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Sonic Branding – The new frontier of branding!

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education, we had an artistic super-session on Sonic Branding with Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith – BrandMusiq who made it really a great one
  • He first brushed upon the basics and enlightened us on the Mudra’s & Pentonics (5 important tones) and played the flute to make us understand sonic better along with explaining how every tone or sound describes or relates to some memories or situation. Also, made us realize the changing consumer in passing years in order to connect with today’s generation with various ideas of which music is one of them
  • He came up with points of distinction between Touchpoints & Earpoints. He then covered BrandMusiq’s process of creating music for the brands and how they go about it i.e., right from the recognition of the Avatar to allotting them their suitable Rasas and so on
  • He illustrated this process in detail by sharing his journey in BrandMusiq and the work done for the giant Mastercard which was indeed a huge success. Also, he shared their work across the globe. Sonic identity and its creation was yet another concept that he highlighted and showed its uses in various ways
  • Finally, he called it a day by showing a glimpse of 10 years journey of BrandMusiq with giants such as Mastercard (globally), Zomato, Vistara – TATA SIA Airlines Ltd., HDFC Bank, Raymond Group, Santoor – Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, MG Motors, Royal Challengers Banglore, Tata Salt – TATA CHEMICALS LTD. and what not. Big? Nah. It’s huge!

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Every Saturday IIDE hosts live super sessions with CMO’s of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.