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Updated on: Jun 5, 2023
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Want to know about the best digital marketing salary profession in Cirebon? Then you are at the right place, here we will talk about Digital Marketing Salary in Cirebon for the Top 6 Roles and discuss high-paying digital marketing salary packages and one of the most successful career paths across the world. 

Before moving to the digital marketing salary, do you know about Digital Marketing and its scope? Well if not, I will walk you through all the information related to it. Digital marketing is a fascinating subject to know and learn as it provides successful job options.

Digital marketing also known as online marketing refers to the marketing strategy that appears on a computer, phone, or other devices. It takes many different forms, including social media postings, paid social advertisements, display ads, online video, and search engine marketing. A digital marketing master plan increases consciousness, leads, and rewards in a scalable yet cost-effective way. Digital marketing scope is fast growing and further, grow till very long time. 

Businesses are surveying for more interactive ways of communicating with possible clients. Due to the rise of digital marketing firms, there is a corresponding rise in need for digital marketers.Due to the rise of digital marketing firms, there is a corresponding rise in the need for digital marketers. Digital marketing attains targets of marketing a business across opposed online channels.

The salary of digital marketing depends upon the knowledge and skills of a person. We’ve Below mentioned are the digital marketing salaries for top roles and other components that may influence your digital marketing salary.

Look at the snapshot below, highlighting the digital marketing jobs in Cirebon.


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Digital Marketing Salary Trends in Cirebon in 2023:

1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist ‚Äď

Identifying SEO as one of the most desired skills Linkedin has ranked digital marketing specialists as top 10 in most demanding jobs.An SEO specialist is more beam-focused on getting clients to rate overpriced in search results to run more traffic on a website through organic and paid strategies. A digital marketing specialist gears different hats and must take over skills to execute techniques. 

The highest earners in this field are those who are specializing in SEO and digital marketing specialists. One of the main causes is that search engine algorithms and most practices swap faster than seasons. Staying on top of these changes needs stable learning and supervision of the trends while bringing out the results gains knowledge, skill, and persistence. The average salary of SEO is IDR 13,400,000 in Cirebon.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Strategy Development


 2. Pay-Per-Click Analyst-

A sort of internet advertising technique known as pay-per-click (PPC) requires marketers to pay each time a user clicks one of their adverts. It is a way to direct traffic to a website by placing ads on search engine results pages (SERPs), social media platforms, and other websites. Advertisers bid on specific keywords and target specific audiences to display their ads, and they are charged only when a user clicks on their ad. PPC can be an effective way to drive targeted traffic to a website and generate leads or sales, as it allows advertisers to reach users who are actively searching for their products or services. The most widely used PPC advertising platforms are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The average salary is IDR 7,000,000 to IDR 15,000,000 per month.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Understand Google Analytics
  • Correct the keyword bids
  • Monitor daily/monthly/weekly/annual budget
  • Manage paid ad campaigns and other networks
  • Manage advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Quora


3. Social Media Manager-

Social media employment is increasing in leaps and bounds, and it reveals no signs of relaxation. Buyers are hanging all over social media platforms more than ever. There’s an enormous incentive for businesses to nourish their social media existence. In day-to-day life, businesses use social media channels to attract their audience, enlarge their network, create perceptions about their products and services, and assemble their brands in general. Social media managers assist businesses to pass fans and followers on social media platforms to earn traction and manufacturing revenues. 

Social media managers are not highly paid professionals but also love the chance to quickly climb the ladder to reach sought-after positions like that of a communications manager. Their salary on average is IDR 25L /mo.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Social Media Strategy Development¬†
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management:
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Influencer Management
  • Crisis Management:
  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends
  • Communication and Collaboration


4. Digital Marketing Analyst-

There is hardly a sector of the economy that is untouched by big data, and digital marketing and the Internet of Things are no exception.With a turning up focus on customer data and modification to drive sales, delight customers, and reduce costs. This field is auspicious for professionals skilled in analytics. 

A digital marketing analyst is in charge of conducting market analysis, discovering online marketing trends, and removing value from customer data to emerge strategies that match business goals. They also work firmly with the sales and marketing teams to assist them to drive more leads and profits using data-power insights. 

