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Updated on: Jul 10, 2023
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Digital marketing is one way to be undertaken by a company to market its products and services digitally by using internet technology. Actually, digital marketing has been around since the 21st century. Over time, this method is not only for marketing products and services but also for branding, building good relationships with customers, and increasing business sales. Thus it can be seen that the notion of digital marketing is all kinds of activities and strategies undertaken by a company to achieve targets that have been determined through internet technology.

The growth of Digital Marketing is starting when the Internet in Indonesia increased around 2017. This year, 143 million People in Indonesia can access the internet. It seems not surprising when the growth of Internet Marketing like this in Indonesia has greatly increased. Well, here are some channels that are used in the implementation of digital marketing

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Palopo

Digital marketing salaries can be affected by a number of factors, including experience, education, location, and company size.


Your degree of experience will also have an impact on your income. A person with five years of experience in digital marketing will make more money than someone who is just getting started. talents: You can demand a higher wage if you have specialised knowledge or talents in a certain area of digital marketing.In general, your income will increase as you get more expertise in digital marketing. Of course, every rule has exceptions.Your compensation can be less than someone with less experience who has had specialised training in digital marketing, for instance, if you have a lot of expertise in traditional marketing but are new to digital marketing.



One of the most crucial components of life is education, which also has a big influence on your profession. While some professions call for a degree or certification, others call for specialised training and experience. For instance, if you want to work in public relations, you need a degree in that discipline or a closely connected one.You need to acquire a marketing degree or certification if you want to work as a marketing manager for a firm.

Your income may vary depending on the type of schooling you select. Knowing the requirements for the career you desire is essential before selecting the appropriate school.

3. Location: 

Your location is one of the most crucial factors in your digital marketing job. You should think about the area’s cost of living as well as the possibility of a rise in your earnings while choosing a place.It might be challenging to pay for the high cost of rent, groceries, and transportation if you reside in a place with a high cost of living. However, your earnings might not be as great as it could be if you were in a city with a cheap cost of living.

Research the cost of living in the locations where you’re contemplating relocating and contrast it with the local average pay if you want to maximise your professional opportunities.For instance, you might have to take a lesser wage than someone who resides in a smaller town if you reside in a big metropolis where there is fierce competition for employment.

4.Company size: 

The size of the company you work for could also have an effect on how much you are paid for digital marketing. Larger enterprises can typically afford to pay greater salaries than smaller ones. Making the most of your marketing abilities is crucial since the field of digital marketing is expanding. Your wage for digital marketing may also depend on the size of the business you work for. Compared to larger organisations, smaller businesses have superior perks and growth chances.

For someone who prefers to work from home, a smaller firm may be able to allow you the freedom to work remotely.

5.Job role: 

Your pay may also be impacted by the particular function you play on the digital marketing team. A digital marketing manager, for instance, often makes more money than a digital marketing coordinator.Within a marketing team, different people fill various functions. Usually, the team leader is in charge of the business’s overall marketing plans. They are in charge of arranging the company’s marketing plans and budgets, as well as carrying them out. A marketing team may also have individuals in charge of advertising, social media, or content development.

By helping to develop and manage campaigns that reach the target audience, these individuals contribute to the execution of the plan. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that your income may also be impacted by the exact job you perform on a marketing team.


Several variables, including expertise level, might have an impact on digital marketing compensation. In general, people with greater experience and/or specialised talents will make more money.There are many different digital marketing positions available, each with a different pay scale.You may work with all kinds of material and develop marketing strategies in some of the most profitable roles in the digital media industry.

Being able to design and promote a website or blog is another well-paying job that is in demand. To get your foot in the door, though, can take a little while longer if you lack expertise.

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 Additionally, those who work in more competitive markets or industries may also command higher salaries


The particular industry might have an impact on digital marketing salary, among other things. The industry itself is the first consideration, with some paying more than others. Your employer is the second element, and different businesses will pay you differently.

The third element is the person’s experience and credentials, with some people earning more money than others. The location of your home in the nation is the fourth consideration, with certain regions paying more than others.

8. Certification:

The final and most important consideration for digital marketing salary in palopo is certification. Certification is the deciding element for remuneration in digital marketing. Not only do your talents important, but also the kind of work you will be undertaking.

You’ll probably need to get a certification in that sector if you want to work with your hands or do anything that is physically demanding.

A qualification in marketing will be more crucial if you wish to work from home. A certification in the subject is also required if you wish to become an authority on digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Salary 

In 2023, a Digital Marketer will make an average income of IDR 92,000,000. This is a 4% increase from the IDR88,000,000 average pay in 2018. The need for digital marketing expertise is on the rise as more companies migrate their operations online, which is the cause of this rise. Businesses must connect with their consumers online, where they are spending the majority of their time thanks to social media and e-commerce. And who better than an experienced digital marketer could assist them in doing that?

