IIDE Super Session Topic

Art of Installing Creative Campaigns with Data Driven Decisions!

  • Super-Session with Nimit Shah – Senior Director, Publicis Media on the Art of Instilling Creative Campaigns with
    Data-Driven Decisions.
  • Nimit spoke about 3 major focus areas for creating a successful campaign: Data, Technology, and Creativity, and
    how structured planning and testing can bring desired results from the campaign.
  • Nimit threw light on the importance of a correct brief, which is the building block of any campaign. While
    planning one must always keep in mind the end consumer and do research to understand the core of the audience.
  • He highlighted how to use data wisely but also not to rely on it completely. Considering data points that are
    worth analyzing and if possible one should use the concept of cross-data utilization. He cited examples of
    companies like Kotak Mahindra Bank and Club Mahindra by showcasing how cross-data utilization gave a different
    dimension to the campaign
  • Lastly, he mentioned the importance of structured testing and optimizing various aspects of campaigns like the
    audience, ad placements, creatives, etc, that contribute to delivering the result-driven campaigns

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