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Updated on: Sep 6, 2022
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Looking to know more about the marketing strategy of Zalando fashion? You are at the right place. We will be discussing all there is to know about the marketing strategy of Zalando. 

Zalando is the world’s number one online retail shop, where fashion brands are connected to their customers. Zalando fashion is looking to build a sustainable globally accepted fashion style. 

They don’t only connect brands to customers, they build sustainable relationships between the brands and customers. For every company to be successful, they need a unique and outstanding marketing strategy. The marketing tool or strategy employed by companies is a major factor in determining if the company will rise to the top or fall to the bottom. 

Marketing has evolved alongside the world, digital marketing is now the new trend. Marketing has gone beyond the traditional tv ads, billboards, and flyers. Marketing has become so much more. 

A complete marketing strategy today will cover social media marketing, content marketing, SEO  etc. Nobody is in search of a conventional marketer anymore. Every company today has come to understand the importance of having a skilled digital marketer on their team, so as a marketer if you want to be relevant to these companies you need to up your skill. 

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This blog will cover every detail of the marketing strategy of Zalando, but before we dive deep into all the details let us take a look at the company’s story, target audience and digital presence.

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About Zalando – Company Overview

Marketing Strategy of Zalando - Zalando Headquarter
(Zalando Headquarters, Source: Glassdoor)

Zalando was established in 2008. The people who founded Zalando were Robert Getzo and David Shinder and they first started their services in the footwear industry. In 2013 the company started making changes in its online sites and platforms by looking at the reforms performed in China. 

Zalando always believes in providing the best services to customers and providing them with a variety of products. Zalando is dealing with more than 4500 international brands and has also extended its operation in more than 23 countries. In Europe, the company operates in different countries like the Netherlands, Spain Austria  France Germany, etc.

Quick Stats on Zalando
CEO David Schneider and Robert Gentz
CMO Barbara Daliri-Freyduni
Area Served Europe
Industry Fashion
Market Share/ Revenue Over 10 billion Euros
Vision To make the world not only fashionable but sustainable.
Tagline Free To Be


Marketing Strategy Of Zalando

Zalando has become one of the largest online retail shops in Europe, from the basements of two college kids. We will be looking at the marketing strategy they used, to have been able to achieve such tremendous growth in such a short space of time.

Segmentation, Targeting, And Positioning

The fashion industry is into different categories; male wear, female wear, children’s wear, footwear, bags, accessories, etc. The fashion industry has also been into categories to serve people from different religious backgrounds, belief systems, occupations, family backgrounds, behavioural patterns and lifestyles.

Zalando covers every category of the fashion industry. The major objective of Zalando is to connect people to their favourite brands, hence their major target is people who can not easily access their favourite fashion brand as a result of distance and pricing or people who are too busy to shop by themselves. Their target audience cut across people from different age groups, localities, religions, occupations, lifestyles etc. 

Zalando is an online retail shop that has placed itself in a position, where they connect customers from different countries to different fashion brands. They have a well-structured delivery system, to suit the needs of their customer.

Marketing Campaigns

We will be taking a look at the top three marketing campaigns of Zalando;

The “Explore Mode On” campaign was launched, to boost the customer usage of Zalando Lounge. This marketing campaign was to integrate seven different countries. The campaign was to happen on live TV, social media and a live interactive landing page. This campaign was successful as the Zalando lounge surpassed 1 billion Euro GMV for the first time.

Marketing Strategy of Zalando - Campaign 1

The “#JoyIsOurs” campaign was launched in 2021, to spread the essence of the holiday across Europe. The campaign captured every essence and emotion that comes with the holiday season and it was captured by Geordie Wood. It featured everybody that worked with Zalando in  2021. It was broadcasted on TVC. 

Marketing Strategy of Zalando - Campaign 2

The “Drama Free” campaign was launched to celebrate the first anniversary of their Pre-owned fashion category. The campaign was to exhibit how stress-free the dresses in this category were. Physical events were organized to give a real-life experience of the Pre-owned category. The campaign was to go live across their social media channels.

Social Media Marketing 

Zalando is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, youtube etc. They have over 7+ million followers on Facebook, 2+ million followers on Linkedin, and 1+ million followers on Instagram.

They are most active and followed on Facebook. They post different types of content from informational, to product launches, to promotional etc.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy of Zalando - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is very important in boosting the online presence of every business, and Zalando has a business that is making good use of it. From statics, they have generated over 2 million organic traffic to their site, also over 1 million keywords used on their site have been generated organically. They have received over seven hundred off-page traffic. This goes to show the amount of work they put into their SEO.

Influencer Marketing

Over the last couple of years, Zalando has worked with several influencers for their marketing campaigns. They have collaborated with Lola Rodriguez, Pietro Turano and Julia Wieniawa on the “Drama Free” campaign. These influencers added their designs to the fashion line to promote it.

Ecommerce Strategies

Zalando has made use of several e-commerce strategies, my favourite is the offer where you get 75% off everything you purchase via Zalando Lounge. They are currently offering 30% + 15% off when you buy wear from their site.

Mobile Applications

Marketing Strategy of Zalando - Ecom

Zalando has a functioning mobile application. On the app there are display ads, to promote different brands. These ad content are either pictures or videos. They make use of these ads to inform customers when there is about to be a new product launch. 

Content Marketing Strategies

Zalando makes use of blog posts as a form of its content marketing strategy. In their blog post, they talk about new changes in the company, new marketing campaigns, finances, fashion trends, product launches etc. 

For their social media content, they make use of both pictures and videos. Their main focus is to inform their customers about everything happening in the company from new product launches to finances.

This ends with an elaborative marketing strategy of Zalando. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Zalando.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s unique about Zalando?

Zalando company has grown significantly over the years and its online presence is amazing. They have made effective use of every tool in digital marketing to achieve their large audience. They have made effective use of SEO in boosting their website traffic, and they have been able to generate an amazing number of organic traffic. They have done an amazing job with their social media, they have been able to create a powerful presence across all their social media pages.

Digital marketing is crucial since it links a company with its clients when they are online and is effective across all sectors. It links businesses with ideal consumers through SEO and PPC on Google, social media marketing, and email marketing. If you would like to learn more and develop skills, check out IIDE’s 4-Month Digital Marketing Course to learn more.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Zalando has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Zalando, and do share your thoughts on this case study marketing strategy of Zalando in the comments section below.

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