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Updated on: Dec 14, 2022
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In our last article, we learnt in-depth details about the marketing strategy of the highly intriguing brand Torrent Power. In this article, we’ll go into greater detail about the marketing strategy of Reliance Power.

You can learn more about Reliance Power’s fascinating story and the various marketing tactics they used in this blog, including how they used social media, SEO, an e-commerce strategy, and other tactics.

Given that everyone is digitising their life, it is essential for companies to offer their customers the same services.

Consequently, any business will succeed if it has good marketing strategies.

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In this case study, you will discover more about the marketing strategy of Reliance Power.

So let’s get going!

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About Reliance Power – 

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Source –

The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group includes Reliance Power Limited (R-Power), formerly Reliance Energy Generation Limited (REGL). It was founded to create, build, run, and maintain power projects for the Indian and global markets. Reliance Power is promoted by the Reliance ADA Group and Reliance Infrastructure, an Indian private-sector power utility firm.

Reliance Delhi Power Private Limited is the new name for the company, which was originally founded on January 17, 1995, under the name Bawana Power Private Limited. In March 2004 it was renamed Reliance Energy Generation Limited, and in July 2007 it became Reliance Power Limited.

Customers on Mumbai’s outskirts receive their power exclusively from this provider. However, they sold their Mumbai operations to Adani Power in 2017. Additionally, it manages power distribution, transmission, and generation operations in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and other regions of Maharashtra. It is working on 13 medium- and large-scale power projects alongside its subsidiaries, with a total planned, installed capacity of 33,480 MW.

In 2010, soon after its initial public offering, Reliance Power and Reliance Natural Resources amalgamated. Reliance Power has 50 subsidiaries as of March 2018. R-Power was included as the 176th largest corporation in India on the 2019 Fortune India 500 list, and is ranked 9th in the category “Power sector.”

According to the firm’s website, project locations are primarily found in western (12,220 MW), northern (9,080 MW), northeastern (4,220 MW), and southern India (4,000 MW). They consist of two gas-fired projects (10,280 MW) that will be fueled primarily by reserves from the Krishna Godavari basin (the “KG Basin”) off the east coast of India, four hydroelectric projects (3,300 MW), three of which are in Arunachal Pradesh and one in Uttarakhand, and six coal-fired projects (14,620 MW) that will be fueled by reserves from captive mines and supplies from both India and abroad. 

Quick Stats

CEO Raja Gopal Krotthapalli
Area Served India & Internationally (Countries not specified)
Industry Electric utility
Market Revenue ₹8,419.88 crore (US$1.1 billion)(2021)
Vision To attain global best practices and become a leading power-generating company.
Tagline Growth is Life


Marketing Strategy of Reliance Power –

There are various factors that we look at in an effective marketing strategy. So let’s begin the marketing strategy of Reliance Power with its STP Analysis. 

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation – Reliance power segments its services to Rural areas, Industrial hubs, and Urban areas.

Targeting – Reliance Power mainly targets Agricultural farmers, Industries, and commercial complexes as their audience.

Positioning – Reliance power is positioned as India’s largest power production portfolio and is now being developed privately in the minds of the public.

Marketing Campaigns

  • Communication campaign for IPO 

On January 15, 2008, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group company Reliance Power will begin trading on the stock market. In order to generate excitement in the market, the business launched an intensive PR campaign in the lead-up to the IPO, which knowledgeable sources estimate cost the company Rs 25 crore and involved AGAG properties.

The agency was assigned the task of conveying the concept of “Power on, India on” in a style that was simple to understand regardless of demographic or psychographic characteristics. As part of the campaign, two TVCs were produced, one tailored for urban adolescents and the other for a larger mass target.

The first TVC makes the point that power is what gives life its rhythm. It is based on the sound effects of commonplace household appliances that are all around the audience and is synthesised with beats from modern music.

The energetic advertisement aims to appeal to young people. The second TVC emphasises how power affects people’s lives in terms of enjoyment, livelihood, entertainment, security, Progress and other aspects by showing a montage of images of people wielding power.

  • Brand Campaign – Pitch 

marketing strategy of relaince power - marketing campaign

The undertaking was produced as a component of a pitch for Reliance Power. The client’s request was to develop a marketing campaign that will assist in building a database of experts interested in joining Reliance Power from diverse industries. The communication was created as a branding initiative that would later be expanded into a hiring initiative for several power plant projects that were slated to be built in India.

In order to communicate the power within oneself, the campaign included legendary figures like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. It also encouraged people from all walks of life to Reliance Energy, where they would work with them to realise their full potential.

After that Reliance Power does not use any other Marketing campaigns to promote the business.

Social Media Marketing

  • LinkedIn – 34K 
  • Facebook – 4K+
  • Twitter – 11.4K

Reliance Power has the maximum number of followers on LinkedIn. They usually post promotional and informational content about the various projects, initiatives and activities they are a part of. 

SEO Strategies

Marketing strategy of reliance power - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest 

As for the SEO Standards, no. of keywords less than 500 is bad, more than 1000 is good and more than 10,000 is amazing as seen Reliance Power has 13K+ organic keywords which are amazing. Reliance Power has monthly visits of around 91K + which is amazing as monthly traffic of around 20,000 is good.

Influencer Marketing

Reliance power does not use any kind of influencer marketing. Reliance is a known brand among the Indian audience. As reliance power is part of the group it does not use any other face to promote the business.

E-commerce Strategies

Reliance power does not use any kind of e-commerce strategy. Being a power supplier it is ok if they do not use this kind of marketing for the growth of their business.

Mobile Apps

Reliance power does not have any mobile apps.

Content marketing strategy

Apart from the social media content, they have published some Press releases on their official websites for their audience. Many other activities and initiatives carried out by reliance power are explained in detail on their websites.

This brings us to the end of the marketing strategy of Reliance Power.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s unique about the marketing strategy of Reliance Power?

As seen in the case study, Reliance Power does not use much of the marketing strategy or tactics to promote the business they have limited results on social media and SEO. They do not use many marketing campaigns or influencer marketing. They also have no kind of mobile apps for the audience and they also get a limitation for any e-commerce strategy.

In conclusion, the marketing strategy of Reliance Power is not satisfactory.

The major problem that reliance Power is trying to address is a lack of marketing efforts. Every firm needs marketing to function, and in the current environment, the industry is increasingly going digital.

This case study highlights how crucial digital marketing is to businesses today, which is why these businesses are looking for digital marketers. The need for digital marketing has increased as a result.

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One of the key components of every organisation and one that is currently undergoing fast change is marketing. Understanding the expanding subject of digital marketing is crucial given its growing relevance.

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We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the marketing strategy of Reliance Power. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on this case study.

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