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Story behind successful Venture!

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education along with Karan Shah hosted a Super-Session with Rajiv Dingra – Founder & CEO at RD&X Network and ReBid. Ex WATConsult
  • Rajiv walked us through his journey in the industry that dragged everyone’s attention. At the age of 13, he was once asked a question that every one of us must have gone through i.e “Beta Bada Ho K Kya Banega?” (What will you be once grown-up?) to which he answered by saying, “Mai Businessman Banunga” (I`ll be a businessman). As there was no such word as an Entrepreneur (or Entrepreneurship) at that time (around 1998) it came as a shock to most of the people around him. At the age of 20, he was one of the first ones to get placed from campus with the highest paying job which he eventually left and his journey of entrepreneurship started
  • In the session, Rajiv spoke about one important trait that one should have as an entrepreneur, i.e “problem solver” he knew he wanted to solve a problem for students. Hence, he started with the website “JobsForFreshers” in 2005 and the head office was his sister`s bedroom. As the results were outstanding, in six months there were 40,000 resumes registered and about 1000 job postings. He reinvested the earnings in digital marketing like Yahoo, Orkut BR, and he also ran Google Ads. This was for almost one or one and half years when he realized that he cannot handle things alone. That resulted in one more idea of “personal branding”, once the people started knowing him and giving him the business with the blog “WATblog” where he bagged his first client, “Reddit” as WATconsult. He was in a meeting with Ajit Balakrishnan, and he was asked to come up with the proposal on “How to engage Bloggers?” They ended up liking the idea and he bagged Rediff.com as clients which became the seed money for WATconsult which was later termed as WEB 2.0 Consulting. He also shared one important lesson from the Lehman Brothers Crash, i.e Cashflow is the blood of business”
  • The statement “Even as an entrepreneur you are an employee” was the statement that got us hooked. Along with this he also shared his new platform idea “Rebid”, as it`s more towards a platform approach than a people`s approach while he also explained a lot about; MarTech, AdTeach, DeepTech = MADTech

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