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Updated on: Sep 20, 2022
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If you are searching for Digital Marketing Salary In Ipoh then you are proper place. This web publication presents you with in-depth information about the profits of every talent in digital marketing in Ipoh. Before diving into the earnings area first let’s apprehend what digital marketing is and how it is used to continue to exist in opposition in the market.

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Rise of Digital Marketing Jobs

As we all be aware digital marketing is growing around the globe. Nowadays public wants to buy and research matters online from the relief of their domestic as a choice to roaming around.

So to fulfil this demand of purchasers it turns critical for companies to have a sturdy and straightforward online presence to entice their customers. But digital marketing is a profession which continues on altering when some updates are performed in the technologies.

As it is changing and updating each and each and every day it turns important for employers to continue to be up to date for which they want professional digital marketers who can hold up and deal with the changes so that they do now not lose any present-day purchasers and can entice new viable customers. This will increase job possibilities for digital entrepreneurs around the globe.

Check the Scope of Digital Marketing to apprehend its upward push in future globally.

Digital marketing salary in Ipoh - Job opportunities in IpohSource ‚Äď Linkedin

In the above image, you can the job opportunities posted on Linkedin in Ipoh. There are various other sites that post job vacancies.

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing in Salary 

There are various factors that help determine digital marketing salary in UAE and you’re worth in the market. Some of the points mentioned below will help you to have an idea of which factors mainly is salary decided. 

  • Work Experience¬†

This is one of the most important deciding factors in your salary. Experience in the field you are willing to work in is very essential it helps the employer to understand if you are capable enough to handle and work on tasks allotted to you in the company. You may get less salary as in tern but the salary increases gradually as you gain experience and knowledge in your work.

  • Skills / Certification¬†

Skills and certification play a vital role in deciding your salary. If you have relevant skills for the job you want to apply for and if you have certifications for the same it increases your chances to negotiate the salary with your employer. So it is very essential to learn all the relevant skills for your job. 

  • Educational Background¬†

Having a good educational background is also important. If you have learned management, marketing or anything business related it has an upper hand in your selection and determining your salary. If you have a basic idea about how marketing and a company work it helps you to show it as your strength while negotiating your salary.

  • The organization you work for¬†

The organization in which you work also matters. Is it a start-up, growing or successful organization? The salary range is different for different organizations. If you work at a start-up then your salary might be less than the one working for a successful company. So it is very important to know which organization you want to work for.

  • Industry¬†

Which industry you choose to do digital marketing for also affects your salary. If you choose entertainment, health or education then your chance of earning is more than any other industry as these industries are growing rapidly digitally. Choose wisely which industry you would like to work for. 

  • Geographical Factor¬†

In digital marketing, your and your company’s location is one of the deciding for your salary. If your company is in a developed country or state then the chances of them paying you more are high than the company not so developed or underdeveloped country or state.

  • Position¬†

The position at which you work is important. Are you an intern, manager or senior position? Your position in the company decides or defines your salary in the particular company. This point is interlinked with the experience as you grow in your position your salary also gradually increases.

  • Credibility¬†

Your credibility in the market is also a deciding factor in your salary. If you are working as a freelancer then your credibility in the market matters the most. Your clients should trust you and your work for their company. If you have a good presence and trustworthy image in the market it increases your chances and you can demand according to it. 

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2022 

Below listed are the different job roles and their respective digital marketing salary in UAE.

  • Content Writer¬†

Content writing is one of the most vital roles in digital marketing. In this, your job is to create content that is relevant to your commercial enterprise and convenient for your target market to understand. You should provide value to your customer by way of giving solutions to the problems of your audience. There are many job roles in content such as content marketing manager & specialist. Pay differs from your experience.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - Content Writer Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale

  • Graphic Designer¬†

Graphics and Visuals are as essential as the content. Brands must have significant content material however it ought to also be visually appealing. Attractive pics assist the target audience to recognize the content better.

