Comprehensive Marketing Strategy of Pall Mall – With Detailed Explanation

Updated on: Dec 1, 2022
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The SWOT Analysis of Pall Mall was covered in the prior article. This article will discuss the Marketing Strategy of Pall Mall.

This article’s goal is to examine the methods Pall Mall employs to increase the success of its business. These include STP analysis, e-commerce plans, campaigns, and social media presence, all of which are essential for businesses to maintain contact with their clients.

A company’s marketing strategy has a role in its success. To better serve businesses and consumers, marketing has recently changed and gone digital.

Targeting your customers directly with digital marketing is simple and adds a personal touch to your audience. Digital marketing has huge market potential due to its advantages.

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Moving on, let’s begin by understanding Pall Mall’s marketing approach and its history.

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About Pall Mall 

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Source – Wikipedia

British American Tobacco produces cigarettes under the Pall Mall brand in the United Kingdom.

The Black Butler Company (UK) launched the Pall Mall brand in 1899 in an effort to market the first “premium” cigarette to the upper class. It is called after Pall Mall, a well-known thoroughfare in London’s St. James’s neighbourhood that is home to a number of the exclusive clubs that these people frequented.

With the sale of Butler & Butler, Pall Mall was purchased by the American Tobacco Company in 1907.

The “king-size” (currently the standard size for cigarettes at 85 mm, although today it includes the filter length) and a novel method of filling tobacco that was allegedly softer on the throat were two improvements in cigarette design that the new owners used the premium brand to test in 1939.

In 1960, when Pall Mall was the most popular cigarette brand in America, it was at the height of its fame.

In 1966, the business created “longs,” 100 mm long cigarettes, to capitalise on their popularity.

Along with Newport and Camel, Pall Mall is Reynolds’ most well-known brand of cigarette. Reynolds introduced two new menthol cigarette varieties in October 2012: Pall Mall Black, which is marketed as having “full taste,” and Pall Mall White, which is marketed as having a “smoother” flavour. Pall Mall Green is the name of the classic menthol fashion.

Pall Mall is been sold as a Canadian discount brand in Red (full flavour) and Blue (light) as of July 2022.

Quick Stats

CEO Jack Bowles (British American Tobacco)
Area Served More than 60 countries
Industry Tobacco industry
Revenue US$11.04 Billion (2020)
Tagline “Wherever Particular People Congregate”


Marketing Strategy of Pall Mall – 

Numerous aspects fall under the category of marketing strategies and must be taken into account. So let’s begin the marketing strategy of Pall Mall with its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation – Pall Mall segments its products into 4 colours – Red(full flavour) / Green (Menthol) / Orange (ultralights) and Blue (Lights). Apart from that, any other segments are not found.

Targeting – Pall Mall targets the audience of the upper class above the age of 18.

Positioning – Pall Mall is positioned as a premium quality and king-sized cigarette brand.

Marketing Campaigns 

  • Throat Scratch Campaign

Like many cigarette companies, Pall Mall launched a campaign in the 1950s to assuage public anxiety over smoking’s negative health effects. This massive campaign, which began in June 1949 and was first published in newspapers and periodicals, continued until 1954.

“Guard Against Throat Scratch” was the tagline used in its advertisements, which also promoted “smooth” cigarettes that “filter the smoke and make it mild.”

  • There were some of the Cigarette TV Ads released by Pall Mall in the 1950s-1968 with campaigns like “Freshly Lit,” “The Fun of Smoking,” “Friendly to your Taste,” “Particular People” and “Outstanding…and they are Mild. 

Social Media Marketing 

Pall Mall is not much active on social media. It has a presence only on Facebook with 4.7K followers. On Facebook, there is not much engagement with the customers through posts.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of pall mall - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest 

According to the SEO Standards, organic keywords below 500 are bad, above 1000 are good, 10,000+ is amazing and as seen pall mall has 355 organic keywords which is disappointing. 

As for traffic, they have 1,849 monthly visits which are too bad as above 20000 visits a month is good. This shows that Pall Mall is not focusing much on its SEO.

Influencer Marketing 

Pall mall does not use any kind of Influencer marketing.

E-Commerce Strategies 

Pall Mall Cigarettes are available on some the E-Commerce sites like Desertcart, Etsy and Smokehouse India.

Mobile Apps 

Pall Mall’s m’loyal app serves as its customers’ loyalty and rewards programme. You can use it to accrue points, earn rewards, receive personalised offers, and get news and updates.

The software is run by m’loyalTM, a platform that turns your smartphone into a customised, interactive loyalty card.

All Mall mLoyal App is a no-cost Android app that can be found in the Home & Hobby category under Food & Drink.

On our website, click the Continue To App option. You will be directed to Google Play by this.

You can begin downloading and installing the Pall Mall mLoyal App as soon as it appears in your Android device’s Google Play store.

Content Marketing Strategies 

As for content marketing, Pall Mall published a magazine in the years 1893 and 1914, and they have some news articles about the company after from that they have social media other than that they don’t do any kind of content marketing now.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique about the marketing strategy of Pall Mall?

We have now reached the conclusion of the article on the marketing strategy of Pall Mall. As said in the article, Pall Mall has to start more campaigns to spread its environmental message. Regarding their social media presence, they are available only on Facebook with a poor engagement of 4K. Pall Mall is poor in terms of SEO as well.

Pall Mall might try and investigate this marketing strategy as well, as it is clear that the company does not use influencer marketing. They may connect with their audience and accomplish their goal by choosing the appropriate influencer. 

As a result, the marketing strategy of Pall Mall is below satisfactory.

You would have seen the value of digital marketing by looking at this article as Pall Mall is not much active on social media and having a poor SEO strategy has affected the marketing strategy of Pall Mall. There are many pros to learning digital marketing as how it aids the business in attracting the attention of its target market.

The best place to start if you want to gain these amazing digital marketing skills is with an MBA in digital marketing.

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