Detailed Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering – With Company Overview

Updated on: Jun 12, 2022

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After gaining in-depth knowledge about the SWOT analysis of Varroc Engineering. This time let’s look at the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering, an emerging automotive component manufacturer and exterior lights seller.

The primary objective of this blog is to make the reader aware of the growing presence of Varroc engineering in the automotive and lighting industry.

Good marketing decides your firm’s fate in the industry, it can be understood as “No Marketing No Party”. Also, as with most things in the 21st-century marketing is not exclusively offline that’s where digital marketing steps in. 

Digital marketing as a career is very much in demand these days, and why not? We purchase online, and order food online then why not market online. Are you interested in stepping into the realm of digital marketing? Check out IIDE’s Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing 101 hosted by our CEO and founder Mr Karan Shah.

In this article, we will be covering the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering. But before we further probe into the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering, let’s look at the company’s history, target audience, and online presence.

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About Varroc Engineering

Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering

Started as a polymer business in 1990 by Tarang Jain, today the business is known as a global tier-1 manufacturer of automotive components and the first largest auto component group in India. The company has grown itself out of the bar of excellence by continuously introducing emerging technologies in automotive components.

The headquarters of Varroc Engineering is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. In the 3 decades of its journey, the company had tie-ups and acquisitions with many external businesses in European markets, Turkey, Morocco and Brazil to strengthen its forging business.

Varroc Engineering designs and manufactures exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, electrical-electronics components, and precision metallic components. These automotive components are then supplied to car manufacturers to install in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and off-highway vehicle (“OHV”) OEMs.

Quick Stats on Varroc Engineering
CEO Christian Paschel
CMO Rohit Prakash
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Automotive, Polymer, Exterior Lighting
Market Share/ Revenue ₹3,356.42 Cr (Total Revenue)
Vision Guided by values such as sincerity, humility, integrity, passion, and self-discipline
Tagline Innovations come to us naturally


Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering Ltd

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Varroc Engineering Ltd uses geographic segmentation based on countries, continents, zip codes, states, and cities. Using geographic conditions for segmenting has been very beneficial for Varroc because setting up industries in low-cost countries has always been its main aim.

The target audience of Varroc Engineering Ltd is automobile companies as the company mainly produces lighting systems such as headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, electronic components such as speedometers, onboard chargers, regulators, and metal parts such as transmission gears, engine valves, crack pin, etc for passenger cars. 

The brand image of Varroc has positioned them as a global tier – 1 automotive component company. Their various catalogue of automotive products positions them in a chain delivery model. 

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering - Campaign 1

In march 2022 Varroc Engineering Ltd’s official Instagram page launched the “break the bias” campaign, this was a social awakening campaign aimed toward women’s empowerment it was scheduled around women’s day. Within this campaign, various female employees of Varroc were encouraged to give their testimony about the culture at Varroc. 

Although the campaign’s motive was great the response it received on social media was not great at all with a mere 113 likes the “break the bias” campaign did not gain much traction.

Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering - Campaign 2

Varroc started the “witness evolution” campaign on their various social media handles, the purpose of this campaign was to promote the “Transforming Mobility” Expo which was held from 23rd March – 24th March 2022. This Expo was a presentation of Varroc Engineering’s diversified portfolio of electric vehicle components and services.

The event was a huge success as the expo had many visitors, Varroc’s representatives also had an interview with the media channel Zee. 

Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering - Campaign 3

Varroc Engineering Ltd’s “Let’s invest in the future of our planet” was based on the firm’s engagement in the Khan river restoration project. Varroc conducted a range of social works such as cleaning the river and laying garbage traps for the eco-restoration of the khan river. The campaign was awarded the “Times Green Award” by the Times of India. 

Various content such as blogs, reels, and articles was published across Varroc’s various social media platforms and websites. However, the campaign did not receive much engagement on its social media platforms. The posts and reels on Instagram had very few likes which shed light on the firm’s poor use of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Varroc Engineering Ltd’s social media presence:

  • Linked In
    • Followers: 92,291
  • Instagram
    • Followers: 1,007
  • Twitter
    • Followers: 886

The massive following on LinkedIn explains the company’s more professional & direct approach. The content on these platforms mainly focuses on product launches and informational content.

SEO Strategy

Marketing Strategy of Varroc Engineering - SEO

Speaking in SEO terms organic keywords below 500 is bad, above 1000 are good and above 10,000 is great. As you can see has only 656 organic keywords which are not good enough. The lack of organic keywords indicates the negligence of website optimization.

The average monthly traffic sits at 39,901 which is slightly above the industry benchmark of 20,000 which is good, not great. Thus, Varroc needs to improve its overall SEO strategy to appear naturally in search engines SERPs.

Influencer Marketing 

Varroc Engineering has zero indulgences in influencer marketing. Although it’s understood that the firm’s industry is B2B, nevertheless influencer marketing can help you in any field whatsoever.

Ecommerce Marketing

Varroc has a decent e-commerce presence; they have their own website for online sales. Their products are also featured on,, etc. 

Mobile Apps

Varroc Engineering Ltd has a mobile app named “Varroc Amd” which contains the catalogue of Varroc’s product list. However, the app is not particularly user-friendly with the interface reviewed and complicated by users, and the app is also not updated regularly. This brings us to the end of Varroc Engineering Ltd’s detailed marketing strategies. 

Content Marketing

Varroc Engineering Ltd posts a lot of blogs on their website which is informational, the website also posts press releases about the company’s latest news from time to time. But, their social media content needs a lot of work gaining followers would be a good start.

This ends our elaborative marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s special about Varroc Engineering’s Marketing?

Honestly speaking, Varroc Engineering follows a traditional marketing tactic which is not bad. Varroc is well established as a worldwide automotive component manufacturer and its reputation is that of a globally respected company. However, Varroc severely lags behind in the digital marketing domain. In today’s tech-savvy world you simply cannot afford to stay off the internet if you want your firm to succeed.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of Varroc Engineering in the comments section below.

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