Your job accountability as a graphic designer is to create meaningful and applicable visuals for the content. If you are creative and proper with graphics, this job is for you. You can present the brand’s message in a creative and eye-pleasing manner.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - Graphic Designer Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale

  • Social Media Marketing¬†

As absolutely everyone is aware of social media and its speedy boom in the previous few years it is vital to have a strong social media presence for every business. Social media helps you to connect immediately with your target audience. You can get immediate feedback from your customers.

The job responsibility of a social media manager is to put up content applicable to your manufacturer and useful to your customer and to join with them by answering all the questions of your audience.

Average Social Media Manager Salary ‚Äď AED 93,000 / year (PayScale)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)¬†

SEO optimises your website in such a way that when everybody searches for something your product or services your website ranks on the search engine result web page (SERP) by way of google organically. The duty of the website positioning Manager is to optimise and make the internet site extra easy with some search engine marketing techniques so it turns into google friendly and helps in ranking the website.

SEM capability advertising your internet site and enterprise on google SERP through Google Ads. SEM is completed by paying google to rank on SERP. The job of the SEM Manager is to bid at a proper charge to rank and create an eye catchy advert for the purchaser to click on it.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - SEO Manager Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale¬†¬†

  • Web Developer¬†

The accountability of a web developer is to make sure that the internet site is technically suited and no troubles are caused during the technical phase of the website. The web developer additionally has to deal with quite a number of codes and paste them at essential locations on the internet site to gather the statistics important to comprehend the growth of the business.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - Web Developer Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale

  • Email Marketing¬†

Email advertising is a phase of digital marketing in which you promote your business via emails. Email advertising is completed by sending offers, reductions and details about your merchandise and services. Basically, email advertising helps in attracting new clients and maintain present clients updated.

Average E-mail Marketer Salary ‚Äď AED 90,000 / year (PayScale)

  • Marketing Analyst¬†

The marketing Analyst helps in comparing, analysing and managing the information-driven by the website and different channels of traffic. The Analyst has to analyse which marketing campaign is doing higher or which product is in-demand amongst the customers and a number of other factors related to the enterprise by using the usage of google analytics and other analytics tools.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - Marketing Analyst Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale

  • E-Commerce Manager¬†

E-Commerce capability promoting and buying things thru on-line means. E-Commerce has grown rapidly in the previous few years, particularly at the time of the pandemic. People opt for buying matters online instead of going out.

Here comes the job of an E-Commerce Manager, whose duties are to supervise the traits and performances, handle vendors and customers, and apprehend the areas of possibility and improvement.

Digital Marketing Salary In UAE - E-Commerce Manager Salary¬†Source ‚Äď PayScale

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Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Malaysia?

As Malaysia is a developed nation people are more inclined toward digital. Because of this job opportunities for skilled digital marketers increase. This demand makes digital marketing one of the good career options in Malaysia.

Q. Does marketing pay well in Malaysia?

Marketing pays well in Malaysia. But the amount may vary for experience and job role. In-depth information about various job roles in digital marketing and their salary is mentioned in the blog.

Q. What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

The average salary of a digital marketer is RM 1,793 per month in Ipoh. Detailed information about the salary of different job roles is mentioned above in the blog.

Q. Do I need a degree to do digital marketing?

As such you don’t need any degree to do digital marketing. But you should have some sort of certification that shows that you have learned digital marketing skills and you are aware of how to use them.


After the pandemic working and spending online have come to be a section of people’s life. This will create more job opportunities in Ipoh for digital marketing as a career.

For making a successful profession in digital marketing the first step is to recognize and collect knowledge in digital marketing and for that, we would suggest you do MBA In Digital Marketing to upskill yourself. If you pick out to look at precise capabilities and concepts then you can take a seem at our Short-Term Digital Marketing Courses to upgrade yourself.

We appreciate that you took out the time to study this blog. Hope it would maybe have furnished some kind of help to clear up your doubts. If you have any other questions or hints please put them in the remark phase below, we would like to have a look at them and reply to them. 

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