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Updated on: Mar 8, 2024

Have you just given your board exams and are wondering what to do next? Do you feel like you have an inclination towards marketing and mass media, and are confident enough to present yourself and do your job well? Then maybe you’d want to opt for BMM.

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Vashi lies a beacon of academic excellence: BMM Colleges in Vashi. These institutions stand not just as centers of learning but as veritable hubs of innovation and creativity, attracting aspiring media professionals from far and wide. With a dynamic curriculum tailored to the rapidly evolving media landscape, BMM Colleges in Vashi offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students to navigate the complexities of modern media with finesse.

For professionals seeking to advance their careers or businesses aiming to tap into the ever-expanding realm of media and communication, these colleges serve as invaluable resources. Through specialized courses focusing on areas such as journalism, advertising, filmmaking, and public relations, BMM Colleges in Vashi nurture talent and foster a vibrant community of media enthusiasts.

Whether it’s honing journalistic instincts, mastering the art of persuasive communication, or delving into the intricacies of digital media, the opportunities abound within the corridors of these esteemed institutions. In the competitive landscape of today’s media industry, the knowledge and skills acquired from BMM Colleges in Vashi are not just advantageous but essential for staying ahead of the curve.

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Top Colleges for BMM:


1. Tilak College of Science & Commerce

BMM Colleges in Vashi - Tilak College logo

Tilak College of Science & Commerce is a well known BMM college in Vashi. It was founded in 2002-2003 where it provided the courses of B.Sc (Computer Science) and BCom. In 2003-2004, it then included B.M.S., B.M.M., B.Sc. (I.T) and B.Sc. (Bio-Tech).

They have their annual BMM Festival “Prodigies” which encourages BMM students to participate in intercollegiate competitions and helps them present their talents in front of a large audience. They also conduct various intercollegiate competitions such as  Acharya College BMM festival “Arth Manthans”, Swamy’s BMM festival ” Impression”, SIES College “Frames”, ICLE’s College’s “Passion” which encourage and appreciate the talents of the BMM students.

They also conduct various seminars and industrial visits to help students prepare for the ever fast developments in the mass media world. All in all, it is one of the best colleges for someone who wants to take up BMM.

Contact Details:

Phone No- 2227800299
Address- Plot no 131, Sector 28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400705


2. Nagindas Khandwala College

BBA Colleges In Mumbai - Nagindas Khandwala College logo

Established in 1983, Nagindas Khandwala College in Mumbai offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts and Commerce. They are known for their high academic standards and focus on preparing students for successful careers.

The college offers a wide range of courses, with something for everyone interested in Arts or Commerce. Admission is based on merit for most programs. They have recently launched a new degree, B.Com in digital business that is perfect for commerce students who have an interest in exploring the digital marketing realm.  

The college is known for its strong placement record, with over 75% of students getting jobs after graduation. Many well-known companies recruit from the college, offering an average salary of 3 lakhs per year.

Nagindas Khandwala College provides scholarships and other support programs to help students succeed. They also have a well-equipped library, Wi-Fi, and dedicated support services for placements and student concerns. The college is consistently ranked among the top colleges in India, making it a great option for students seeking a quality education.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details

Phone Number: 2228072262
Address: Bhavishya Bharat Campus, Road, No.1, Govindji Shroff Marg, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

3. Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce and Science

BMM colleges in Vashi - Rajiv Gandhi College logo

Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce and Science is also one of the well ranked BMM colleges in Vashi. It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and has been accredited by the NAAC with grade “B”. 

The college claims to provide good quality education to its students and aims to place greater emphasis on making students professional by providing value based education and making sure the students are ready to face challenges in real life. It also enables students to make sure they develop self discipline and accountability and tries to develop respect democratic, ethical and moral values. These aims make this institute stand apart from the others.

