Super Session With Vishal Jacob

Chief Digital Officer – Wavemaker

Data in digital world!

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education, we had the opportunity to host Mr. Vishal Jacob, Chief Digital Officer – Wavemaker for a Super Session.
  • With an increase in access to the internet and digitization of businesses, the number of digital touchpoints of the consumer has also increased. This gives us large amounts of consumer data at our disposal.
  • Vishal spoke to us about how consumer insights drawn from the data assets could help us win and retain consumers.He also shared with us case studies on campaigns by Mondelēz International and Eureka Forbes Ltd, which showcased the power of data in advertising.
  • The session was of great insight into how adaptive, real-time data and constant measuring of the campaign give us effective consumer targeting.
Supersession with Vishal Jacob