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Updated on: Feb 21, 2023
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In a recent article, we studied the marketing strategy of Dunzo. In this article, we are going to talk about the marketing strategy of Milkbasket.

Breaking your dreamy sights just to bring household items is such a mood destroyer. Not only do you think about it but also the Brand – Milkbasket !! Getting late for your work but you are also hungry and going to the shop at this time is such a task, but don’t worry because from this time Milkbasket got your back. Get all your fresh daily essentials in one basket at your doorstep at sharp 7 am.

Having an effective marketing strategy is very important for all companies irrespective of what they are selling. Marketing in today’s world has become so easy and specific that it brings benefits to both the buyer and the seller.

Brand marketing is changing as the world goes digital. Check out our Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing if you want to see what’s new. In this blog, we’ll go through the marketing strategy of Milkbasket including various factors like STP Analysis, SEO strategy, Social media Presence and much more. Let’s begin by studying the company’s origins, development, products, and track record of success.

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About Milkbasket – 

marketing strategy of milkbasket - milkbasket logo

Source – Crunchbase

Milkbasket, India’s first and largest daily micro-delivery service, was introduced in early 2015. Based on the distinctive Indian custom of having fresh milk brought to your door every morning, Milkbasket (available on, iOS, and Android) now meets all of your household’s shopping needs every morning before 7:00 a.m.

A daily micro-delivery subscription business called Milkbasket provides groceries, dairy products, and household necessities. More than 9,000 items, including dairy, fruits and vegetables, FMCG goods, etc., are delivered by it. It has completed nearly 30 million deliveries since it first started. The largest online grocery delivery service in Delhi-NCR and other Indian cities is thought to be MilkBasket.

With its services, the company has gained the confidence of more than 50,000 families. You can always count on MilkBasket for everything from fresh goods to urgent needs.

Flexible ordering and contactless delivery, two Milkbasket features that are popular with its customers, were developed to promote frequent and easy purchasing.

The Milkbasket is designed to provide unsurpassed comfort and convenience at the same time every day at your door. Anant Goel has these fresh things delivered to his doorsteps in the morning from the UK. He had an epiphany and began to consider India. Yet at that point, Grofers, Peppertap, BigBasket, etc. already had a solid grip on the Indian market.

Consequently, in order for their company to succeed, they now had to develop a unique selling proposition. At this point, the thought of supplying dairy products entered their heads, and they immediately adopted it. Customers in India were drawn to it since it was exciting to them, and the rest is what you see today.

Quick Stats –

CEO Yatish Talvadia
CMO Mridul Aggarwal (Senior marketing manager)
Area Served India
Industry E-Commerce, FMCG
Market Revenue $42.51 mn (INR 322 crore in FY2020)


Marketing Strategy of Milkbasket – 

To begin the marketing strategy of Milkbasket, the first factor that we will understand is its STP Analysis followed by its Marketing campaigns and much more.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation – Specifically, Milkbasket targets the food and agriculture tech, consumer, and retail sectors. Milkbasket also competes in the general market categories of Consumer and IT.

Targeting – Milkbasket targets each and every household, from young to senior citizens they provide service to all age groups.

Positioning – Milkbasket is positioned as the first and biggest micro-delivery platform in India.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of milkbasket - marketing campaign

One thing is certain with Milkbasket’s most recent morning campaign from BBDO India: no matter what challenges life presents, there is always a way to save the day.

With six brief videos, BBDO India captures and vividly depicts a variety of real-life situations that are relatable to all of us, from weight gain to uninvited guests to the tragic outcomes of a night out. The videos are sure to make anyone smile. The Milkbasket grocery shopping app offers a few key qualities that set it apart from other participants in the online grocery delivery ecosystem as India’s first and largest micro-delivery service. Order until Midnight, Guaranteed Delivery by 7 AM, No-Minimum-Order Value, Flexi-Ordering, and Quiet Doorstep Delivery are a few of the options available.

