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Updated on: Sep 1, 2021

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Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited is one of India’s leading media and entertainment enterprises companies. It is amongst the largest producers of entertainment content in the world. The company has interests in print, television, film, etc. 

So today in this case study we are going to understand the marketing strategy of zee entertainment Limited, its marketing mix along with its SWOT analysis. So without any further ado, let’s start by understanding the Zee company.

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About ZEE Entertainment Limited


Zee Logo | Marketing Strategy of Zee | IIDE


Zee Entertainment Enterprise also known as ZEE is an Indian mass media and entertainment company. It is owned by the Essel Group and was founded by Subhash Chandra in 1991. The company works in the following segments

  • Television,
  • Print, 
  • Internet, 
  • Film, 
  • Mobile content etc


Zee entertainment is ranked as number one and has also been awarded multiple awards across categories over the years. From the last few years, Zee Entertainment has grown to the top of its industry. Zee is one of India’s leading television, media, and entertainment companies that have the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming within the world.

Now that we know the company let us look at the marketing mix of Zee and understand the versatile way they have evolved.


Marketing Mix of Zee Entertainment Ltd

The marketing mix is the multiple areas of focus through which a firm promotes its brand or product in the market. They are Product, Price, Promotion & Place. They are also known as the 4Ps of Marketing. Let us go through the 4P’s of the marketing mix.

Let’s understand How ZEE uses Marketing Mix for them:


1. Product Strategy of Zee


Zee Product Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Zee | IIDE


Zee is one of the highest media and entertainment companies. It has 33 domestic channels and 38 international channels. Its latest channel in the world is One News. Zee deals mainly in Indian media and entertainment content within the fields of broadcasting, movie production, cable, and publishing. 


2. Price Strategy of Zee

Zee is facing a lot of competition from other companies such as Sony, Star, etc so the company had to extend its program times in prime time and increase the variety in programs on their channel.

Because of the strong competition, Zee follows a competitive pricing(Pricing Strategy where prices are set to Compete in the market) strategy that helps the company to maintain a market share of 18% in the mass media industry.

Though Zee News charges INR 3936 for 10 seconds of advertisements daily, which is cheaper than its competitors.


3. Place Strategy of Zee

Zee channels are present in 170 countries. You will get everything at Zee entertainment, be it news, sports, music, lifestyle, or movies. It has recently invested in a digital platform where the Zee content is available for all online viewers. Ozee is Zee’s digital platform that was established recently. 

As the first Spanish channel for Bollywood movies-ZEE Mundo has been set up by the company, it substantiates the extent of the reach of Zee entertainment. Zee channels are accessible on different platforms like Hotstar, it allows the viewers to access programs at their convenience. Zee is Founded almost everywhere.


4. Promotion Strategy of Zee

A lot of focus has been put by Zee on promotions of its channels and various programs. The company has been facing a lot of issues for its position as an entertainment brand with true Indian culture but with modernization. The logo of Zee has been changed thrice due to it.

The tv programs have been popular because of the cast members, as they are skilful and can reach their target market because of them. The advertisements are run to push the channels.

So this was the marketing mix of the company, let us now look at the SWOT analysis of ZEE.


SWOT Analysis of ZEE Entertainment Ltd

A SWOT analysis is a technique that helps to Analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for a company so that they can work on their weaknesses and can preplan things to control the threats using their strengths and opportunities

Let’s have a look at the SWOT analysis of ZEE.


1. Strengths of Zee Entertainment 

  • Zee is the first private Hindi TV channel in India.
  • It entered the markets of the US, UK, African & Middle East, increasing its global presence.
  • The content ranges from film-based to educational programs which gives multiple choices to the viewers.


2. Weaknesses of Zee Entertainment 

  • Unable to cope up with changes and likings of viewers despite being the oldest channel
  • Zee News is losing its share to Aaj Tak.
  • There is a lack of innovation in the program content.
  • shows primarily target drama between Saas-Bahu, which is not at all attractive to their audience, they should change the concept.


3. Opportunities of Zee Entertainment 

  • Its mission is to set up an overseas distribution network.
  • There are opportunities for Zee to expand their channels.
  • Build some dedicated shows youths particularly on weekends


4. Threats of Zee Entertainment 

  • Ever-changing trends in the media sector can be a threat.
  • New channels like colours can grab 1st spot.
  • Programming costs favour the company’s bottom line.
  • Foreign rate fluctuations can affect the company.


Marketing Strategy of Zee Entertainment Ltd

Marketing Strategies are the plans implemented by companies to promote their products and services to their target market. Zee’s marketing strategies are the reasons behind its success. In a very short period, it gave tough competition to the international companies. 

Zee uses a competitive pricing strategy which helps it to maintain an 18% market share of the Indian mass media industry. It is the world’s largest Hindi film library, has a wide range of channels that offer everything you can look for on a TV. Zee entertainment provides channels in the segment of news, sports, music, lifestyle, and movies. Zee has Implemented a two-pronged strategy

  1. Improvise programming content
  2. Redefine the Primetime

The company does a lot of promotions for its programs and channels. Zee has a worldwide presence, it entertains over 5 million viewers across 170 countries. The company needs to come with some better marketing and use the power of Digital marketing to face obstacles

Now that we have understood the marketing strategy of the company, let us have a look at the campaigns undertaken by Zee.


1. Campaign of Zee

Zee has run a successful campaign that got a positive response from the people. Let’s have a look at the campaign:



Zee Marketing Campaign TV is Family | Marketing Strategy of Zee | IIDE


Zee personifies why #TvisFamliy in its new campaign. The campaign is an ode to the TV  who is playing different roles in our lives like family. To celebrate the role of television in our daily lives, ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Co., Ltd. launched the #TVisFamily campaign on the occasion of World Television Day.  

The campaign depicted how TV is as close as a family member, fulfilling multiple roles as a constant companion in the entire family. TV accompanies you when you are alone, it acts as a glue to make the whole family stick together.

When partners, employees, and viewers received private letters signed by “Your TV”, they were pleasantly surprised to celebrate the bond they have made over the years and thank them for all their love and support, making it everyone’s favourite. Interestingly, viewers aware kept guessing when they talk to their TV with a strange 10-second buffer time on the ZEE network all day long.

The response they received through this campaign strengthened their belief that TV truly cuts across all the boundaries.

We looked at the campaign that was the key to the success of the brand.


2. Social Media Presence

In today’s time when most people are on social media, a company needs to advertise its product on social media to gain the attention of its targeted audience.


 Zee Facebook Page | Marketing Strategy of Zee | IIDE


Zee has a very impressive social media presence with 5657 followers on Instagram and 554255 people following them on Facebook They had maintained the colour scheme with the colour Purple on both social media accounts. They post daily on social media which clearly shows how much dedicatedly the company is working on improving its social media presence.


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To sum up, everything stated so far shows that Zee has grown into a strong player in the entertainment industry which can be seen by the number of awards and honours zee has gained. also, the marketing strategies and campaign used by zee is creative, we also saw the competition level for zee and also saw the SWOT analysis for zee, lastly, we ended by seeing the social media presence of the company

Thank you so much for reading this case study. We hope you found it useful. If you liked it then do share this in your circle. For more such case studies visit IIDE’S knowledge portal.

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