IIDE Super Session Topic

Role of ‘Culture’ in consumer insights

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education hosted a Super-Session with Sanchari Chakrabarty Strategy Director at DDB Mudra Group.
  • The discussion began with Sanchari talking about how her career began and how her mentors have played a big role in her initial growth & her curiosity helping her overall development.
  • In 2021, marketers need to look at the work they have done and ask themselves fundamental questions if they want to push the set boundaries. In the long run, profit, sales penetration, & loyalty all come under one umbrella. It is imperative to focus on the big picture for bigger and broader effects. Brand building & sales activation are in tandem with each other but work on different timescales.
  • People care about themselves and not brands. Marketers need to find out the element which triggers people to say what they say and especially why they say it.
  • She cited CRED’s recent marketing campaign where they leveraged cultural truth by using icons from the 90s because their current TG is the 90s kids. Also, another campaign by Procter & Gamble during the 2014 Winter Olympics called “”Thank You Mom”” which people really connected with because it was powerful and emotive in nature.

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