12 Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing In Johor Bahru

Updated on: Sep 22, 2022
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Are you inquisitive about why digital marketing is so hyped in today’s time? does one want to understand what are the Benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru? Then this blog is here for your help. In this blog, we’ve listed all the Benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru.

But if you’re a beginner and do not know what exactly digital marketing then this Free Digital Marketing Masterclass will help you. So before diving into the Benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru first let’s understand what digital marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means advertising / marketing your brand i.e products & services you provide to your ideal target market to convert them into your potential customers with the utilization of varied digital means (online channels) regardless of their location i.e. globally.

We all know that internet usage is increasing day by day around the globe. which is popping everything into digital be it shopping, learning, etc. You name it and you’ll find it online and go within the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. to form this possible and satisfy your customer base all around the world brands have to do digital marketing.

This is just the beginning, within the future digital marketing goes to grow tremendously. The scope of digital marketing will cause you to understand its growth in the near future.

Now lets start with the blog i.e Benefits of Digital Marketing In Johor Bahru.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru in 2022

Below we’ve got listed some benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru which can facilitate your realise its importance and therefore the reason for its tremendous growth.

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1. Cost-effective

Digital marketing is incredibly cost-effective & budget-friendly. you’ll advertise your brand to the globe within your budget. With the assistance of Facebook ads, optimising your website and using many other tactics you’ll be able to promote your brand to the globe at an occasional cost.

Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t must use the money for pamphlets or hoarding instead you’ll create an ingenious ad at half cost and market your business.

2. Global reach

With the assistance of digital marketing now you’ll be able to grow your business and cater for your customers at a worldwide level.

By doing a little market research about where is that the need for your product within the world you’ll target the people therein locality and sell your product to them via online channels.

3. Local reach

Along with the worldwide reach, digital marketing also helps in local reach. Suppose you open a store somewhere you wish to market your shop by sending pamphlets in newspapers and plenty of other things.

But digital marketing makes it easy for you to focus on your audience. you’ll select the particular kilometre radius around your shop and advertise them accordingly. This has another advantage it not only targets the residents but also the people passing by within that radius.

4. Detailed targeting

Here comes the most significant and most important good thing about digital marketing which is detailed targeting.

In traditional marketing, brands use to advertise on tv or in the newspaper which they might advertise every and no matter the relevance of their brands to the people.

But with the utilization of digital marketing, you’ll be able to target the precise and ideal audience who you would like to be your customers.

5. Easy to learn 

In this era, where most are using mobiles and laptops in their way of life and are connected on social media and google it’s extremely easy for them to find out and use digital marketing for their benefit. Nowadays everyday uses google to look at and social media platforms to attach and pass their time.

If you’ll use these to grow your business globally by just learning some details then there’s nothing better than that. 13+ Short-Term Certification Courses in Digital Marketing | IIDE  helps you to be told digital marketing skills in keeping with your interest and time schedule.

6. Engaging with customers at every level

Using traditional marketing you’ll hook up with your customers only if they’re in your store. Once they’re out of your eyesight you cannot do anything like that.

But digital marketing contains a solution to the current problem, now with the assistance of digital marketing, you’ll not track your customers from the notice stage till the ultimate payment stage. You’ll engage and connect together with your customers at every stage, you’ll solve their queries and convince them to form an acquisition.

By placing some codes on your ads or website you’ll be able to track the activity of your customers and target them accordingly.

7. Improves conversion rate

Using various digital marketing tactics helps you to succeed in a good range of individuals which ends up in an exceedingly higher conversion rate. As more people become alert to your brand they hunt for your product and make a buy in keeping with their needs and wants.

You’ll be able to optimise your website and social media presence in the simplest way that draws customers and make them buy from you.

8. Personalised communication with customers

Along with detailed targeting and connecting with consumers at every stage, digital marketing helps in personalised communication with them furthermore.

By installing digital chatbots you’ll be able to chat with every customer personally. you’ll be able to also remarket your customers personally in step with their needs and interests.

9. Multiple strategies

Digital marketing could be a huge term that has various marketing strategies and tactics to supply. you’ll choose the tactics that may be useful, relevant to your brand and under your budget limit.

There are various strategies you’ll be able to use like SEO, social media, email marketing, and google ads you’ll use any tactic to grow your business and promote your brand to your ideal audience.

10. Multiple content types

Along with the varied marketing strategies digital marketing also offers multiple content types. you’ll select the audience and research which content they consume the foremost.

Then you’ll be able to alter your content in line with their interests and advertise your product to them. Eg. Blogs, video content, e-books, etc.

11. Analytics

Here comes the most effective part of digital marketing analytics. you’ll be able to measure and analyse your performance on various channels by using some analytics tools.