Due to the rapid expansion of digital marketing, future wage trends in the field are anticipated to rise by 2023.In the following ten years, there will likely be a 30% growth in need for digital marketers. As a result, businesses will be more inclined to offer competent digital marketers larger compensation.

1. Digital Media Managers

         The need for digital media managers will grow as these platforms continue to develop. The average compensation for a digital media manager in 2023 will be IDR 92,000, according to the most recent wage trends.From the average wage in 2020, this represents a rise of IDR 10,000,000. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of digital media, it is crucial for firms to have an individual who is knowledgeable about the most recent trends and best practises.

A brand’s online presence is created and managed by a digital media manager. This entails producing and maintaining content as well as formulating and putting into practise marketing plans.It’s time to start if you’re thinking about a career in digital media management. In the upcoming years, demand for competent workers will only grow. If you have the required skills and knowledge, you could be able to make a competitive salary in this fascinating field.


2. Pay-Per-Click Managers

¬† ¬† ¬† The pay for people working in the field of digital marketing is also changing as the business itself does. Pay-per-click (PPC) managers should anticipate a substantial rise in their income in 2023.A PPC manager’s typical annual income, according to the most current Robert Half salary guide, is IDR75,000,000. The typical pay for all other digital marketing roles is much lower than this amount, which represents a 5% rise from the prior year.

PPC managers are in charge of creating and overseeing online marketing initiatives that direct visitors to a website or landing page. To increase click-through rates and ROI, they employ a range of tools and strategies, such as keyword research, ad composition, and bid management. The need for competent PPC managers is growing as organisations rely more and more on PPC to drive leads and revenue.In 2023, there will be a great need for those with expertise managing enormous budgets and intricate campaigns, and they can anticipate commanding top salaries.

3.SEO Specialists 

The pay for people working in the sector of digital marketing is also evolving. We forecast that, in 2023, SEO professionals would earn an average of IDR120,000,000 annually, making them among of the highest-paid workers in the sector.Businesses are seeing the value of search engine optimisation SEO as they engage more in digital marketing.

As a result, there is a growing need for SEO experts, and we anticipate that compensation will reflect this growth. SEO professionals may anticipate earning sizable incentives on top of their base pay as well as additional benefits like stock options and free travel. Therefore, SEO is a fantastic topic to concentrate on if you’re thinking about a career in digital marketing.

4.Content Strategists

We are in charge of developing and overseeing the information that appears on our company’s website as content strategists. To make sure that the material we create is in line with the business’s overarching marketing plan, we collaborate with the marketing team.We manage the production of audio and video material, as well as infographics and other visual assets, in addition to writing and editing content.

The median pay for content strategists in 2023 is projected to be IDR 75,000,000. From the median wage of IDR71,000,00 in 2020, this represents a rise of 5%. Content strategists may anticipate larger benefit packages in 2023, including paid time off, 401(k) matching, and health insurance, in addition to a higher pay.

5.E-commerce Specialist

You will be in charge of creating and overseeing your company’s e-commerce initiatives as an e-commerce professional. To increase website traffic and boost revenue for your business, you’ll need a solid grasp of how to use various digital marketing tools. To guarantee that orders are completed efficiently, you will also need to be able to speak clearly with customers and vendors. You must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related subject to be successful in this position. You should also have at least three years of experience working in digital marketing or e-commerce. For this role, it’s also necessary to have strong analytical and project management skills.

6. Brand Marketing Expert

You will be in charge of creating and carrying out marketing strategies that advertise the brand and produce leads in your capacity as a brand marketing specialist.In order to guarantee that the brand is represented consistently across all channels, you will collaborate with the sales team and the creative team to generate marketing materials.Additionally, you will monitor data and analytics to evaluate the success of marketing initiatives and offer suggestions for enhancement.You should have knowledge in lead generation, digital marketing, and brand management to succeed in this position.

7.Social Media Marketers

The demand for expertise in digital marketing grows as the world gets more digital. Businesses are realising that they need to employ social media marketers to guide them through the constantly evolving world of internet platforms and marketing tactics.You will be in charge of developing and overseeing a company’s social media presence as a social media marketer. This involves creating campaigns, publishing material, and interacting with users.To make sure that your business is employing the most successful techniques, you’ll also need to keep up with the most recent trends and modifications in social media. You may become a social media marketer and make a respectable living if you have the necessary training and expertise.Our analysis indicates that social media marketers’ compensation will keep on rising in 2023.A director of social media will make an average of IDR120,000,000, while the average compensation for a social media marketing manager will be IDR95,000,000. You are able to earn more money if you have the correct skills.

