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Updated on: Jul 5, 2023

Digital marketing is a booming space in the marketing realm. This comes with the demand for Digital marketing jobs in various fields within it hence the demand for Digital marketing jobs in Kisaran in 2023 and onwards. This Industry keeps growing and is ever-evolving, with a lot of changes at a fast pace.  This shows that the industry is growing at a rapid rate and you can grow along with it. The digital marketing industry pays more than the avg salary of a fresher in other fields. 

Since the last couple of years, the demand for digital marketing roles has shot up as companies want to market their products/ services through digital Marketing. This is the right time to take up this career path as the demand and worth of digital marketing will only go up.

But with demand comes the skills we need to be in this fast-moving industry. We first need to acquire the right knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing no matter our role. If you want to know more about Digital Marketing Skills. 

Each field in Digital Marketing is different but all work together to create a successful campaign/project. And each role is paid according to the skills required for them. 

So, in this blog, we talk about the factors affecting digital marketing salaries in Kisaran that can guide you to take up a successful Digital Marketing Career. 


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Kisaran

Digital Marketing is a vast field with many roles in this industry. This is one of the reasons why Digital Marketing has a lot of scope in terms of job openings and why it’s the most sought job these days.¬†The different roles work together to create a great project but each role is different in terms of the skills they require and the knowledge and experience needed for each role/position.

And that’s why the salaries offered for each role differ. Here, we find out WHY these roles have different salaries and what affects them. So that you can upskill yourself accordingly for your dream job, in time.

1. Your Region

The Region/Locality you live in greatly affects your success in Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, Digital Marketing is only located in the hubs of booming business growth i.e. only in metropolitan cities can you grow in your Digital Marketing career as well. This is because there are more resources and people situated in these areas and also move faster than in small towns and villages. Even if you do bag a job in these towns you won’t be paid as much as you do in Cities. The salary might differ, if you earn 6,700,000IDR in Cities, the salary can come to 6,000,000IDR – 5,000,000IDR.¬† That’s why it is much better to move to a metropolitan city within your country.¬†

2. The Company you choose

The company you go for can affect your salary. If you want to work for the Digital Unicorns i.e. The top Digital Companies in your locale/country then you can get paid better. Whereas if you join a small local startup the pay can slightly decrease. 

But here‚Äôs the interesting part‚ĶThe experience that you gain in a small start-up or even a company that’s just started growing is boundless especially while interning for these companies and working there, even if the pay is slightly less. But when you join a Digital unicorn you get to perform only one task for a long time and you don’t get to learn more about other fields as they have more people to help. the pay will be more but won’t increase as soon as you want. So you can decide whether you want to Experience over pay or Vice versa.¬†

3. Skills

Skills that you learn and implement can greatly affect your pay. You need hard and soft skills. If you have the right educational background in Marketing Business or IT but have no good communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills you won’t get good pay. Even if you don’t have much educational background and are just interning/fresher and have the communication skills/soft skills you can still get good pay, but without the street smart skills, the company can decide to cut back on pay.

So hone these skills and prove you can do a great job for the company and this will ensure financial success. 

4. Experience 

The more you can upskill yourself the more the company can promote you to a high position in the company or maybe even change company and roles in the future. A person from a new field can start as an intern at any company to gain experience and before that, if a person doesn’t have a background in marketing/business/commerce then they can get certified with various courses found online and offline and get started from there. After an internship, you can bag a position at that company or elsewhere and scale up by imbibing new skills from here.¬†

The more you scale up within the 5-8 yrs you can bag a great salary from 10,000,000IDR and above.

5. Education  

The least a person can have for a digital marketing job is a bachelor‚Äôs degree. Either in Business, marketing, communications etc. This will help you move forward in the Digital Marketing space and get a better salary. People also start without any educational background too as long as they have the skills and experience it takes to do a good job at your company. If you don’t have any experience in the branches mentioned then you can start with a few courses and learn the basics of digital marketing. You can then start interning at any company. Having a basic knowledge of how Digital Marketing works can help a lot in the field that you have chosen. You can try going for another area of Digital marketing if you feel like it‚Äôs not the right fit.¬†

6. Reputation

Your reputation as a Digital Marketer will also affect your salary. You need to keep up with how you are doing with the market and what you have done for the company or clients throughout the years, which will tell how credible you are and if you can be the client’s go-to. If you are already well-known in the industry/company you can ask for a pay hike in your prices. You can make a blog or website to show how credible you are and show your previous projects and case studies. And get along with people who are in the same field as you so that you have help and will also be able to grow and make connections within your business.