You’ll compare your growth, see what’s in demand, what people once they are on your online platforms and far more. Analytics helps you in improving your marketing strategy and recommends what you’ll change and grow more.

12. Scope of A/B testing

One more benefit you’ve got of doing digital marketing is that you simply can do A/B testing. If you’re undecided about which content or ad will connect more or is more relevant to the interest of your target market.

By digital marketing i.e via Facebook ads, you’ll be able to make two ad creatives and you’ll show half audience an inventive and also the partner B creative. By the audience’s feedback and reaction, you’ll recognise which is more relevant to use that accordingly.

Careers in Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru 

benefits-of-digital-marketing-in-johor bahru-Digital-Marketing-Careers-imageSource – Western Michigan University

1. SEO manager

SEO i.e Search Engine Optimisation, as an SEO manager you’ve got to:

Optimise your brand’s site according to the requirement of your customers and make it user friendly which makes it google friendly additionally. And this helps you to rank on top of google’s search engine result page organically by google without paying anything back.

Seo manager has other responsibilities like making blogs SEO optimised associated with the brand for his or her customers, collecting backlinks from neutral and relevant sites saying that your website & brand is nice. And check if the website is technically sound or not.

Average Salary – RM 93k/yearly (payscale)

2. Social Media Manager

We all are alert to what happens on social media, we all see it every day on our phones. We see thousands of brands promoting their products to us on social media. A brand’s social media page is a reasonable presentation of a name to the purchasers about who they’re and what they are doing. So a social media manager’s responsibility is to :

  • Check if the content posted on their social media platforms has relevance and provides any value to their customers to create them stay connected with the brand.
  • Check the analytics to increase your engagement with your audience on social media.
  • Be there for your customers once they need you

Average Salary – RM 41k/yearly (payscale)

3. Content Marketer

Content marketing means marketing your brand by writing about your business and products in multiple forms like blogs, ad creatives etc. the items you would like to stay in mind as a content marketer are :

  • Write content that’s in simple words for your audience to grasp worldwide.
  • Content should be relevant and define your brand properly.
  • Alter your content per different segments of your audience to attach with them on a personal level.
  • Provide value to your audience by suggesting solutions to their queries.

Average Salary – RM 32k/yearly (payscale)

4. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing means marketing and promoting your brand to your leads ( those who may be your customers) via email.

Email marketing helps you connect with new potential customers. And helps you retain your existing customers updated about the changes in your business. you’ll be able to attract new customers by sending them sale/discount offer emails.

Average Salary – RM 43k/yearly (payscale)

5. Web Developer

The work of a web developer is incredibly important in digital marketing. an internet site helps you to showcase your brand in front of your audience. The website is the place where users will check to understand and buy your products.

The website should load fast and have clear images and lots of other factors should be taken into consideration to create a website user friendly. Web developers also should cope with codes and place them correctly to gather and trace the information.

Average Salary – 36k/yearly (payscale)

6. Marketing Analyst

Analysing data is one of the most important good things about digital marketing. So as a marketing analyst your job is to test the analyse the information collected via the codes installed by the online developer.

Analysts should be aware of the standard of the market through which they’ll compare the gathered data and use them for the benefit and growth of the business.

Average Salary – 47k/yearly (payscale)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the 5 benefits of digital marketing?

A. Top 5 benefits of digital marketing :

  • Global reach
  • Cost Effective
  • Analytics
  • Helps in engaging with customers at every stage
  • Detailed Targeting

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Malaysia?

A.  As Malaysia is a developed nation people are more inclined toward digital. Because of this job opportunities for skilled digital marketers increase. This demand makes digital marketing one of the good career options in Malaysia. 

Q. What skills does one need for digital marketing?

A. To be a successful digital marketer you wish skills like :

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Designing & Editing
  • Content Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), etc

Q. Do I need a degree to do digital marketing?

A. As such you don’t need any degree to do digital marketing. But you should have some sort of certification that shows that you have learned digital marketing skills and you are aware of how to use them.


By reaching out to know the multiple benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru you would possibly have gotten a concept of why digital marketing is booming and growly so rapidly. The Scope of digital marketing explains its future growth around the globe. But now, in future using digital marketing to push your business to your audience is going to be mandatory as everyone seems to be turning towards online platforms and becoming digital.

After knowing about the increase in demand for digital marketers in future then you’ll start learning digital marketing and upskilling yourself. 11- months digital marketing program and a 4-months digital marketing program are the two best online courses that facilitate your learning of digital marketing online and at your convenience.

We appreciate that you simply took out time and skim the benefits of digital marketing in Johor Bahru’s blog. If you would like answers to any of your digital marketing questions put them down in the comment section we’d be happy to assist you.

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