The brief videos will be released as the latest Advertising campaign from Milkbasket on social media and OTT platforms, which will serve as the main distribution channels.

marketing strategy of milkbasket - marketing campaign

To support the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian grocery delivery startup Milkbasket on Friday established a “Senior Citizens Grocery Helpline.”

Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, and Gurgaon would all be able to use the service. The senior citizens’ helpline is designed to let them place phone orders for food and other daily necessities to be delivered to their homes.

“A significant number of senior citizens are living alone as their kids are away in other cities/countries for jobs and studies. They are at significantly higher risk during this pandemic and this service is to ensure that they don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of their home for essential groceries during the #CoronavirusLockdown,” the company said in an official statement.

Social Media Marketing 

  • Instagram – 10.7K
  • Facebook – 8.6K
  • Linkedin – 62K
  • Twitter – 2K+

Milkbasket is the most active and followed on LinkedIn. They primarily post promotional content regarding their campaigns, products and services.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of milkbasket - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest

As per the SEO Analysis, a website that has organic keywords less than 500 is poor, more than 1000 is good and having more than 10,000 is amazing. As seen in the image above Milkbasket has 14.5K+ organic keywords which are amazing. Other than that monthly traffic is the factor that is taken into consideration and monthly visits of more than 20,000 are considered amazing as we can see Milkbasket has 14K+ which is not too good this means they still need to work on their SEO Strategy and make it more effective to get the desired results.

Influencer Marketing 

To date, Milkbasket is not seen using any kind of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a big part of new-age marketing. Influencer marketing helps in brand awareness and gaining the trust of your audience. Milkbasket should opt for influencer marketing as their competitors and use it for their benefit and scale their business.

E-Commerce Strategy

Milkbasket does not have an e-commerce portal through which you can buy products from its website. But they do guide you on how to order and where they deliver through their website. Not through the website but you can order products through their mobile app. 

Mobile Apps

Milkbasket has an official mobile app on the Google Play store through which you can order daily-use products anytime. This app has 4.5 ratings and 10L+ downloads. This shows that the customers are very happy with the services of the app by Milkbasket.

Content Marketing Strategy 

As seen Milkbasket is very active on its social media platforms. Along with social media Milkbasket also publishes blogs on its official website. They publish blogs on various topics like Food & Recipes, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle and Milkbasket Diaries. This blog helps the brand to stay connected with the customers by providing them with knowledge about various topics.

This ends our insightful case study on the marketing strategy of Milkbasket.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in the Marketing Strategy of Milkbasket?

To conclude, Milkbasket is an app where you won’t just find milk but also other food items that you want in the basket. It has definitely made life easier for Indians !! They also don’t want you to have to run home quickly to get an order or get a few last-minute products from a nearby shop. We can say that the marketing strategy of Milkbasket is quite impressive.

As we saw above in the article they have launched some amazing marketing campaigns so that they can satisfy each and every customer segment. Milkbasket also has a pretty good social media presence. For the convenience of their customers, they also have a mobile app and they have an amazing response for that from their customers.

There are still some parts of the marketing strategy that they should work on and those are SEO Strategy and Influencer Marketing. As seen they don’t have any over-the-top results for their SEO Strategy so they should try and improve their SEO strategy. Other than that they do not use influencer marketing, Milkbasket should try and explore this new type of marketing for the betterment of the business. 

From this detailed marketing strategy of Milkbasket, you might have noticed that digital marketing plays a very important role in an effective marketing strategy. Digital marketing is the skill which helps you scale your business not only nationally but internationally and helps you to reach out to each and every potential customer. Apart from that digital marketing has various pros that help an individual as well as a company.

If you are excited to learn this new in-demand marketing skill then IIDE is here to help you. IIDE offers multiple choice of courses like the Online Digital Marketing Program, MBA in Digital Marketing Program and Short-term Certification Courses. This course helps each and every individual to nurture their marketing skills as per their requirement. 

If you found this marketing strategy of Milkbasket interesting and useful then IIDE Knowledge Portal has much more stored for you. 

Thank you for your time, Do share your views and suggestions regarding the marketing strategy of Milkbasket in the comment section below.

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