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Updated on: Oct 18, 2022
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In the last blog, we discussed the SWOT Analysis of Vedantu. In this blog, we will cover the marketing strategy of Toppr – one of the tech companies. Let’s understand what are the marketing aspects of Toppr to grab the attention of student communities.

Let’s come to the central motive of this blog. Marketing strategy is an essential component of every company that needs to sell its product or service.

Edtech is an industry which has become a necessity for education, as we all know due to covid from 2020 students were unable to get an experience in classroom studies so then online study has come to a broader prospect to rescue the education system, students and their parents.

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As mentioned due to covid as the education system change the marketing process also has changed things to become digital so digital marketing has become a popular part of marketing as per requirement there is no less number of digital marketers.

So as of the need increase in online studies as well as many companies started growing their business, so in the competitive scenario what are the marketing strategies has taken by Toppr to successfully run their business we will discuss on this blog through various points.

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About Toppr- Company Overview

Marketing Strategy of Toppr - Toppr logoSource – Wikimedia Commons

Toppr is an Indian ed-tech and online company which was founded in 2013 by Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti in Mumbai. Recently in 2020, The company raised funding of Rs.350 crore.

Toppr provides classes to students from classes 5 to 12 where students are from 22 different boards which include CBSE, west Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and many more. Toppr also provides exam preparation courses, doubt-solving services, and live class service to KG to class 12 students.

Toppr has an interesting model which is called the freemium model in which students get all the facilities as premium members for a specific duration period.

If we come to the faculty member of Toppr, there are 58 exams executed and checked by the teachers of Toppr. This learning platform also covers many competitive exams like CA foundation, NEET, JEE, etc. Olympirades and scholarships are arranged by them to attract learners differently.

Toppr gives importance to a large number of various subjects, which has become more useful for students and this facility make Toppr different and unique from other education company.

Here is not the end of uniqueness, it also has some unique courses like coding where students get personalized guidance. This company also have some different curriculum to cater to the learners where they can explore music, art, yoga, meditation, and many more creative things.

Quick Stats on Toppr

CEO Zishaan Hayath
CMO Siddhant Bakshi
Area Served India
Industry Ed-Tech
Revenue Rs 50.6cr (2021)
Vision Make learning personalized using technology.
Tagline Better learning for better results.


Marketing Strategy of Toppr –

Now we will come to know about the strategies through some marketing campaigns and targeting the community and many more.

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Toppr was launched in the year 2013, which was started to help students to get prepared for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, etc. But getting success in business they start to expand their business.

To expand business by engaging more people It focuses on the junior and senior classes where it can grab a large number of students in its marketing funnel.

There is one more thing where they provide the paid facility free of cost for a specific period to engage and come to the notice of learners.

Topper started from 40,000 content pieces in the beginning year but now it has more than 2M+ pieces of study material and 4M+ solved doubts have been provided and more than 3M rests also take place on this platform to give excellent services to the learners.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of toppr - marketing campaign

‘Better Learning. Better Results.’  In this campaign, Toppr has emphasized learning methods in three steps- adaptive practice, live classes, and asking doubts, to encourage students to better understand their studies.

The main purpose of this campaign was to aware people that switching from classroom learning to Toppr’s online learning provides better understandable methods. It will help students to understand the subject and give answers to questions properly.

Toppr’s this campaign emphasizes thinking and personalized learning that encourages more parents so many numbers of parents choose Toppr as their’s children learning helper for their better learning.

marketing strategy of toppr - marketing campaign

Toppr’s aim is to provide simple, comprehensive, and personalized learning. To cater for its dream tried the marketing automation platform ‘ WebEngage’

WebEngage enhances Toppr’s 35% MoM traffic to the pricing page and 10% unassociated sales, 78%, 6-month retention, it increases student’s spend time on the app of Toppr, and the average time spend is 120 minutes per day.

marketing strategy of toppr - marketing campaign

Toppr one of the marketing campaigns is to give away free earphones because its target customers age from 11 to 18 years and this age group is very much interested in brands like mivi and its products.

Toppr is providing this free earphone after the successful purchase of a subscription to Ask an Expert. Naturally attracts customers’ attention and triggers their willingness to subscribe to Toppr.

Social Media Marketing

Toppr uses various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc to keep updating people about their existing and as well as new offerings to make them aware people and finally to grow into potential customers.

Facebook- 1.2M

Linkedin- 410K

 YouTube- 230K

 Instagram- 31.5K

Twitter- 6.6K

Through social media ‘Toppr’ gives an idea about their services-related updates there are new features, or giveaways going on along with the subscription, and also it comes up with entertainment, for example, there are relatable memes on their pages.

Basically through all those social media handles ‘Toppr’ always tries to stay connected with people.

SEO Strategies

Marketing strategy of toppr - ubersuggest screenshortSource – UberSuggest

According to SEO ranking if the number of keywords below 500 is bad and above 1000 is good and coming to amazing which is called when it comes to 10k+.

As we can see after using the Ubbersuggest traffic analyzer, the organic keyword of Toppr is above 1M and 147 million organic traffic per month, so it is amazing, Toppr has been doing a commendable job in digital marketing. 

Influencer Marketing

Toppr doesn’t have any influencer marketing. Nowadays influencer marketing also becomes an essential part of marketing strategy, so if the company in the coming future starts influencer marketing it could be beneficial for them.

Mobile App

Toppr has its mobile app, which is available on android as well as on IOS app. Toppr commits to helping their students to learn at any time and anywhere, as the website Toppr mobile app has all the features like ask-doubt, question banks, live classes everything.

Above 70% of students are using this Toppr mobile app and there are lakhs of people downloading the app. So by their mobile app features, Toppr can reach successfully learners who do not have the financial ability to buy laptops or computers.

E-commerce Strategies

‘Toppr does not have an e-commerce function as It is an ed-tech company, people can purchase subscriptions through their website or app, but If there will be an option where through reliable e-commerce company can provide a subscription then the reach to its customer can grow.

Because many times people prefer an e-commerce company that they use to buy other things than a website or mobile app which is new to them. So e-commerce could be another way to do marketing and reach more people.

Content Marketing

Toppr has a blog page through which they publish various types of content, which are insightful for the readers for example they have blogs on topics like the positive and negative effects of social media on education.

Not only the blog page Toppr’s social media handles from Facebook to Instagram there are loads of relatable entertaining content as well as provides information about their services and make awareness among its followers.

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‘Toppr’ – Through this article, we all come to know about the idea of its marketing strategy of it. It is an after-school learning platform that provides simple, comprehensive, and personalized learning to its user.

The main vision of Toppr is to shift from offline learning to online learning, also they emphasize the fact that every student is different so the way of understanding will be different so their doubt-solving features help students to ask their doubts without hesitation and get solve their doubt which makes ‘Toppr’ different from others.

As we all see through the SEO ranking of ‘Toppr’ is amazing because they are following all the essential components of digital marketing.

Now coming to the point of digital marketing, digital platforms use has increased so there is a need for it. If you are a person who is interested to learn about digital marketing can go through IIDE’s 4-month Digital Marketing Course.

Thank you for taking out time of your busy schedule and having an eye on our blog about the extensive marketing strategy of ‘Toppr’.

If you want to learn about the marketing strategies of various brands then check out IIDE – Knowledge Portal for multiple case studies.  Kindly drop down your thoughts to encourage us to write more articles about marketing strategy.

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