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Updated on: May 25, 2022
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In our previous case study, we learned in detail about the marketing strategy of Tanishq. In this case study, we are going to explain the marketing strategy of Rajesh Exports – the global leader in the gold business. 

The objective of this blog is to help you gain insights into how Rajesh Exports, a company started by 2 brothers, became the world’s largest manufacturer of gold jewellery with around 400 employees. 

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We will fully cover the marketing strategy of Rajesh Exports Limited in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive, let us start by learning the company’s story from the beginning till now.

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About – Rajesh Exports

Marketing Strategy Of Rajesh Exports

Rajesh Exports Limited – The top jeweller that controls India’s gold. REL is owned by Rajesh Mehta (Executive Chairperson) and his brother Prashant Mehta (Managing Director). The Bangalore, Karnataka based company was founded in 1989 being a multinational gold retailer. 

In 2020, Rajesh Exports was ranked in 7th place on the Fortune India 500 list with a revenue of INR 1.96 trillion. Currently, there are around 400 employees in Rajesh exports limited. They process around 35% of gold produced in the world. They have been on board for more than 27 years. 

Nowadays, Rajesh Export Limited is exporting gold jewellery and studded gold jewellery mainly to the USA, UK, UAE and Singapore. Rajesh Mehta owns Shubh jewellery, a retail store. Rajesh exports jewellers have about five thousand retail showrooms in India.

Valcambi world’s largest refinery located in Switzerland is a subsidiary company of Rajesh exports limited. In 2015, Rajesh Exports Limited announced that they are now 100% shareholders of Valcambi. The gold jewellery market size in 2022 is USD 269.19 billion and it is expected to increase at CARP by 8.5% from 2022 to 2030.

Quick Stats on Rajesh Exports
CEO Rajesh Mehta
CMO Bhaskaran Nambiar
Area Served India & Worldwide
Industry Mining, Refining and Retail
Market Share/ Revenue INR 2.58 Lakh Crore
Vision To become an international jewellery retailer
Tagline –


Marketing Strategy of Rajesh Exports

STP – Segmentation, targeting and positioning 

  • Segmentation – Rajesh exports offer a huge variety of gold jewellery. The business follows both B2C and B2B models.
  • Targeting – Rajesh exports target customers are people who are looking for quality and varieties of jewellery products. The target audience of Rajesh Exports is women in the 27-40 age group.
  • Positioning – In the gold sector, Rajesh export is well-positioned for its work. 

Marketing Campaigns

Grace with your presence

Marketing Strategy Of Rajesh Exports - Campaign 1

The 12th India diamond week was held at Diamond Dealers Club in New York, from 21st to 24th March 2022. This week was very successful. Many diamond merchants from around the world attended the function. There were different shapes and types of diamonds. 

Social Responsibilities 

Marketing Strategy Of Rajesh Exports - Campaign 2

REL believes that any amount of economic development is incomplete without a balanced society. REL gives the training and education for the wanting people. It also gives employment opportunities for enthusiastic capable people with lower educational qualifications. Due to their social development work, many youth and wanted people are providing food for their families from REL. 

Social Media Marketing

The Rajesh Exports has accounts primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through their accounts, they emphasize displaying their developments and wishes for the festival. Another retailer of Rajesh Exports, Shubh jewellers can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and youtube. Here is a table of Shubh jeweller’s social media platforms with several followers – 










Social media platform of Rajesh exports – 









SEO Strategies 

Marketing Strategy Of Rajesh Exports - SEO Strategies

For SEO strategies, if the organic keywords are below 500 then it is bad. If keywords are above 1000 then it is a decent SEO strategy and if keywords are 10,000+ then SEO strategy is amazing.

For the above image, we can understand that the SEO strategy of Rajesh export is decent as Organic keywords are 13,047. It also has 1,942 backlinks. The more backline the chance to get more traffic increases. 

Influencer marketing 

Rajesh exports limited don’t follow influencer marketing. If Rajesh exports start influencer marketing then they can increase their sales in the market. 

Mobile App

RAJESH.CO is a mobile app by Rajesh exports available on the play store it is an E-commerce app and an information portal for Rajesh employees, customers, and other businesses who like to read and know what’s new happenings about the brand.

But this app is not at all popular among its target audience because of its poor performance and bugs. If you want proof just have a look at the review section of their app. From payment errors to products not being delivered. Rajesh exports seriously need to fix all the errors in its mobile application.

E-commerce strategies 

Rajesh Exports Limited could be launching an E-trade platform in which it’ll ensure the availability of investment gold bars and jewellery for the global target market. With the e-commerce platform, Rajesh exports might get wide coverage in a quick time. 

Content Marketing Strategies

When it comes to the content marketing strategy of Rajesh exports. It doesn’t give attention to this part of marketing. They don’t have a newsletter, press releases section on the website, social media handles, and a youtube channel.

Rajesh export’s website doesn’t have a blog section but they do have many newspaper articles talking about its marketing strategy and communicating the brand’s message and its approach going forward. This way Rajesh exports also generate a lot of backlinks for its website too.

This ends our elaborative marketing strategy of Rajesh Exports. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Rajesh Exports.

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What’s unique about Rajesh Export’s marketing strategy? 

One of the biggest drawbacks of their marketing strategy is virtual presence. Having a digital presence is very essential for business nowadays. They are not on social media platforms. They are not interactive with customers which makes it hard to connect with customer needs. They should update posts regularly, and use correct marketing strategies so that more people engage with them. They need to improve their SEO marketing strategy, indulge in influencer marketing and improve their app and update it. Not many people know about Rajesh’s exports in the digital arena.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Rajesh Exportshas given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of Rajesh Exports in the comments section below.

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