Contact Details:

Phone No–  022 2766 7377
Address– Sainath Educational Complex, Plot No 16/17,Sec 10 A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra-400703


4. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science (Autonomous)

BMM Colleges in Vashi - Pillai College logo

Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science is another well known college for the BMM course. This college is accredited by NAAC with the prestigious ‘A’ Grade in all the three cycles of accreditation and has been granted the title of Autonomous that not many colleges are able to achieve. 

Permanently affiliated to Mumbai University, Pillai College is the top college for students from Navi Mumbai, Panvel & Thane. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate & doctoral degrees in arts, commerce & science disciplines. 

The best colleges in Navi Mumbai that place an emphasis on developing skills over rote information include Pillai College. There is global immersion and extracurricular activities available to students that helps them develop their leadership and communication skills. 

In addition to other courses, Pillai recently launched the BBA in Digital Marketing, a new degree program aimed at educating students in the most recent trends and innovations that are defining the digital era. With this degree, students are not only given better employment possibilities, but they are also given the tools to become future entrepreneurs in the nation. 

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No- 022-2745 1700
Address- Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Plot No. 10, Sector 16, New Panvel – 410 206, MH, India


5. ICLES’ Motilal Jhunjhunwala College

BMM colleges in Vashi - ICLES Motilal Jhunjhunwala College logo

ICLES (India Culture League Education Society) Motilal Jhunjhunwala College of Arts, Science & Commerce is a well known commerce college. The junior college was established in 1978 and the degree college was established in 1984. Since then, it has advanced to become a great college for students pursuing any field in arts, science and commerce. 

It is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai and has been accredited “B+” grade by NAAC. This college offers many courses under commerce, namely BCom, BMM, BMS, B.Sc.IT, B.Sc.CS, B.Sc.BT, BBI, BFM, etc. It is a great BMM college in Vashi and also have their own BMM festival “Passion” which encourages students to put forward their talents in front of a larger audience.

Contact Details:

Phone No- 022-27663061
Address- Plot.No 53, Amlendu Roy Marg, Sector 9A, Vashi Navi Mumbai 400 703.


6. KPB Hinduja College of Commerce

BMM Colleges in Vashi - KPB Hinduja College logo

KPB Hinduja College of Commerce is one of the most well known colleges in Mumbai for commerce students. It has made its name by providing good and high quality education to the students enrolled in their college. It is known for its management & marketing degrees. Affiliated with Mumbai University, they offer undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in commerce. 

KPB Hinduja College has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Mumbai that focus on skill development rather than outdated knowledge. They have a lot of clubs and co-curricular activities that help students improve their communication & leadership skills. They offer degrees such as BMM, BCom, BAF, etc. 

Apart from these degrees, Hinduja has recently introduced a new degree- BBA in Digital Business that is focused on teaching students the latest trends & technologies that are dominating the digital age. This degree not just focuses on improving job opportunities for students but also shapes them to become potential entrepreneurs in the country. 

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-4098-9000
Address– 315, New Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004


7. Sanpada College of Commerce and Technology

BMM colleges in Vashi - Sanpada College logo

Sanpada College of Commerce and Technology, also known as SCCT, was founded in 2004 by the Orientation Educational Society. It is located near Sanpada Railway Station (Harbor Line). It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai and is a good college for any student interested in commerce and technology fields.

Its BMM department was started in 2011 and since then it has had a lot of development and advancement. It also conducts many events for students of different courses, like “Bombay Odyssey-A tale of talent” for the BMM students which included Clickture, Market-e-baazar and Screen on to help students portray their talents confidently and help them experience and have hands-on experience in such departments. This was a three day event and many other such events are held for students there.

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-27758715
Address– Plot No. 3,4,5, Sector 2, Sanpada (W), Behind Sanpada Railway Station, Sanpada, Navi-Mumbai – 400705


8. KES Shroff College (Autonomous)

BMM Colleges in Vashi - KES' Shroff College logo

Founded in 1936, KES Shroff college is also a well renowned college for the quality education it offers. It is a NAAC-accredited autonomous college, affiliated with Mumbai University. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees & courses in science, arts & commerce streams. 

