincerely hope that you find the blog’s insight noteworthy. 


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