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Updated on: Jul 2, 2023

Digital Marketing is not a new word to anyone in the present context. We all are familiar with the term digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the process of advertising the goods and services of a company to a large audience with the help of the Internet. It is an online marketing field.  Salary simply means it is a fixed amount of money paid to the employee by the employers on a monthly basis for the services provided by them. Digital marketing salary is a fixed regular payment that is paid on a monthly basis to the employee by the employers.

At the present time, the industry of digital marketing is growing rapidly. Many people are eager to learn and relearn about digital marketing. There are different job opportunities available in the market for digital marketers. The earnings of digital marketers are pretty good. Digital Marketing Salary in Shah Alam for a Digital marketing manager’s salary ranges from MYR 5,400 to MYR 7000.

If you are thinking of pursuing Digital marketing in Shah Alam then you are on the right track. It will give you a good earning and also it will improve your lifestyle for sure. As we know since 2020 the whole world was fighting against COVID-19, we all were locked in our houses and during this time Digital Marketing reached its peak. The scope of Digital Marketing has grown even further.

So, if you are eager to learn about Digital marketing while staying at home in Shah Alam then there are varieties of Digital Marketing courses available that will help you enhance your digital knowledge and skills.





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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Shah Alam

  • Educational Background

Education is the process of gaining knowledge and sharing them with anyone. The educational background of an individual plays a vital role in determining the salary. If there is a choice between an uneducated and an educated person then the HR manager will choose the one who has a degree over the uneducated candidate. If a candidate is illiterate and has a good sense of humor then he is selected. The company will also fix the salary of him/ her based on education. An educated individual along with some experience and skills is given top priority in the field and their salary range is also good.

  • Experience

Whenever we go through any announcement of a job vacancy we can see that the company always prioritizes the ones who have years and years of experience. If there are two candidates with 3 years and 5 years of experience in the same field then definitely the candidate with more experience years is selected. If a candidate has more years of experience let’s say 5 years then he can expect more salary than the previous salary. The more years you work the more experience you gain and the more money you earn. Therefore, experience is another vital factor that affects the digital marketing salary in Shah Alam.

  • Skills

When a person is hardworking but has got no skills then there is no point in hiring that person. If a person possesses both skills and is hard working and smart then definitely he will be hired by the company with good remuneration. In the Digital Marketing field, a person should have good skills in marketing or advertising online, good use of SEO tools should have good skills in using different online applications like mail marketing, and social media marketing then only the company will be hiring them as their employee. If you have better skills than your co-staff then there are higher chances that you will get paid higher. Skills are another factor that affects digital marketing salary trends.

  • Company

 The range of salary is different from one company to another company. The company which is just established is in its start-up phase they are not able to compete with top companies in the market in the first place. They will be providing less salary than the top companies. We cannot argue in this case. But if in any case the top tech companies or organization fails to cope with the salary trend in the market then we can have a talk with the authorities regarding the increase in our salary. Since the salary range is different for varieties of organizations it is up to you who do u want to work for according to your convenience. Therefore, the status of the company also affects the digital marketing salary.

  • Location

Geographical factor also plays a vital role in affecting digital marketing salary trends. If you are working for a company functioning in rural areas then definitely the pay will be low as compared to the companies functioning in urban areas. The tech company running at Shah Alam pays less than those running in Kuala Lumpur’s capital. The location of a company plays an important role in determining the salary. If the company is located in a crowded, city area where infrastructures are developed then in those places where even getting access to a good transportation system is difficult, it provides a better salary than the company in remote areas.

  • Salary Trend¬†

The trend in marketing is frequently changing with the spending behaviour of people. The ongoing or the latest trend in the market will directly affect the digital marketing salary. If a company is paying a higher salary then your company should follow the trend and pay the same range of salary to you as well. The picture above shows that Shah Alam which is located in Selangor has a salary trend to pay digital marketers between MYR 5000 to MYR 7100. This is the latest trend in digital marketing salary.