The college prioritizes real learning over theory. It is made sure that the students studying there have real life skills rather than just knowing about it theoretically. It is a famous BMM college in Vashi. Apart from BMM, this college has recently launched a new degree that is B.Com in Digital Business for commerce students who may be interested in digital marketing. 

Instead of teaching subjects that were important ten years ago, the goal is to produce students who are familiar with current trends and technologies. Due to the fast growth of digital and online companies, this degree enables students to consider startup in addition to work. 

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No- 022-28072477
Address- KES Shroff College, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Kandivli (w), Mumbai 400067


9. Thakur College of Science & Commerce

BMM Colleges in Vashi - Thakur College Logo

Thakur College of Science & Commerce is one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai. It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai & offers undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in science & commerce stream.

Thakur College was founded in 1992 and has since then been ranked at the 55th position for the Best Autonomous Colleges in India as per the Education World Report, 2020. Thakur is known for how they give preference to practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. 

The college offers a number of courses, including Bachelor in Mass Media, that is, BMM and is one of the best BMM colleges. Apart from BMM however, this college also offers other specialized undergraduate courses in business, marketing, and management. 

Thakur College has just launched a NEW degree program called B.Com in Digital Business to help students excel in advanced business concepts and marketing subjects. It is similar to a B.Com degree but the syllabus and training are very unique and new-age. This course is also very helpful and the skills learnt will be very useful in the future since the future is digital.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 2625 6451
Address– Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101
Website –

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Career Opportunities after BMM


1. Event management

Event management is one of the most sought after and popular career paths after BMM. Event management is done by people to use their multi-tasking and creativity skills to manage events such as birthdays, weddings, music concerts or theaters, product launch or trade shows, etc. It is required a lot in today’s world making it a great career.


2. Radio Jockeying

Radio Jockeying is one of the most popular career options after pursuing BMM. Even though radio has been used for a long time, it hasn’t lost touch with the world. Radio jockeys engage with the people listening through their wit and humor and entertain people. 


3. Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising is the art of getting the public’s attention towards a particular product or service and Public Relations is the art of creating and maintaining mutual respect and trust amongst the two parties. These two should go hand in hand in order to bring about growth of business. In the BMM programme, these skills will be taught and hence this also becomes a good career option.


4. Electronic Journalism

E-journalism or Electronic Journalism is the profession of journalism carried out through electronic means such as television, radio or even our mobile phones. It is very popular nowadays as many people do not have the time to pick up a newspaper or magazine to go through the news. 


5. Print Journalism 

Journalism is a form of inquiry that is done in the public’s interest. Print journalism is the profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, online news websites, or even news reports that will be broadcasted. Pursuing BMM opens up this career path for you.




  • Is BMM a good course?

BMM is a good option for students who have just attempted and passed their 12th standard boards and are interested in Mass Media and Communication. The students who have good communication skills and are interested in working in journalism or other mass media platforms, this is the course for you!


  • Is BMM good for the future?

BMM is one of the most diverse courses as it provides knowledge on a number of topics. Its syllabus covers effective communication, technology, sociology, economics etc and hence there are many career opportunities open for you once you pursue this course.


  • Is working abroad an option after BMM?

Since BMM covers a lot of topics in many fields of mass media and communication, the students graduating in BMM have the choice to either work in India or move abroad.



In conclusion, the top colleges for Bachelor in Mass Media (BMM) offer a diverse range of opportunities for students seeking quality education and practical exposure in the field of media and communication. Institutions like Tilak College of Science & Commerce, and Nagindas Khandwala College are renowned for their academic excellence, industry connections, and focus on holistic development.

With innovative programs like BBA in Digital Business and emphasis on real-world skills, these colleges prepare students for successful careers in the dynamic media landscape. Additionally, colleges like Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science and KPB Hinduja College of Commerce provide cutting-edge courses tailored to meet the demands of the digital age, empowering students to thrive in the competitive media industry.

Overall, these colleges stand out for their commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and professional growth, making them ideal choices for aspiring media professionals.

Hope this blog helped clear your mind.

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