Not surprisingly, data and web analytics are some of the most costly paid employees in organizations. The average salary is IDR 52L/mo.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Data Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Audience Research and Segmentation
  • Strategy Development


5. Content Strategist-

Content is an essential part of the digital strategy for all kinds of businesses as every level of marketing these days needs content in some or another form. It is content that buyers absorb, and brands participate over.  

Content strategists barely have the skills to make compelling content individually but it plays an immense role in managing teams of writers, growing editorial calendars, donating to online campaigns, using analytics to decide the benefits of campaigns, and more. As professionals who perform a whole gamut of activities related to content strategy, they are valuable assets for companies that enlist them. The average salary is 47L/year.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Content Strategy Development
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Content Optimization
  • Audience Research and Segmentation
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting


6. E-commerce Specialist-

E-commerce Marketing Specialists are superior in managing the complete development and maintenance of e-commerce websites and portals to expand their sales and revenues. It’s also a part of their job to set up standards for product and content management, combined with sales and marketing teams, and rectify growth opportunities using web analytics, among others. With thunder in e-commerce and online purchases taking over in-store shopping, e-commerce specialists have become crucial for retail businesses. Hence, it is one of the most well-expiated roles in digital marketing. The average salary in Cirebon is IDR 49L/mo.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing e-commerce strategies
  • Managing online marketplaces
  • Analyzing and reporting on e-commerce performance
  • Coordinating with cross-functional teams
  • Staying up-to-date with e-commerce trends


7. Content Marketing Manager-

A Content Marketing Manager will be developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy that supports the overall marketing goals of a company. This includes creating content that is designed to attract, engage, and retain a target audience, as well as measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of that content. A Content Marketing Manager must possess a deep understanding of the target audience, as well as the latest trends and best practices in content marketing. This role often involves managing a team of content creators, collaborating with other departments, and working closely with external partners to ensure that the content is aligned with the brand’s messaging and overall business objectives. The average salary in Cirebon is IDR 47,97,022 /mo.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Drive traffic and affiance in the form of sales and brand promotion
  • Compute the results of marketing activity¬†
  • Lead a team of data analysts, illustrators, and copywriters
  • Know which platform is the different and best match for a particular role


8. Marketing Automation Specialist-

A marketing automation specialist is a technical adequate content curator. They should manage and implement marketing automation systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They work closely with marketing, sales, and IT teams to create, implement, and maintain marketing automation campaigns across various channels. They possess significant communication skills and set up workflows. Many often have a misunderstanding that the job profile of a marketing automation specialist is not easy. It takes a lot of time, work, and specialized skills to see the topmost benefit of a tool. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Acknowledge your platforms that automation will help you solve
  • Create your marketing automation blueprint
  • Build the marketing automation engine
  • A/B test to optimize
  • Report and revamp
  • Repeat and final decision.


9. Digital Marketing Manager-

A digital marketing manager is an expert who maintains the brand’s sales and online existence on many marketing campaigns. You must have a strong knowledge of different digital marketing tools and strategies to be a digital marketing manager. You should know how to guide integrated digital marketing campaigns from organization to implementation. The average base pay is IDR 1Cr /mo.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining social media presence across different digital platforms
  • Computing, analyzing, and reporting the performance of all digital marketing campaigns
  • Planning digital media campaigns, like SEO/SEM, social media, and display advertising¬†


10. Paid Media Specialist-

A Paid Media Specialist is a digital marketing professional who specializes in managing and optimizing paid media campaigns across various platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more. Their primary responsibility is to drive targeted traffic to a website or landing page by creating and executing strategic paid media campaigns that are designed to meet specific marketing goals, such as lead generation, brand awareness, or sales. They must have a deep understanding of audience targeting, keyword research, bidding strategies, ad creation, and landing page optimization to ensure that campaigns are successful and ROI is maximized. Paid Media Specialists must also continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize campaigns for better results. The average base pay is IDR32L/mo

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of keywords and website¬†
  • Examine the benefits of PPC and ROI
  • Grow, implement, and advance digital campaigns
  • Supervise and manage the social media budget¬†


11. Email-Marketing Specialist-

An email marketing specialist is a digital marketing expert who focuses on generating email lists, making emails, and looking for leads via written communications. They perform with email automation software, beginning email blasts and newsletters to increase brand awareness and organize a solid presence of the brand in the ambitious market. 

