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How to Originate Creative Ideas!

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education hosted a SuperSession with Akshat Gupt, Co-Founder at Kulfi Collective on How to Originate Creative Ideas! Akshat started by explaining how the name ‘Kulfi Collective’ came into existence.
  • While getting into the conversation about ideas and their origination Akshat said “there is nothing as a bad idea. You have to experiment and see what works for you”. There are a few guidelines that can help you with the ideation of creative ideas:
    – Have fun and the best ideas will be created
    – Be childlike, it will help you get curious
    – Do not ever assume you’re not a creative person and believe you will have good ideas
    – Consumption of different types of content is very important
    – Go ahead with your bad ideas you don’t know how it might work out, explore the idea
    – Team up with the right people and get more input from them
    – Ask “what ifs” and change the way of looking at things
    – Break the rules and challenge yourself.
  • Talking particularly about Kulfis’s culture of holding ideation sessions, he mentioned a few ways that help them get to the goal of their creative ideas.
    Starting with “Kultis”- where everybody just comes up with the first idea that comes up in their mind
    “Hot Potato session” – where the person has to complete a story of a previous person
    “Watch Parties” – Consuming different content .
  • He also walked us through how an agency tests before pitching a client. There are 3 main rules they follow before pitching –
    – List of ideas and choose what direction to go in
    – Create a lowkey version of how the video can turn out
    – Read the room to know if your idea is a banger
    Akshat added by saying “Deadlines are creator’s blessing in disguise”.
  • Towards the end, Akshat gave a few tips for a good career in Digital Marketing! By asking them to try and work more from the office, as spending time with the people who are skilled will help them absorb experiences, learnings and skillset as a fresher.
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