7. Being Result-Oriented 

Everything can be measured when dealing with metrics. That’s what makes digital marketing a money-effective way of marketing. And because they all can be measured we can plan which strategies work for us and which don’t. This is why being result oriented is also important. The work can be proven not just spoken ideas that haven’t been put into action. If one strategy isn’t working then make a new one or move on to plan B. This can be done through the various platforms you have been marketing in. In traditional Marketing, this is not possible, which is why people find this the most valuable option and will never go out of trend. This is why the more results you show the more salary you can bag.

8. The success of the company

How the company is doing in terms of its business and how they strategize its projects to gain going investments and hence success for the company. To be able to provide for their employees and have a good system to run things efficiently. 

You need to research the company too as Digital Marketing is teamwork and if the other departments in the company don’t do well then it can affect your chances to grow as well. The company will not be able to pay their employees well if they don’t put effort into getting things working smoothly and with the right strategy.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023

1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO) 

They have to keep up with Search engine trends and also be good in content creation as well to keep their blogs/websites with the trends and also know the buzzwords for the websites/blogs to rank high. Optimise pages for search engine marketing. You need to identify and analyse trends and optimise the page accordingly. Their role is to get the company’s website or blog to rank high in Google search pages so that they can gain engagement and traffic and will be the go-to website or blog people click on. 

Avg Salary: According to Glassdoor the avg pay is around 7,000,000IDR -10,000,000IDR/mo

2. SEM Specialist 

The many responsibilities of a Search Engine Marketing specialist include analysing website analytics, managing expenses/ budgeting and managing ROI. They run all the paid ads across search engines and through organic ways to rank high in search engines, to gain traction. They also keep tabs and study how their competitors are growing with links and strategies. Manage expenses to keep in check and track ROI. This role requires strong analytical skills and good knowledge of website analytical tools. This role has one of the higher paying salaries as you scale up. 

Avg Salary: According to Glassdoor, the average pay is between 4,000,000 IDR – 11,000,000 IDR/mo.

3. Digital Marketing Specialist 

This role is to keep track of all the processes that go on during a campaign and have pieces of knowledge on how each team works like designing, Copywriting, content writing, social media & organic and paid methods.  They administer the company’s website. Any information or results is disseminated amongst higher-ups. They implement strategies for Campaigns and monitor them from start to end across various platforms from planning to Implementation to gain outreach for the company’s website. to keep track of all the processes that go on during a campaign and have pieces of knowledge on how each team works like designing, Copywriting, content writing, social media & organic and paid methods. 

 Avg Salary: According to Glassdoor, the average pay is between 6,000,000IDR- 8,000,000IDR/mo.

4. Digital Marketing Manager 

In this position, one should have a strong hold on digital marketing strategies. They need to monitor campaigns across various platforms like email web, social media, paid media etc. to keep up with Social media. Estimate the performance of digital marketing campaigns of the company.  Collaborate with other companies and vendors. To have good knowledge of how each field of the company works and how to manage them. You need to have great analytical skills.  You need to have strong leadership skills to work with different teams and communication skills to be successful in this role.

Avg Salary: 10,000,000IDR – 25,000,000IDR.

5. Content Creator 

Content creation is mainly for appeal and to increase traffic for a website. To lure potential customers to the website and hence gain engagement. Content can be created in the form of Blogs, Video formats for/as Ads and Social Media Marketing. It is a growing field in Digital Marketing. Like the title says they create content or information about the company’s product to post it online on various platforms in a fun way or in a way where people can take in information about the product in easy terms or just the company’s overall workings. 

Avg Salary: 5,000,000IDR – 10,000,000IDR/mo.

6. Social Media Marketer

To keep an eye on social media metrics and to stay optimised. Social Media Marketers should also work with content writers, copywriters and designers to keep the content up to date and with the trends or to create something new. They need to keep a tab on their followers and Statistics to keep a watch on their gains. Keep up with social media strategies. They manage the company’s social media presence through various platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube etc. They also come up with a strategy for implementing them to these various platforms to gain outreach and traffic and engagement to the website, blog or social media page. 

Avg Salary: according to Glassdoor 5,000,000IDR – 7,000,000IDR but as a Social media Manager your salary can grow up to 10,000,000IDR – 11,000,000IDR.

