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Updated on: Aug 21, 2022
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In our previous article, we learned about the SWOT Analysis of Poste Italiane. In this article, we are going to elaborate on and understand the Marketing Strategy of Poste Italiane.

Along with the postal service, Poste Italiane also provides logistics, insurance, payment, and financial services. It has wide recognition in Italy. The objective here is to learn and gain an insight into Poste Italiane and to know how it has turned into the largest postal service provider in the country.

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Further in this blog, we will have a detailed study on the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane. Before we start that, let us begin by knowing about the company’s story, target audience, and digital presence.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About Poste Italiane – Company Overview

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane - 160 Years

Poste Italiane is Italy’s largest logistic operator and a leading player in insurance, payments, and financial services segments. It was founded on 5th May 1862 and is headquartered in Rome, Italy. It has been in operation for the past 159 yrs, has a network of more than 12,700 post offices, and an employee count of 125000, with 35 million customers.

Poste Italiane got listed on Milan Stock Exchange in the year 2015, with 29.3% of shares being owned by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and 35% by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA(CDP), which MEF again controls. The remaining number of shares are held by institutional and retail investors.

Quick Stats on Poste Italiane
CEO Matteo Del Fante
CMO (Not found)
Area Served Italy
Industry Postal services, Financial services
Market Share/ Revenue € 10,5 billion (2020)
Vision Grow responsibly thanks to the decisive contribution of its people to the sustainable success, innovation, digitisation, and social cohesion of the country.
Tagline Our History in the Future of the Country


Marketing Strategy of Poste Italiane

After having a look at the overview of the company. Let’s now have a look at the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 


Poste Italiane uses the broadest available segmentation of the target market. They are aiming for all geographical locations, whether they are Tier 1, 2, or 3 cities. In many cases, there isn’t much targeting or segmentation involved because they are attempting to reach all demographics, geographics, and psychographics of consumers. Along with that, they are open to both public and private projects.


The company does not produce anything to be sold, they work in Postal services, and Financial services throughout India. So the concept of targeting does not apply to Poste Italiane.


Poste Italiane maintains its position in high-quality projects. Poste Italiane has a long-standing commitment to creating responsible Postal Services, and Financial Services. Sustainability is an integral component of their approach to business and work practices.

Marketing Campaign

Poste Italiane is doing great work in marketing their company. As a part of the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane, it has made many commercials to advertise its various services. Poste Italiane has also initiated many campaigns on various special occasions. Three of these are given below:

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane - campaign  'Christmas, Sea, Snow'

In April of 2014, a professional campaign titled ‘Christmas, Sea, Snow’ was published in Italy. It was designed for the businesses Poste Italiane and Saluti&Foto. This was a Print medium campaign, which includes three media assets as said, each depiction of Christmas, sea, and snow showing various moments and festivals in our lives.

This campaign was initiated to let the users know that they could convert their lovely moments into postcards or greeting cards. This campaign gained lots of love from users.

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane- Campaign 'Napoleon, Beethoven'

This campaign was titled ‘Napoleon, Beethoven’ and was published in Italy in February 2017.With a description saying Stamps: small but true works of art that were presented since 1987 at the Milan international stamps exhibition where people who love collecting stamps could see them and buy them. This campaign was on the 30th stamp exhibition. It had 2 media of Napoleon and Beethoven and hence the title.

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane- Campaign 'Never Alone'

This professional campaign was titled ‘Never alone’ and was published in Italy in May 2015. There are three media assets in this print medium campaign. This was the 100th-anniversary campaign. Each media portrayed very emotional stories showing different relations. Hence, touching the hearts of various people.

Social Media Marketing

Poste Italiane has entered the social media sector to develop faster, more transparent, and direct communication. Using all the most crucial and popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Facebook: 633K Followers
Instagram: 45.8K Followers
LinkedIn: 442K Followers
Twitter: 82.2K Followers
Youtube: 35K subscribers

Facebook and LinkedIn are the highest followed social media platforms. Poste Italiane uses its social Platforms to show various types of content like information about it, promotional content, new initiatives that are taken, etc.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane - SEO

Poste Italiane is making great use of SEO strategy which is proved by the traffic analyzer. According to SEO ranking, if the number of keywords is– below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing. 

As we can see, this domain of Poste Italiane has 40,700 organic keywords and it’s considered amazing. This shows that the digital marketing strategy of Poste Italiane is having a great number of insights. 

Also, the Organic monthly Traffic is around 924,593 visits per month which are really good.

Influencer Marketing

The process of identifying, engaging, and supporting individuals who initiate conversations with a brand’s customers is known as influencer marketing. It is a growing trend used in public relations campaigns. In recent years, this strategy has become increasingly focused on social media, allowing brands to market through social media influencers. Influencer marketing will also be a big trend in 2022 and beyond.

Influencer marketing, which mixes brands and influencers working together, maybe a strong strategy that may help businesses develop. It is a marketing approach that’s been employed successfully by thousands of organisations and brands for over a decade and is still growing.

Poste Italiane is one of the Top Partners of the Italian national football team. This partnership is part of the plan of activities that Poste Italiane has every year in support of the country. Poste Italiane has also made a commercial that had various members of the national football team.

Along with this Poste Italiane has partnered/Sponsored various other sports like the Sabaudia World Rowing cup, and ANIAD 2020 Blue Wheels Tour.

E-commerce Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane - e-com

Poste Italiane has a website where they offer various online services to its customers like Pay Online, Ship Online, Transfer Funds, Manage Bank Accounts, PostePay, Investments & loans, etc. One can also access the voice and internet offers for mobiles and home and also manage their prepaid cards. Making it easier for the customers to get most of their work done online. Also, customers can keep a track of their parcels.

Mobile Apps

Marketing Strategy Of Poste Italiane - Mobile App

They’ve released the Postepay App, which gives you access to a variety of functions like real-time fund transfers and a new way to pay for things online. Postepay Connect, in particular, is an option that connects the Postepay Evolution card with the PosteMobile SIM, allowing all clients to handle payment and telephone services quickly.

Poste Italiane offers various other apps including the BancoPosta app, WowWow app, and PosteMobile.

Content Marketing Strategies

Poste Italiane has social media accounts on almost all the top platforms where they share various information about the company, the events they organise and the initiatives they plan and share information about their workplaces etc. 

Alongside this Poste Italiane has an online magazine that gives all information from the world of Poste.TG Poste gives free daily news and video reports that include Logistics, savings, economy, institutions, security, welfare, environment, and digital challenges. There is a TG Poste app also available for users. They also share the press releases on their website.

This ends the elaborative marketing strategy of Poste Italiane. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s Unique in Poste Italiane’s Marketing? 

As we all saw, Poste Italiane is gaining lots of love and support from various social platforms. They are gaining huge popularity amongst the users. This is because along with providing its services it is getting involved in various other events and taking many initiatives for the social and economic well-being of the country and also looking for environmental sustainability.

Today, digital marketing is the heartbeat of an organisation’s marketing efforts and the one which can stay ahead of its competitors through using innovative digital marketing strategies is the one that leads the industry.

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Alternatively, you can enrol in one of our free online masterclasses led by IIDE’s CEO, Karan Shah, to gain insight into the field of digital marketing. 

We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

If you like such in-depth analysis of companies just like the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Poste Italiane, and do share your thoughts on this case study marketing strategy of Poste Italiane in the comments section below.

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