IIDE Super Session Topic

Programmatic Advertising and its future in the Digital Ecosystem!

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education hosted an insightful Supersession on “Programmatic Advertising and its future in the Digital Ecosystem” with Vijeeth Shetty – Agency Lead (India) at LinkedIn
  • Vijeeth began by demystifying the complex concept of programmatic advertising, an automated method to create laser-targeted campaigns empowered by data and technology. He shed light on the various segments of the ecosystem & the evolving technological landscape with many tech giants looking to enter the platform building space
  • He then highlighted how automated advertising can drive conversions, create brand awareness, and remarket through automation. Vijeeth shared an interesting example of how BYJUs has leveraged programmatic buying to increase its user base in India
  • Lastly, he discussed how brands are making a shift and increasing budget allocations towards this developing segment. All in all, programmatic advertising will be an integral part of brands marketing strategies in the coming years

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