Complete Voltas Marketing Strategy – A Case Study

Updated on: May 22, 2021
Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study

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Voltas has the title of “India’s No.1 air conditioning company” and they didn’t do it by chance. The company has an in-depth marketing strategy that enables them to nurture their customer base and surpass the sales figures of their competitors.

In this case study, we’ll deep dive into knowing about Voltas as a company, its target market, the 4Ps of the marketing mix and the marketing strategies it implements to maintain its presence felt. 

So let us start by knowing about Voltas Limited in the coming section.

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About Voltas


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - About Voltas


Voltas Limited is an Indian multinational company that operates in many different business verticals and is a market leader in the air conditioner business in India.  

Being established in 1954, it is a part of the ever-popular business conglomerate, the Tata Group and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company in India is primarily known as a company that sells Air conditioners. However, it operates in various business segments such as Cooling & Refrigeration, Home Appliances, Textile Machinery and Mining and Construction Equipment.

Voltas has always been a pioneering company that has never shied away from innovation. It has introduced revolutionary products in the market and made a significant contribution to the development of the air conditioner industry thanks to its strong research and development (R&D) facilities.

Now that we have basic knowledge regarding the company, let us go through the target market of Voltas in the coming section.


Target Market and Segmentation Strategy of Voltas

As we now know that Voltas is a large company operating in a variety of business segments with a wide range of products to offer. These products are meant for different markets in India and even abroad.


Target Market of Voltas
Offerings Target Audience
Cooling & Refrigeration General Household
Home appliances Millennials, Teenagers
Textile machinery  General Customers
Mining and Construction Equipment Millennials and above


The company markets and sells different goods and services to people from all walks of life. Whether it is household appliances or something more commercial like air conditioners, or something more industrial-like compressors and welders, Voltas has got you covered.

Let us now understand what the company is doing to cater its offering to the target market by understanding the marketing mix implemented by the Voltas company.


Marketing Mix of Voltas

A marketing mix is a model that marketers use to formulate a strategy for their product. The model includes 4Ps of marketing: Product, price, placement (distribution channel) and promotion. 

The key idea behind the marketing mix model is that it helps a person understand what a business has to offer and how it is offering. So, this is how the marketing mix of Voltas Limited pans out:


Product Strategy of Voltas

Voltas is a company that offers a humongous range of products to specific target groups. Its products strategy can be narrowed into three categories namely Unitary Products, Engineering Projects and Engineering Products and Services.

The Unitary Product category consists of Air Conditioners (ACs), Air Coolers, Freezers, Visi Coolers, Water Dispensers and other commercial refrigeration products. This category includes products that are directly sold to customers.


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Product Strategy


The Engineering Projects category consists of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services and Electromechanical Solutions and Services.

The Engineering Products and Services category consists of Textile Machinery products and  Mining & Construction Equipment.

It also has a joint venture into the home appliances business with Arçelik, a Turkish multinational household appliance company.


Price Strategy of Voltas

Talking about the pricing strategy of Voltas, they have managed to create something that is neither expensive nor cheap, both at the same time, in a way. The pricing model offers a better value for current customers. 

Over the years, they have been taking valued customers from other brands who were not satisfied with their products or services. By offering better quality products at a lower price compared to its competitors has also helped it become the undisputed leader in the AC category since 2012.

They have put together an enterprise that serves needs in terms of cost, quality and services.


Place & Distribution Strategy of Voltas

Talking about its business to customer category business, Voltas has its presence in almost every city and town in India. Furthermore, it also sells its products through major e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon India and others to reach every corner of the country.


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Place & Distribution Strategy

Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Place & Distribution Strategy


Talking about its other businesses, Voltas also has a presence in seven countries including India where it operates its engineering and textile businesses.


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Place & Distribution Strategy


Promotion Strategy of Voltas

Voltas is a highly respected and reputable company that has been selling household appliances for more than 70 years. One of the biggest reasons it has remained popular is its customer service and value for money products. This has earned Voltas a positive word of mouth promotion.