7. Web Developer 

This role is to keep the website’s overall presentation. They need to be skilled in Javascript, HTML, and programming software. They need to know Coding languages, graphic designing and a good hold on various software that can create a good website curated uniquely for every company. This role is to keep the website’s overall presentation. This goes into the more tech aspect of Digital Marketing. They can build websites according to how the company needs them to run, make them look attractive to get people to click on them and get to know the company better. Make the interface user-friendly and easy.

Avg Salary according to Glassdoor is 5,000,000IDR- 7,000,000IDR your salary can go up to 12,000,000IDR if you get promoted to Sr. Web developer. 

8. Digital Marketing Analyst 

This job requires strong analytical skills and experience with the analytical tools like Tableau, Google Analytics etc used in this job. Analyse data from websites and other platforms and how they behave. Have good knowledge of how other sectors of digital marketing function to be able to communicate with them about campaigns and their performance. Hence you also need to have good communication skills. Creating performance reports to analyse these data and report to higher-ups and colleagues. Learning patterns in performances across all platforms to be able to learn the metrics and successes of these campaigns/ projects.

Avg Salary: According to Glassdoor is 5,000,000 IDR Р10,000,000 IDR, depending on your position. 

9. UI/UX Designer

This branch’s roles are outside of the digital marketing field but do play a role in helping the company’s website, bogs, apps, etc. Their goal is to create a user-friendly experience for the end user, which means making the website more user-friendly and easily understandable. If the user experience isn’t good with the company‚Äôs website then there won’t be more usage, engagement or traffic to the website. This field is a part of graphic design. UX & UI play a major role in making, using the website/app a positive experience. It can either bring great success or completely fail in creating the company‚Äôs website and business.¬†

The Avg Salary of UX/UI designers according to Glassdoor Is between 6,000,000IDR to 14,000,000IDR (depending on your skills and experience). 

10. Video Editor 

This field is a part of the content creation area but it is a fast-growing and successful part of the Digital Marketing space right now. It is a great marketing tool and is the most popular way of content consumption. This way of marketing is useful as the Video format gets people to retain the information in a more fun and unique way. And hence bring a lot of traffic and engagement in the end. You need to have good knowledge of editing tools and Filming to be able to get a good salary from the Company.  The Avg Salary depends upon the projects you create and the quality and engagement it brings. 

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

 If you want to learn and get in-depth or just explore digital marketing we need to get some knowledge of it through courses or internships. If you are looking for courses that can get you certified to make you land a dream job in any field in Digital Marketing? Look no Further IIDE’s MBA in Digital Marketing is an 11 months course where you learn everything about Digital Marketing In-depth.

Highlights of the course:

  • 11 months of training¬†
  • 1 on-1 live mentorship
  • 2 months internship
  • 2 specializations available¬†¬†
  • 100% placements assured
  • PG certificate from IIDE¬†
  • No Cost EMI¬†
  • 13+ live projects


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic Salary of Digital Marketing?

Ans: The Digital marketing jobs in Kisaran, Indonesia is around 4,000,000IDR to 10,000,000 IDR this depends on various factors like your skills, experience, company, location etc. 

Q. Is digital Marketing a High paying job?

Ans: Digital marketing space pays their employees according to their experience and skills but they usually stand between 4,000,000IDR -6,000,000IDR, for entry-level and/or when you are an intern with less experience. It increases at a good rate once you upskill and get promoted.

Q. Which field is the best in Digital Marketing?

Ans: There are many fields in Digital marketing to choose from. But the ones that get paid the most and are popular are PPC managers, SEO/SEM specialists & Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers, Web developers, and Data Analysts. 

Q. Is digital Marketing difficult?

Ans: The basic Digital Marketing skills are easy to learn and grasp but it can get challenging when we upscale and work in campaigns and projects as they can be new. But will get the knack of it with Experience. 


We now come to the end of this blog. I hope you got a brief Idea of the Digital Marketing Salary in Kisaran. This helps you plan better according to your interests and try your hand at the vast options the Digital Marketing space can bring you. But before you jump into looking for a job why not prep yourself as this brings you to better Job roles? Here is your go-to Digital Marketing Knowledge portal that is recognised globally, check out IIDE’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course(4 Months) before you get into looking for jobs. 

That’s all folks, hope you had a good read!


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