The responsibilities differ from one company to the other as in email marketing specialists. However, there is a general list of tasks all email marketers can expect. It involves initiating and observing email marketing campaigns, advancing the design and layouts of emails, proofreading key messaging in and out of email templates, arranging and purging email lists, saving email databases for future campaigns, and succeeding on the sent emails.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute email marketing strategies-
  • Manage email marketing campaigns¬†
  • Create and manage email marketing content
  • Segment email list based on behavior and demographics¬†
  • Design and optimize email template and landing pages
  • Conduct A/B testing and analyze email performance metrics.
  • Ensure compliance with email marketing regulations.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align email marketing with overall marketing goals.
  • Maintain email marketing database hygiene and data integrity.
  • Stay up-to-date with market email marketing trends and best practices.


Digital Marketing Salary Guide: 10-Year Plan

The digital marketing salary differs from years of experience to the job location. During the course of a year, the compensation of professionals working in various designations under a digital marketer increased by 15% to 50%. With the thunder in the social media world, it is required to grow more precipitous in the upcoming years. The tables below show the top job profiles that receive the highest digital marketing salaries, the job locations, and digital marketing pay according to the circumstances. 


Factors Which Affect Your Digital Marketing Salary

Some more factors play a crucial role in how you can make a digital marketer in today’s market.

1. Educational Background:

A bachelor’s degree is important for becoming a digital marketer. It may be in communications, business administration, advertising, or journalism. Many digital marketing experts have established their careers without having a college education in the present era. Based on specialized courses such as SEO, SEM, data analytics, and many more. 

They have set up their marketing career. However, you already know about this that more educational qualifications will help you gain a better and huge amount of salary. A bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certification in a higher-value talent will help you receive a higher income when applying for some digital marketing positions.


2. Experience:

You might anticipate earning more than your prior digital marketing pay if you have more than five years of expertise in the field. The more you will experience in work, the more you will earn. Although, the number of working years is not the main reason for gaining experience.

If you working in a specific industry or dealing with some particular tools, you may make more than a marketing copywriter. The people who work in the AI and machine learning industries is true as the same. A senior director gets 105,000, a mid-level manager gets 70,000, and a fresher gets 52,000 per year.

3. Skills:

If you influence both hard and soft skills, like skills of technical SEO, link building, powerful interpersonal skills, and communication. There’s a chance that you’ll be paid high than your challengers. You may receive the most in-demand digital marketing skills, such as SEO, social media marketing, project management, audience building, data analysis, and copywriting.

Occupying digital marketing skills authorize you to make new alluring job applicants with top earning potential. You should be sure to read out job descriptions for essential and preferred skills. Additionally, communicate with recruiters and hiring managers to tell them about how your skill sets might influence your salary provided. 


4. Geography:

Location plays a major role in deciding your digital marketing salary. According to reality, a digital marketing manager makes IDR76,47,745 in central java, IDR 67,17,250 in east java, and IDR66,248 in Denver. These days, working remotely is more common, which is reflected in digital marketing compensation. Digital marketing works on the internet, so a massive part of what you undertake can be taken caution of remotely. But your country’s employers for accommodation will affect how much you should get paid.

Digital marketing jobs salaries are paid per hour to freelancers while other employees are paid fixed. Salaries paid to employees vary from country to country. Nowadays, the US pays its digital marketers to make extra than any further country in the world. The salaries of digital marketing professionals vary based on the city.


5. Company: 

The top tech companies give a handsome amount of salaries to their employees. There is no special case in the digital marketing salary as well. Startups provide the finest salaries to skilled and experienced candidates who upgrade to the company. According to Payscale, the average salary is IDR51,209 in the US for digital marketing specialists. 

These are some top companies that provide lucrative salaries such as Deloitte, IBM, Apple, Intel, Meta, etc. Salaries will differ depending on your company’s proportion, marketing forecast, and business goals. For example, Glassdoor assumes that companies such as Amazon, Cisco Systems, and Disney provide salaries to managers above IDR100,000, while nonprofits such as the YMCA and United Way provide salaries of around IDR50,000 or IDR60,000.

6. Credibility:

This is an extremely underrated factor in the digital marketing industry. How suppositious you are as a freelancer or a permanent employee you can greatly influence your earning potential. Credibility refers to your market services as a brand and the fame you have built over the years. 

