IIDE Super Session Topic

Data – Its role in modern methods of advertising.

  • At Indian Institute of Digital Education, we had the pleasure to host Mr. Santosh Ghosh, Managing Director – Publicis Groupe for a super-session on Data – Its role in modern methods of advertising
  • Before diving deep into Data-Driven Advertising, Santosh took us through the basics, history, and current scenario of mass media in India. He highlighted how Digital Media in India has grown by 6% in the pandemic year and has an estimated growth of 22% YoY till the year 2023
  • The large amount of data collected via digital touchpoints has given rise to Programmatic Advertising which facilitates Real-Time Media Buying. This allows marketers to reach consumers in a real-time setting increasing the possibility of a conversion
  • Santosh explained the elements of programmatic advertising in detail and shared a campaign for Akash Institute Private Limited as well where programmatic advertising brought great results

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Other SuperSession Speakers

Every Saturday IIDE hosts live super sessions with CMO’s of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.