  • Demand for Job

The salary range is also affected by the demand for a particular job position. If the market has a high demand for certain job positions then there is no doubt you will be getting handsome payment for that service. For example, if a top tech company is looking for a Digital marketing manager and you possess all the required requirements for that job, then you will be rewarded handsomely for your post. If there is less demand for any post in the market then that company will be setting a low salary range for such posts and also might they will give less priority to increasing the salary for that post. Hence, demand for salary also plays an important role in salary determination.

  • Competition

Another important factor affecting digital marketing salary is competition. Today we are living in a competitive world. We are competing against each other and trying to come out as the best candidate. There is competition everywhere. Competition is a huge factor affecting digital marketing salary in Shah Alam. There is huge competition for jobs and positions. Several youngsters and freshers are fighting to get the post and sometimes they agree to work for less salary as well to gain experience. Competition among companies, competition among candidates, competition between jobs these all factors affect the salary.

Digital Marketing Salary Trend in 2023

Here we will be talking about different job roles and their salary and their respective digital marketing salary in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

  • SEO Marketer

SEO stands for Social media optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website’s technical configuration, content relevance, and link popularity so that its pages can be easily findable. Linkedin has listed SEO skills as one of the most desired skills in the present context. There are three kinds of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

Digital Marketing Salary in Malaysia for SEO Manager:

 The average salary of an SEO manager in Malaysia is MYR  93225 per year.

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  • SEM Manager

SEM stands for Social Engine Marketing. It is paid marketing or advertising that appears on a search engine result page. It involves buying PPC( pay-per-click) ads that display on the search engine results. It is completed by paying Google to rank top on SERP. The main difference between SEO and SEM is that  SEO focuses on increasing traffic by gaining organic search whereas SEO increases traffic from paid search.

Digital Marketing Salary for SEM Manager:

The average salary of an SEM manager in Malaysia is MYR 84180 per year.

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  • Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing goods and services using social platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, what’s an app, etc. It is one of the most popular advertising platforms available. It is one of the most commonly used mediums by companies for digital marketing. The main job of a social media manager is to look out for the interaction of the company with the public. They are also responsible to answer all the doubts of the customers and take the suggestions and advice from the customers in a good sense. They must be interactive and should have good communication skills and content strategies.

Digital Marketing Salary for Social Media Manager:

The average social media manager’s salary in Malaysia is MYR 42000 per year.

  • E-mail Marketing Manager

When promoting the products or services your business provides, email marketing is a powerful marketing channel. Direct marketing and digital marketing both include email marketing. It can help you notify your customers about your newest products or deals by being incorporated into your marketing automation campaigns. It can also be very crucial for your entire marketing plan to use several types of marketing emails for lead generation, brand recognition, relationship building, and customer interaction in between transactions. Managers of email marketing create, carry out, monitor, and evaluate email programs.

Digital Marketing Salary for E-mail Marketing:

The average salary of an Email marketing manager in Malaysia is MYR 73500 per year.

  • E-commerce Manager

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services between buyer and seller via electronic media. During the COVID period, e-commerce media has gained lots of users. E-commerce has become one of the popular platforms to advertise and promote products and reach mass people-commerce managers create plans that address the aesthetics and usability of their businesses’ online stores and related platforms. Then, e-commerce managers make managerial choices to make sure that these frameworks support the creation of profit.

Digital marketing salary for eCommerce managers:

The average salary of an E-commerce manager in Malaysia is MYR 73200 per year.

  • Web developer

Websites are built and maintained by web developers. They are in charge of the technical terms of the website, such as its functions and capabilities, which are indicators of how fast and how much traffic a website can manage. Web designers could also produce material for the website. A web developer’s responsibility is to ensure that the website is technically sound and that no issues arise during the website’s development. To collect the statistics required to understand the development of the business, the web developer must also deal with a large number of codes and paste them in strategic places on the website.

Digital Marketing salary for Web Developer:

The average salary of a web developer in Malaysia is MYR 37555.

  • Content Writer

Writing, editing, and releasing material in a digital format is known as content writing. This content may take the form of blog entries, scripts for videos or podcasts, ebooks or whitepapers, press releases, descriptions of particular product categories, landing pages, or copy for social media. A content writer is a specialist who creates interesting and instructive pieces to support brands in showcasing their goods. They produce the greatest written or graphic material possible, from blog posts to press releases, and they write on a variety of topics. You should be creative to be a great content writer.

