IIDE Super Session Topic

Marketing in the Times of Digital X Creative.

  • Super-Session with Namita Liz Koshy, Vice President – Ogilvy on Marketing in the Times of Digital X Creative!
  • “Be a student forever”, is what Namita preaches and teaches to stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic world.
    Instead of following product obsession, brands are following customer obsession to grab the attention of the
  • It has become quintessential for marketing campaigns to be interesting and personal, but at the same time move
    away from the clutter and noise that exists in the space. It is all about having a vision for the brand
  • Lastly, the opportunities to explore are endless. You just need to go out there and express yourself with all
    your heart and energy

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Other Super Mentors

Every Saturday IIDE hosts live super sessions with CMO’s of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.