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Media-Mix Modelling!

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education, we had the honor of hosting Arvind R P – Marketing & Communications Director at McDonald’s India for a Super-Session on Media-Mix Modelling!
  • Arvind kick-started by emphasizing two key areas, first Content & Brand Advertising, where he spoke about how important it is for brands to be adaptable to change in the trends and the consumer’s preferences. He threw light on the importance of making content that would be worthwhile a user’s time.
  • He added that it is a must for brands to build a Digital Experience for the users to connect as in return it helps in word of mouth. Furthermore, he spoke about Leveraging content cascaded from Global and localized engaging content to build excitement amongst customers.
  • The second area was Driving Consumer Behavior, where he spoke about a full-funnel approach and how it can act as a game-changer for brands whether big or small. He enlightened students on how Data-Driven business decisions guide inputs of marketing allocations that result in outcomes of OCG.
  • Collectively Arvind’s session Cruz revolved around the brand adapting to change, knowing the consumers, and recognizing the new media sets a high bar for storytelling.
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