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Confessions of an Account Planner!
Skill sets and qualities that help account planners build more memorable brands.

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education hosted a Super-Session with Akhilesh Nath – AVP Strategic Planning at McCann Worldgroup. We started the session by talking about a few best campaigns that he was part of –
  • 1. Suffola`s [Marico Limited] #protectherheart campaign gave us major goosebumps as the idea behind the campaign was to make women`s hearts visible to society, as most of the campaigns were male-centric. Through this, he gave the young marketers an understanding that “thought leaders can stem from questioning the fundamentals”.
  • 2. ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Ltd. campaign, after great research, they came to a conclusion that people were openly talking about how they do yoga, eat healthily or also exercise which they build up thinking that they`re fit. The idea was to make people aware of how health insurance is important through a series of videos which said, health insurance for the half healthy and it led to a spike in consideration in terms of health awareness.
  • 3. American Tourist campaign [Samsonite], where the idea was turning a bag into a dance prop #swagpack challenge where the audience got involved an danced with the American Tourister bag pack and passed the challenge – Virat Kholi challenged Shekar Dhawan who later challenged Diljit Dosanj so on and so forth the chain went on.
  • 4. Masala Oats (Suffola) Campaign, #tukdonpejeena, they came to this idea after a survey and research whereas they got to know that, women started eating oats when men use to get oats to balance their weight. And they targeted weight watchers and not the one who wants to lose weight. Hence #tukdonpejeena wasn`t just a phrase but it became an emotion that women could relate to.
  • Towards the end of the session he gave a word of advice, When asked, what does an account planner do? He explained how important it is to understand the genesis of an Account planner as it is the 3rd access in the advertising industry. First being Business Development and second Creative Manager. They have the innate ability to connect disconnected information and shape better ideas with better thinking. An absolute amalgamation of everything just like Sherlock Holmes.
  • He advised students to keep the spirit of asking questions like mad scientists or entrepreneurs do because the stupidest questions facilitate the discovery of ideas. He also mentioned that the greatest trap a planner can fall for is the “I know everything” attitude and hence one should be open. As the session got ended with one of his most important teachings to all of us, “time is one of the scarcest resources of the planner, it`s important to respect time.

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