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Updated on: Jul 6, 2023
Digital marketing salary in Labuan Bajo|IIDE

Do you want to know what the digital marketing salary in Labuan Bajo is? Want to know career opportunities in digital marketing in Labuan and how much it pays? 

The need and importance of digital marketing are rising every day, So it’s become an excellent opportunity to start your career in digital marketing. There are a lot of career opportunities available in digital marketing Around the world. Some are digital marketing managers, social media managers, content writers, SEO specialists, etc.

Nowadays, talking about a career first thing that comes in, the mind is how much it is going to pay. What is the salary?

Salary depends on the amount of knowledge one has, the demand for that job in the market, and other factors that we will discuss later.

In this blog, we will talk in detail about the benefits and advantages of being a digital marketer, digital marketing jobs, components affecting digital marketing salary, and the vogue of digital marketing salary in Malaysia.

every business is indeed shifting and depending on digital marketing and offering better pay than most other roles in the same sector.So if you wish to be part of this most creative, challenging, and demanding industry, then you are on the right track.

As we all know, digital marketing is growing unexpectedly around the globe. Nowadays, the public needs to purchase and learn things online from their home.

So to satisfy this demand, it turns into integral for corporations to have a sturdy and trustworthy online presence to attract customers. But digital marketing is a profession that continues to alter when updates are executed in the technologies.

As it is changing and updating every day, it turns out crucial for employers to continue to be updated. They want professional digital marketers who can maintain up and deal with the adjustments so that they do not lose any current clients and can attract new customers. It will increase job possibilities for digital marketers around the globe.


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Advantages of digital marketing in Malaysia

  1. Compensation is excellent:

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing in Malaysia is the availability of digital marketing jobs. They are high-paying and highly demanded jobs. With the knowledge, creativity, and experience, you will have a good opportunity in this profession and an excellent wage.

  1. Quick expanding industry: 

As Malaysia is a growing country, they are quickly expanding industries, and to expand the businesses, they have to advertise, and for that, they are using digital marketing

  1. Job stability:

This is the fastest-growing and developing business. Every organization needs digital marketing specialists; digital marketing is one of the safest and most secure job occupations available today in Malaysia.

  1. Be your employer: 

As freelancing has become a career, everyone can do it. If you want to work from home and on your terms, you can start your digital marketing agency and offer services to clients as a freelancer. You can offer services like SEO, content creation, social media strategies, etc.

Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Labuan Bajo 

Digital marketing salaries are dependent on a variety of factors, 


Some digital marketing Jobs come with salaries depending on your university degrees or certifications in high-priority skills. The truth is anyone can venture into the world of digital marketing, so depending on where you got your certificate from be it a renowned digital marketing school or a school which no one recognises, salaries ought to differ.  

Someone who has a degree in marketing and advertising is not the same as someone who has an online certification for an 11-month digital marketing postgraduate course or a short-term digital marketing course. Some managers also hire based on certification. So, depending on your educational background, salaries will differ. 


Skills in digital marketing are what set you apart from others. As you now know, there are different niches in digital marketing some earn higher than others as a result of how demanding and hard skill is comparable to others. An individual with Google analytics, Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing skills is on a higher level of payroll than someone that is into Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

The skills you exhibit go a long way in determining how much you will earn as a digital marketer. High-level skills are more in high demand, therefore having those high-level skills are what can make your earnings rise.


Have you ever wondered why it is compulsory to have a work experience in your CV? or why hiring managers prefer hiring those with vast experience in their area of expertise? This is because experience makes it easier to quickly learn the scope of the job assigned to you and even at times makes you deliver to your client or boss on time.

In the world of digital marketing, your work experience might determine how much you will earn on your job. Imagine an SEO blogger with an experience of 1-2 years compared with someone in the same niche with an understanding of about 5+ years, surely you can’t expect both bloggers to earn the same amount or can you?


In the world of geography and economics, a city can produce more GDP for the country than other cities. In the real sense, some cities are poorer than others and some cities are richer than others.

For instance, a company located in Kuching the capital city of Malaysia and one of the three richest cities in the country will surely have more business income than a company from one of the poorest cities in the same country. 

As a digital marketer, the country and city you work in, whether on-site or remote, determine how much you will get paid no matter your skill set. Another global example could be working in London, United Kingdom vs working in Seoul, South Korea; their economy is not close to being at the same level.


Your role in digital marketing is also highly essential in determining your salary. A digital marketing manager will command more earnings than an entry-level digital marketer. In the same vein, the CEO of IIDE a digital marketing industry will earn more than the Head of Learning and Development in the same company. 

Your role is also an important factor, let’s take for instance an SEO expert who has 10 years of experience and another SEO expert who have 5 years of experience, the former will surely have a bigger role to play in actualizing the company vision even though both experts have the same qualification. The bigger Role might be being on the board of directors or becoming the general manager, therefore the salary of the former will grow bigger.


A digital marketer’s salary is also dependent on where the person works. For instance, are you working for a startup company in Malaysia or an International company? Depending on which company you work for, the size, the brand, the budget and the business goals matter a lot in terms of how much you will be paid. 

A digital Marketer who works for Pansar Company in Kuching will earn more than another working for a start-up company in the same area. A global example will be working for Amazon vs working for KFC, their annual budget and income are not the same.  


Several work Industries ranging from banking, finance, electronics, farming, sports, marketing, education and all also determine a digital marketing salary. It is fair to say some industries are bigger than others depending on where the country makes the most money from. For instance, the biggest industry in Malaysia is Agriculture, the country makes a lot of money from exporting locally farmed produce. So u can tell from every day that any digital marketer working for a food company in Malaysia will surely have an important salary. 