If you are a regarded or well-known digital marketing personality, you can demand an intense rate for your services as a freelancer and request a higher salary while functioning as a worker. You can expand your credibility in the market by designing a blog or website. You can upgrade this blog with some articles, case studies, or ebooks to let people recognize you better. You can also tie up with industry leaders or influencers who are trained in the field you are curious about. 


7. Title:

As you raise in an industry, your authority and salary will increase. Within a firm, those with superior titles and ranks gain more than the relatively subordinate professionals. A digital marketing head’s salary will be more extreme than a social media manager or an SEO executive. Digital marketing experts that supervise an entire team will be paid extra than a freelancer who works solo. This is because they have further authority and include more profit by being a part of the managerial process rather than simply being a part of the completion process.

For example, a digital marketing manager makes a lot more than a digital marketing executive as a digital marketing manager has plenty of more powers and expertise them an executive.


8. Result-oriented Approach:

Important difference between both the marketing that is digital marketing and traditional marketing is that in digital marketing, every single thing can be evaluated. You can simply set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and then calculate the results of your transmission against them.

This makes it easier to perform a cost-benefit analysis and acknowledge which campaigns or strategic moves will work and which will not work. Consequently, you can recognize professionals who give you tangible outcomes rather than just ideas that sound great. Better result-oriented digital marketers are honored with more powerful salary packages than the others. 


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

As you guys know, digital marketing has different levels and the highest salary in today’s era, and learning it from a reputed institute adds more skill power. There are many institutes to learn digital marketing but IIDE is the best among all.

Businesses are rushing to ride the digital wave. They understand the need for marketers with digital abilities to succeed in this competitive environment and are willing to pay more to hire these individuals. Act now to become one of these look-after candidates that companies across the world are struggling to engage. 

IIDE provides a bunch of expert-led digital marketing courses that will set you on the exact track in this fast-paced, challenging, and highly rewarding career. Get certified today with the Digital Marketing Certification Course and the  MBA Level Digital Marketing Programme from a well-known institute i.e. IIDE.

Digital marketing salary in Cirebon- Digital Marketing certification of iide

                                                                                                                                         (Source Name:


Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much can you earn in digital marketing?

Ans: An average salary for a digital marketing executive in India is 2 LPA, and as you achieve knowledge, your salary will automatically rise to 6 LPA. Compared to the salary package of a digital marketing analyst it scales from 3.6 LPA to 9.4 LPA on average.

Q. What is the average salary in Indonesia?

Ans: In Indonesia, the typical annual wage is 11,400,000 IDR (788 USD). Thus, 0.5 percent of Indonesia’s population earns more than 11,400,000 IDR, and the other 0.5 percent earns less.

Q. Which jobs are in demand in Indonesia?

Ans: The Most demanding Jobs in Indonesia in 2022 ‚Äď 2023 are

  • Financial Advisor
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing Manager
  • e-Commerce Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager (HR)¬†
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Customer Service Specialist


Q.Is digital marketing very difficult?

Ans: Yes, Is It Hard to Gain Digital Marketing Skills. Many industry professionals agree that foundational digital marketing skills are easy to learn. However, it can be challenging to acquire those skills and put them to successful use in digital marketing campaigns.

Q. What is the biggest challenge for digital marketers today?

Ans. 5 current digital marketing challenges are as follows:

  • A customer-centric market
  • Creating engaging content
  • Complying with privacy and data-sharing regulations
  • Mobile-friendly approach
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies



Digital Marketing is very important for everyone to learn as in the future everything is going to be digital. Digital marketing is a perfect business opportunity for someone who has good knowledge of communication skills, content creation, SEO & SEM, basic design skills, and social media management. We have already discussed the top Digital Marketing salary in Cirebon. When it comes to today’s business era, Digital marketing is important because it connects a business enterprise with its customers when they are online, & using their electronics for online buying.

We hope this blog helped you gain a lot more about digital marketing and salaries in digital marketing. Now you might have got to know whether you want to take on this as your career path or not. But the remuneration for digital marketing is unquestionably a perk.Many other working professionals are eyeing this as their career option so what to wait just grab your phones or laptops and enroll now in IIDE PG program in digital marketing certification courses.

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