8.Digital Project Managers

The need for digital project managers is growing as the world goes more digital. An average digital project manager will make IDR85,000.000 in 2023. This is a 5% rise from 2018. Businesses are battling to stay up with the newest trends as the internet and digital gadgets grow more prevalent in our daily lives. They want someone who can efficiently handle their website, social media, and other online platforms. Digital project managers can be useful in this situation. The planning, implementation, and monitoring of digital projects fall within the purview of digital project managers. To make sure that all deliverables are completed on time and on budget, they collaborate with teams of designers, developers, and content producers. In 2023, a digital project manager will earn an average salary of IDR85,000,000. This is a 5% rise from 2018. The need for skilled digital project managers will only increase as the internet and digital gadgets continue to develop.

9. Marketing Analysts

Marketing analysts will be increasingly more crucial to creating and carrying out digital marketing strategies in 2023. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment of market research analysts is predicted to grow by 20 percent between 2019 and 2029, which is far faster than the average for all occupations. In May 2019, the typical yearly salary for market research analysts was IDR 63,790, and career prospects should be excellent for individuals with expertise in statistical analysis software and conducting research through surveys and other data gathering techniques. Strong communication and presentation skills are essential for marketing analysts, as well as experience dealing with huge data sets and familiarity with a range of statistical analytic methodologies.

10.Visual Designers

The most recent income trends analysis predicts a 7% increase in the role of graphic designers in 2023. Since this profession is still in its infancy, demand for these experts is still quite strong. You will be in charge of producing graphic designs as a visual designer that convey messages or advance a brand.You should be knowledgeable about both conventional and modern design software as your work will be published in both print and digital media. To effectively communicate your ideas to clients or team members, you must possess great communication skills. In order to be hired for this position, you will need to have a portfolio of your prior work. It’s a terrific moment to enter this field if you’re interested. Visual designers often make IDR85,000.00 annually.¬†

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

I feel You have understood how much salary digital marketers earn, now if you too want to  learn and earn your job in the digital marketing field, then you need to learn first and become certified in digital marketing. For that, you need a skill  from a well-known and credible course and institution. so here comes IIDE’s Advanced Digital marketing course. You can learn Digital Marketing from the best Digital Marketing Institutions by the end of this course you will be ready to play a game of digital marketing in your career because you will learn everything from scratch. 

Key Highlights of the Course:-

  • ¬†¬†¬†100+ Hours of Live Class
  • ¬†¬†¬†50+ Hours of Videos
  • ¬†¬†¬†1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • ¬†¬†¬†20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • ¬†¬†¬†In-Class Live Presentations
  • ¬†¬†¬†7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • ¬†¬†¬†100% Placement Assistance
  • ¬†¬†¬†Resume & Interview Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital Marketing in Demand?

Ans: Yes. There are over 280,000 roles listed in digital marketing on LinkedIn alone. LinkedIn lists digital marketing as ‚Äújobs on the rise‚ÄĚ for 2022. As the field evolves, opportunities for specialists within digital marketing ‚Äď including entry-level digital marketing jobs, are bound to grow exponentially

Q. Who Can Build a Digital Marketing Career?

Ans: While a bachelor’s degree may be expected, anyone can begin a career in the field. However, it’s not easy to build a digital marketing career. As an ever-evolving field, the skills that were prized just one or two years ago might be irrelevant today. However, that is one of the reasons that people choose to work in digital marketing. The challenges of a rapidly changing field make digital marketing an exciting career choice.

With some creativity, analytical skills, and an interest in writing and social media, anyone can kickstart a career in digital marketing. 

Q.How much a fresher can earn in digital marketing?

Ans:  It depends upon which domain of digital marketing you are in for example content writers and SEO specialists have a high flow of income.

Q.Do digital marketers earn money?

Ans:  Yes, they earn money and I would say they earn high  as compared to other fields. And they can earn felibally as freelancers, work from home, full-time employees in many different roles.



Guys nowadays digital marketing is really in demand and if you want to build your profession in Digital Marketing then Inthe the future it’s going to pay you an attractive amount of salary. I would recommend that when you enter the digital marketing specialization you should focus on only one element of digital marketing like SEO, after when you become a specialist in SEO then only you should go on to another element of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, etc. If you try this it will help you in getting a promising quantity of earnings. When you are fresher it might give you considerable earnings but after some years when you will acquire experience in digital marketing then it’s gonna pay you an attractive salary. In Indonesia, there are great opportunities for those who want to be digital marketers.¬†


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