The Industry factor varies from City to City and Country to Country as each location has its own biggest industry e.g. Saudi Arabia’s biggest Industry is Oil & Gas.


When you are creative you become the pick of the bunch, especially in the area of social media marketing. Being creative in this niche is a strong way for you to be set apart from your counterparts. Employers would want to hire you because of your creative spark after all that’s a core requirement of being a social media marketer.

Therefore, a digital marketer who is in this niche can be paid based on how creative they are. It is for this reason that not all creative marketers are paid equally, some are more creative than some, and some are talented in creativity while others learnt it.

The urgency of the job from the company’s point of view:

If there is an urgent need for an employee in a particular digital marketing role and if you are knowledgeable and capable enough to handle the job, then there are chances that the company may end up paying a significant amount to you.

Digital marketing salary in Malaysia for top roles: 


An SEO specialist evaluates search trends and helps in the development of webpages that are correctly optimized for the desired valuable keywords. The main focus of SEO specialists is to improve the rank of a site within search engines to increase its visibility, which ultimately increases the chances that it will reach a vast number of people.  Many organizations and industries employ individuals in this field, and they often find opportunities in marketing firms or even as freelance professionals.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Carrying out proper keyword research
  • Writing SEO-based content
  • Link-building strategies
  • Working on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, etc.


According to Indeed,  an SEO specialist’s salary in Malaysia is RM 4,155 per month

2. Social media manager: 

This position is excellent for you if you enjoy social media. Posting exciting stuff, such as videos, reels, and posts, is your forte, so this is the perfect job. Digital marketing must include social media marketing. A social media manager’s job is to promote and advertise brands on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc.

Key Responsibilities: 

  •  updated with the latest social media trends
  • Being creative with social media posts
  • Developed campaign strategies


 According to Indeed, avg salary of a social media manager is RM 3,507

3. Pay-per-click analysis:

Now a day pay per, click analysis is becoming very popular. The one thing you need in this is the knowledge and ability to earn a profit greater than or equal to the investment. You must also have a great understanding of campaign creation and its psychology. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Monitor daily/monthly/weekly/annual budget
  • Manage paid ad campaigns and other networks
  • Manage advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Quora

Avg salary

According to Indeed avg, the salary of pay per-click analysis is RM 3,815 per month in Malaysia

4. Digital Marketing Manager:

To see the client’s growth, a digital marketer must know market circumstances, hunt for fresh opportunities, and prepare data-driven recommendations. They must monitor and understand industry developments and apply best practices to all accounts.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain social media existence across all digital platforms
  • Analyze, measure, and report the performance of whole digital marketing campaigns
  • Pre Plan digital media campaigns, such as SEO/SEM, social media, and display advertising 

Avg Salary:

Digital Marketing Manager in Malaysia typically earns around 8,710 MYR per month. Salaries range from 4,620 MYR (lowest) to 13,200 MYR (highest).

5. Email Marketing Manager:

Email marketers send emails on a specific list, and this targeting calls for specialized knowledge. Marketing emails are sent to customers to increase sales and enhance awareness of products and services. They are frequently given out to audiences to engage them, even when there isn’t a direct purchase.

The key responsibilities of an email marketing specialist vary from one company to the other.

 It includes 

  • initiating and monitoring email marketing campaigns 
  • optimizing the design and layouts of emails,
  •  analyze key messaging in and out of email templates,
  •  compiling and purging email lists,
  •  saving email databases for future campaigns, 
  •  following up on the sent emails.

Avg salary

The estimated salary for an Email Marketing Manager is MYR 7,000 per month in Malaysia.

6. Web Developer:

The function of web developers is highly technical. Web designer work as both architects and contractors. Front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers are the fields of specialization for web development careers. The technology that drives the user-facing component of the website is Back-end developers, front-end developers work on a user-interactive element of the website, and full-stack developers are a combination of the above

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Identify specific user experiences and issues and provide defined possible solutions.
  • Create and add well-documented code to web applications.

Avg salary

 According to salary explorer, a web Developer in Malaysia typically earns around 5,580 MYR per month. 

7. Paid Media Specialist

the paid media specialist needs to understand advertising and social media. A paid media specialist will bring traffic to your web portals through online advertising from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Suppose you are hired as a paid media specialist. In that case, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of keywords and website 
  • Analyze the effectiveness of PPC and ROI
  • Develop, implement and optimize digital campaigns
  • Oversee and manage the social media budget 

Avg salary

 6,310 MYR per month according to salary explorer

8. E-commerce Specialists

They are experts in online sales strategies and the various online platforms used to conduct sales or conversions on a website. The primary purpose of an E-commerce specialist is to increase the company’s presence and the knowledge and market of its product on online platforms.

Avg salary 

According to Indeed, Ecommerce specialists earn  RM 2,524 per month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing a promising career in Labuan Bajo?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is an excellent career in Labuan. There are going to be many upcoming jobs available in this field. T.

Q. Is digital marketing well paid for?

Ans: Yes, the salary range is good in this field.  If you have a good knowledge of digital marketing, you can be an expert in this field.

Q. Is digital marketing difficult?

Ans: In starting, yes, but later, you will love it.

Q. What qualification is required for digital marketing?

Ans: There is no particular qualification required for digital marketing. If you have completed 10+2 education. Anyone interested to learn can start getting knowledge about digital marketing and start a career in this field.

Q. How long is a digital marketing course?

Ans: It depends on the type of course and institute. The duration of every course is different. One can learn digital marketing in 4-5 months.


We hope you understand the digital marketing jobs and pay scale in detail. This is the end of the blog but the new start of your career.

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Now the time has come to start your digital marketing journey. Thanks for reading,

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