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In Demand Corporate Training Certification Programs in India

Updated on: Sep 15, 2022
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The corporate training certification programs have been specifically designed to develop cutting-edge expertise to assist organizations with useful and advanced techniques for business growth. The interactive sessions and the regular checkpoint analysis will help the participants easily comprehend the latest business trends.

At this point, we have launched our corporate training certification program. These certifications will equip corporate employees with leading-edge business skills. The course contents and the training methodologies used in these certifications will help corporate employees to enhance their business acumen.

Corporate training certification programs

Mentioned below are the top training certification programs every personnel should take:

1. Soft/Communication Skills

Communication is a necessary skill for all working professionals. It is important to foster the right types of communication skills if you want to achieve maximum benefit. Your employees’ communication training should focus on three types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, and written. Although there are many enduring communication skills, active listening is one that should never be neglected. 

As organizations have started moving to hybrid or remote work, having an LMS will play a vital role in employee growth and management. If you use an LMS or are planning to implement an LMS, start with communication-specific modules. You can also have a look at IIDEs LMS under IIDEs Corporate training programIIDEPRO Signature which consists of modules on communication & soft skills and more.

As the employees grow in the organization and take on new roles and responsibilities, communication is a skill that will stay 100% relevant at every step.

2. Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are usually associated with public speaking,  but it is all about presenting to convince and  make the audience act accordingly. You create pretty looking slides but your content and delivery are not compelling enough, it will not create a mark on your audience. This kind of training also makes the employees more confident about themselves and reduces stage fear.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the need of the hour, it helps connect businesses with their audience online. Traditional marketing has taken a step back. As people are  migrating to search engines and social media, businesses are turning to digital platforms for their branding requirements. Businesses receive more trackable outcomes, leads, and eventually sales through Digital Marketing. If you are looking to upskill your employees in Digital Marketing, then IIDE is the perfect place for you. Know more about IIDEs offerings.

4. Leadership Development

Successful leaders are able to restructure &  transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage their employees to deliver better results. Leadership skills training typically encourages managers and leaders to find new, innovative ways of developing and managing people. Great leaders attract, hire, and encourage excellent employees. Hence, leadership development training should be considered by organizations. Read more about how IIDE trained industry leaders in Digital Marketing. If you are also looking for something similar and wish to know more about IIDEs Corporate training programs, click here.

5. Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is important as it can establish mutual respect amongst colleagues,

It helps create a professional environment and enhances nonverbal communication skills. Workplace etiquette training could include topics like meeting etiquettes, email etiquettes, dressing etiquette, etc

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Why are certifications important in corporate training?

Certification serves as a standard for improvement. It makes it simple for workers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This form of acknowledgment is typically connected to education that will advance people’s jobs.

Whatever the subject matter, a training certificate establishes knowledge and guarantees that staff members are current on the subject’s most recent advancements. This is sufficient justification to think about including an official achievement acknowledgment in your online course.

Here are a few advantages that training certification can provide for your business.

  • Motivate training completion
  • Build employer brand awareness
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Attract top talent
  • Increase customer trust

Best practices for effective training certification

  • Start with the right LMS

In order to design and host a certification programme, you need an LMS with the right functionality. You need someone who can manage courses and keep track of students as they progress through them. It should include choices for determining when employees earn the certificate and be able to issue it without any problems after that.

  • Set the criteria for certification

When credentials are earned, they are most valuable. Give students a certificate of completion that attests to their mastery of the material. It might be a part of a test that gauges knowledge and skill. Alternately, you may make it reliant on a participatory, interactive course.

  • Make milestones clear

Maintain student motivation by providing a schedule of doable tasks. What actions, for instance, are required in order to receive a certificate of training? What educational courses must they finish? What examinations or tests must they pass? Does earning the certificate depend on finishing a particular set of lessons in one course, or does it call for finishing several courses?

  • Determine whether certificates should expire

You might want to make it clear that certifications expire in programmes like compliance training. By taking these courses, participants can stay current with standards or information in their business. This means that as the training resources are routinely updated, the information will need to be evaluated from time to time.

  • Customize the certificate to reflect your brand

By identifying yourself as the source of the certificate, you add value. Use identifiable images to integrate it into your brand. Use your LMS’s features, for instance, to match the certificate to your business. Select a template that matches your company’s colours and branding, then add your logo to the design.

Online corporate training certification

Online corporate training offers a number of advantages. For instance, in this kind of training, it is irrelevant the quantity of participants or the particular training requirements. This is due to how scalable and adaptable most corporate training software is.

Corporate training entails interacting with staff members, clients, and business partners. Corporate training benefits employees by allowing them to develop their job-related competence. They also receive additional learning opportunities, such as those for enhancing their leadership abilities. Given these advantages, demand for online training is rising quickly.

Corporate training seeks to provide career assistance in addition to improving employees’ abilities through training programmes including workplace communications and creative thinking. Additionally, it strengthens company culture and enhances employee engagement, and boosts employees’ morale.

Here are some benefits of online corporate training certification:

  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Appropriate for various learning methods
  • Self-paced and self-driven
  • Tracking of records virtually

Train the trainer certification

Using the framework of “Train the Trainer,” aspiring teachers or subject-matter experts can be prepared to instruct others inside their organizations.

Why is Train the Trainer Training Needed for an Organization?

In-house trainers are trained on how to conduct classes and workshops during a Train the Trainer course. These courses, which are only taken by instructors with more expertise, include anything from course design to improved interpersonal skills.

The options are limitless.

Additionally, they are shown how to design a training session or workshop. Even while a member of the internal staff who has been chosen to lead internal training may be an expert on the subject, has that person ever been taught how to structure a session to achieve the greatest outcomes? 

By employing this strategy, businesses may swiftly assemble a team of instructors and execute training programs considerably more quickly.

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Q. Why is corporate training needed?

Ans. The fundamental purpose of corporate training is to develop young talent into tomorrow’s leaders. Additionally, it aids in lowering job turnover and raising employee satisfaction.

Q. How much does a corporate trainer earn?

Ans. A corporate trainer earns in the range of 2.5 to 15 lakhs per month on average.

Q. What are some in-demand corporate training certifications?

Ans. Some in-demand corporate training certifications are digital marketing, soft skills, and workplace etiquette.


It is critical that companies have qualified employees. In order to make sure that employees are properly trained for their jobs, it is important that businesses have training certifications. If your company has not already implemented a training certification system, please contact us at or 7304534110. We can work with you to develop a plan that will help you comply with proper training guidelines.


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