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Updated on: Nov 19, 2021
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Last time we saw the Marketing Strategies of Britannia, today let’s look at the SWOT Analysis of Parle.

Parle is one of India’s largest selling biscuit snacks and confectionery manufacturers in the country. It is one of the oldest companies in India and is still known for its products. Parle has a wide reach and a very loyal customer base.

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In this blog, we will look at the SWOT analysis of Parle, but before that let’s have a look at the company overview.

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About Parle

 Palre was set in Mumbai in 1929 by Mohanlal dayal chauhan. It is simple in taste and simple in packaging. The success story of the parle is mainly based on its simplicity. Parle has many positives which make it, the favorite biscuit brand among Indian consumers. It’s easily accessible to a wide population and it’s addictive because of its sweetness.

Parle-G Biscuit is the favorite snack that every Indian family has in the breakfast. Its high nutritional values make it the best substitute for hunger in the eyes of customers. Special attention is given to the fact that care and caution are exercised in the purchase of raw materials and high hygienic standards are maintained in all its manufacturing units. It was also recognized internationally for its high hygiene. 

ParleG - SWOT Analysis of Parle | IIDE

Parle is well known for its glucose biscuits- Parle-G. In 2002 Parle launched its premium range of biscuits “Parle-G Matrix” which is available in both “cashew” and “cocoa” taste. Parle launched its new biscuit version named “Parle-G Milk Shakti”, which had the taste of Milk and Honey. And it was targeted towards the Southern population. Parle focused on the low prices and make its reach to the general population of every Indian state.

Quick Stats about Parle
Founder Mahan Dayal Chauhan
Year Founded 1929
Origin Vile Parle, Mumbai
No. of Employees 50,500
Company Type Private
Market Cap INR 1363 Crore (2021)
Annual Revenue INR 2800 Crore (2017)
Net Income/ Profit INR 1.78 Crore (2019)


Products Of Parle:

Parle company provides a wide range of products, some of which are:

  • Candies
  • Wafer
  • Biscuits
  •  Drinks

products of Parle- SWOT Analysis of Parle | IIDE

Competitors of Parle:

The following Companies are the close competitors of Parle Company:

  1. Britannica 
  2. Horlicks Biscuits 
  3. Richfield Industries Private Limited 
  4. Cookies Man India 


Swot Analysis of Parle

Infographic- SWOT Analysis of Parle | IIDE

This Analysis of Parle will analyze Parle by its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In a swot analysis, Strengths and Weaknesses are internal factors while opportunities and threats are external factors. 


1. Strengths of Parle

Strengths are internal factors of a company that empowers it and contributes to its growth. 

  • Supply Chain – Parle has a large supply chain. Parle products can be seen in every regional area of India. Without any doubt, Parle is the most widely distributed Indian biscuit brand. this is the strongest advantage for Parle-G because it is the largest sold biscuit brand in the largest market for Biscuits.
  • Strong Presence in Rural Markets – In 2014, Parle was ranked 48th in all Indian Brands. It is the most trustable brand in the eyes of people. 
  • Affordable Prices – Parle has 5 rupees packets also. Poor people find it affordable to add it to their breakfast. It even has the small 2 rupes packaging. 


2. Weaknesses of Parle

Weaknesses are factors pulling back the success of a company. Let’s look at some of the weaknesses of Parle.

  • Dependent on the Parle-G Brand for its RevenueParle-G is the single revenue generator premium biscuit range on parle limited. Its other snacks and Candies don’t have such likeability among its Consumers.
  • Same Taste and Products – Similar Products produced by the companies like Glucose Biscuits, Mango Bite, Candies. Nothing new products are being launched by the company for a very long time. Even the taste of exiting products is getting deteriorated day by day. 
  • Many Competitors in the Segment – There are many Domestic brands to compete with the parle brands. The supply chain of parle is affected by regional products. And new Bakery products the major competition of the parle.

3. Opportunities of Parle

Opportunities are external factors that can contribute to the growth of the company if identified and grabbed at the right time.

  • Launching New Products in Health Sectors–  Parle is spreading its wings and launching innovative products in health sectors. Parle has a share in pharmaceutical companies. And collaborating with hospitals and famous doctors. 
  • Export Potential – Parle G is exported to SAARC countries & to US, UK, and Europe as well as to parts of Africa. Thus, the export segment of the brand is very strong too.
  • Rise in Purchasing Power of Consumers– Parle is a company that tends to maintain quality while keeping the price low. And increasing purchasing power of customers leads to a high supply of products. 

4. Threats of Parle

Threats are potential harms that can affect the company and can cause losses. Some of the threats for Parle are.

  • Bakery Products –  Bakeries are regionally located and are a major commission to every snack and biscuit company. Due to the low prices and reduction of taxes, it’s aiming towards the be the part of every kitchen. 
  • Substitutionary Products – Parle-G biscuits are majorly used as the morning snack in every typical Indian family. But with the increase in the demand for other snacks like Toast, Sandwiches, Rusk, the demand for parle biscuits eventually decreased. 
  • Increasing Raw Material Prices – Raw Materials are a basic subsidiary of any product. Like Wheat, Sugar, some other ingredients are increasing in demand and prices keep on fluctuating and because of that prices of the products also increase. 
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Parle- the oldest company is the most successful company in India. The products, services, and tastes are giving pleasure to the people for decades. After looking at the weaknesses of the company, we can say that company should change its products variations and should introduce something new to the customers. Then only it can cope up with the new competition in the market. 

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