IIDE Super Session Topic

Sports Content in the Digital Era!

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education we had the honor of hosting Shantanu Pusalkar, Head Video & Content Marketing at Sportskeeda for a Super-Session on the evolution and reality of Sports Content in the Digital world
  • He started with his views on the way Sport content creation and consumption has changed over the past few years. He touched upon the astronomical rise of live-streaming on OTT platforms along with their hyper-personalized viewing options such as enjoying multiple streaming, streaming along with friends, real-time interaction, and the ease of accessibility of content online as opposed to traditional coverage
  • He continued by highlighting the need for brevity in content and how businesses are constantly churning out concise yet quality content to grab the attention of innumerable views in a matter of seconds
  • He covered the benefits and features of “Influencer led content” and how businesses are eager to leverage it to create more consumer-friendly content
  • He ended the session by pondering over what the future holds by applauding the hybrid model of remote and live broadcasting as the way forward and forecasting a rise in individual content creators on popular social media platforms

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Other Super Mentors

Every Saturday IIDE hosts live super sessions with CMO’s of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.