Digital Marketing Salary for a content writer:

The average salary of a content writer in Malaysia is MYR 31952.

  • Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the creation of visual compositions that use text, images, colour, and shape to solve problems and communicate ideas. There are many different types of graphic design, each with a particular area of expertise because there is no one optimal way to do that. Graphic designers produce visual works to express ideas that inspire, inform, and fascinate viewers using computer software or by hand. They develop the overall layout and production for things like advertisements, brochures, publications, and reports.

Digital marketing salary for Graphic Designers:

The average salary of a graphic designer in Malaysia is MYR 24412.

  • Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital marketing analysts are responsible for performing statistical analysis, creating plans for digital marketing campaigns, and keeping track of how well those activities are working. They compile marketing data, create data visualizations, and present findings to clients and coworkers. Digital marketing is not an area that has been untouched by big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). This industry is ideal for experts in analytics, with an expanding focus on customer data and personalization to boost sales, please customers, and decrease expenses.

Salary for Digital Marketing Analyst:

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst is MYR 41247.

  • Paid Media Specialist

To help the digital department achieve its growth objectives, paid media specialists are often in charge of developing and optimizing paid media channels. Paid media specialists support businesses’ growth and performance on digital channels. To become an expert in paid media, you must understand social media and advertising. To generate traffic to your web portals, a paid media specialist uses online advertising from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Digital Marketing Salary for paid media specialists:

The average salary for paid media specialists is MYR 35905.


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

The scope of digital marketing is vast and also people are interested to know more about digital marketing. Many companies are hiring human resources for digital marketing purposes and they want to hire those who are skilled and well trained and familiar with digital marketing. Hence different institutions are providing digital marketing courses online and offline.IIDE is one of the most popular and no 1 institute of Digital institutions in India providing both online and offline courses. 

IIDE’s advanced digital marketing courses will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing.

Key Highlights of the Digital Marketing 4-month course are

  • ¬†100+ Hours of Live Classes
  • ¬†¬†¬†50+ Hours of Videos
  • ¬†¬†¬†1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • ¬†¬†¬†20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • ¬†¬†¬†In-Class Live Presentations
  • ¬†¬†¬†7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • ¬†¬†¬†100% Placement Assistance
  • ¬†¬†¬†Resume & Interview Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in Malaysia?

Ans: As the industry of digital marketing is rapidly growing, the scope of digital marketing is vast. The average salary of any digital marketing manager post in Malaysia ranges between MYR 5000 to MYR 7000 which is pretty good for any job

Q. What is the basic salary of Digital Marketing?

Ans: As Digital Marketing is not a new topic to anyone, it is one of the fastest-growing industries at present. The basic salary of digital marketing ranges from the lowest average monthly salary: of 1,670 MYR; to the highest: of 29,400 MYR (highest average monthly salary).

Q. Do Digital Marketers get paid well?

Ans: Yes. Digital marketers are paid well but it depends on location, the status of the company, demand for jobs, skills, education, and experience. It is a good source of income.

Q. Is digital marketing a tough job?

Ans: To be precise, digital marketing is not complicated to use. If one who is familiar with the internet and can use it easily can easily surface the digital market. It is not as tough as people believe.

Q. What are the qualities required to be a digital marketer?

Ans: There is no specific qualification to be a digital marketer. One should have proper knowledge about digital media and should have basic skills. You will learn and improve if you keep going and stay motivated.



We have come to the end of this blog. I hope you find it helpful and that it helped to solve all your dilemmas and queries regarding the Digital Marketing Salary in Shah Alam. The marketing industry has become more fascinating and cutting-edge thanks to digital marketing. People are eager to learn about and hone their talents in digital marketing as its popularity is rising quickly. Digital marketing has a variety of applications. You are on the right track if you want to advance your career in this industry.

You don’t have to worry about digital marketing salary pay in Shah Allam. There is good remuneration provided to the marketers actively involved in the digital world in Shah Alam.¬† If you are looking for any digital marketing courses then IIDE can be one of the best institutions for you.


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