The company uses both online and offline channels to promote its products and services to maintain relevance in the eyes of customers. It uses newspaper and television advertisements as its primary offline channels of marketing and social media as a primary digital channel.


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Promotion Strategy


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Promotion Strategy


Being a Tata enterprise company, it also focuses extensively on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to make this world a better place. 

Now that we have gone through the 4Ps of the marketing mix that the company implies, let us go through the Marketing Strategy of Voltas in the coming section.


Marketing Strategy of Voltas

Marketing Strategy is the method by which a business communicates its benefits to consumers. It states the objective of the company, the products or services offered, and how the benefits will be beneficial to consumers. 

Often, a business will market itself primarily by making specific claims about what it offers. Marketing is fundamental to any business; without it, a business-as-usual approach is unlikely to succeed.

In the case of Voltas, It uses both traditional and digital marketing methods to communicate and reach its potential and existing customers. Talking about its traditional marketing approach, it has some of the popular marketing campaigns to its name.


Voltas All Weather AC Campaign

Voltas launched this campaign back in 2012. It was launched to showcase the benefits of Voltas’s All-Weather AC technology. 

The idea behind the campaign was to release a series of advertisements. It revolves around a character named “Murthy” who gets shifted from one part of the country to another, from Kota to Chennai to Cherrapunji experiencing different kinds of weathers. 

This series of ads use fun and quirky sarcastic appeal to highlight the benefits of Voltas All Weather AC and how it is beneficial to the customers.





This was the first campaign of Voltas that became an instant hit among the audience. Initially, it was a short term campaign but later it became the company’s long term campaign extending its tenure to 3 years.


Voltas All Weather Smart AC Campaign

Voltas launched an upgraded version of the All Weather AC with smart features and to promote the same, it launched this campaign. 

This campaign was an extension to a previously explained, All Weather AC campaign but this campaign had its own storyline. The campaign revolved around the same characters with the same humour appeal highlighting the benefits of this product.



The campaign received positive appreciation from the audience just like its previous campaign and people started associating the character “Murthy” with Voltas AC Ads.

These were some of the popular campaigns of the Voltas AC, let now go through the modern marketing method implemented by Voltas by understanding its digital marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing Strategy of Voltas

Digital marketing is a holistic approach to growing a business online. Marketing digitally helps a business to build authority in the industry and increase the company’s exposure online.

A digital marketing strategy is nothing but the art of using digital resources to execute a campaign on a large scale. 

In the case of Voltas, the company had very recently launched its first digital campaign and is currently working on improving its digital marketing game. Let us go through the few digital marketing strategies it has implemented in the coming section.


Social Media Presence of Voltas

Social media presence is a vital part of many businesses as it allows a company to build trust and credibility. This also means that providing an accurate and or timely social media update is just as important as having an in-depth website.

This is how Voltas is doing in terms of its social media numbers.


Social Media Presence of Voltas
Facebook Instagram Twitter
Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Presence - Facebook Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Presence - Instagram Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Presence - Twitter
It has about 510k followers  It has 14.9k followers It has about 48.1k followers


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Presence - Youtube


It is present on all major social media platforms. However, its Youtube channel has very few subscribers. Voltas also has other social media handles like Voltas Beko, Voltas Limited, Voltas AC etc.


Content Marketing Strategy of Voltas

Content marketing is a hot topic these days in digital marketing. A blog post or a video shared among friends and followers can drive traffic to your site and possibly even sales. It also allows a company to build a community around the business and is an excellent way to build credibility online.

Voltas has been constantly working on the content marketing part and has a blog of its own on its website that revolves around the topic of its products. It shares tips and tricks, how-tos, benefits, features etc.


Voltas Marketing Strategy - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Strategy - Content Marketing Strategy


With this, the case study on Voltas comes to an end. Let us go through a summary of this case study in the final section.

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Voltas has been in India’s business for almost half a century now. A leader in the manufacturing of air conditioning products, the company has made its presence felt across thousands of industries. 

It has maintained its strong propositions on both business fronts and marketing fronts over the years. However, with the advent of digital marketing, the company has started figuring out its internet marketing plan and has a long way to go. 

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