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Updated on: Aug 25, 2023
Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study

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Previously we had discussed the case study on the marketing strategy of Nivea. In Today’s case study, we will be talking about the marketing strategy of Maybelline.

The term Maybelline is known to many beauty enthusiasts from around the world as an iconic brand that is easily available to consumers around the country.  Maybelline is a leader in the beauty cosmetic industry, making some of the best makeup money can buy.

This case study covers the marketing strategy of Maybelline that it implements to create buzz about itself and the advertising campaigns it has undertaken over the years and the 4Ps of the brand’s marketing mix, So let us start by knowing more about Maybelline in the coming section.

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About Maybelline

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - About Maybelline

Maybelline New York, LLC, trademarked as L’Oréal USA, Inc. and marketed as Maybelline New York is an American manufacturer of cosmetic and beauty products currently owned by the French company L’Oréal. 

It was founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams in Chicago, Illinois, and was later acquired by L’Oréal in 1996 and is currently based in New York, USA.

Today, Maybelline is a leading global brand in the cosmetics industry, with an extensive product range for the face, eyes, lips, and nails. It has a presence in about 129 countries worldwide. 

Maybelline has produced quality cosmetic products for women of all ages around the globe and continues to thrive as a classic brand with a comprehensive portfolio of products of superior quality and unique colour offerings, completely customized to suit Indian skin tones.

What’s new with Maybelline

Check out some latest news about Maybelline:

  • Suhana Khan bags her first endorsement deal and becomes the new face of Maybelline.
  • Microsoft¬†has partnered with Maybelline New York to offer AI-powered makeup filters on Teams video calls. The new feature, called the Maybelline Beauty app, will be available to Microsoft Teams enterprise customers.
  • Maybelline New York Launches the Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara Featuring Its First-ever Avatar.
  • Maybelline has named Ayra Starr as its new Sub-Saharan African spokesperson. Star will represent the brand across the region and will be involved in initiatives aimed at women‚Äôs empowerment and self-expression.

Now let us understand Maybelline further by going through its target market in the next section.

Target Market of Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the most popular brands all over the world and its target market is focused purely on women aged between 15 to 45 which includes women from all backgrounds.  

Lately, the brand has become more contemporary for women of all races. Like most girls during the age of 16 start using makeup products, this age group becomes the most targeted one. The products range to all groups, using appropriate marketing techniques and being aware of each of their wants and needs. The brand has introduced a wide variety of products that women of any age can use.

To understand better check out the buyer’s persona of Maybelline:

Buyer’s Persona






18 years




  • Affordable, trendy makeup.
  • Enhancing natural features.
  • Self-expression and experimentation.
  • Youthful, skin-friendly products.
  • Keeping up with makeup trends.

Interest & Hobbies

  • Makeup experimentation, tutorials.
  • Fashion and beauty blogs.
  • Theater, dance (possibly).
  • College events, socializing.
  • Exploring cafes, and hangouts.

Pain Points

  • Budget limits for makeup.
  • Young, sensitive skin concerns.
  • Trend upkeep.
  • Peer comparisons, self-esteem.

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

Now that we know about Maybelline’s Target Market, let us now go through the 4Ps of the marketing mix of Maybelline.

Marketing Mix of Maybelline

The marketing mix is a model that refers to the activities involved when marketing a company‚Äôs product for the purpose of promoting sales and gaining customers. The objective of defining the market mix is to ensure that a company‚Äôs efforts are focused on the correct ‚Äúmix‚ÄĚ of activities that will permit it to effectively meet its required profit target.

Let us look at how Maybelline has its marketing mix framework set up in the coming sections.

Product Strategy of Maybelline

Maybelline’s target market is focused on young girls between ages 13-24 with a supporting emphasis on working moms. Many makeup lovers already adore this brand since they are easily available and can be chosen from their wide product range. 

It is one of the biggest beauty brands in the world with products designed for all face shapes and sizes. Their wide range of products includes cosmetic products for the eyes, face, lips, and nails. It also offers accessories related to makeup and cosmetics.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Product Strategy

In today’s competitive market, it comes out with new releases every now and then, and is crucial for Maybelline to approach its product from many different angles to gain the proper advantage over its competitors. Today, Maybelline has become a synonym in the cosmetics industry.

Price Strategy of Maybelline

Maybelline’s pricing strategy and approach have been successful for the company in both product and performance. The pricing strategy utilizes standardized prices for all products which encourage product demand and brand loyalty.

This marketing strategy of Maybelline has shown remarkable growth for the brand. It has its roots in an attitude that emphasizes value for all consumers ‚ÄĒ not just those who can afford it.

Place Strategy of Maybelline

Maybelline is present in 129 countries worldwide. It is present in several market segments, including traditional mass retail, drugstores, e-commerce, and specialty channels. With the COVID-19 pandemic in place, Maybelline saw a rise of 47.1% in e-commerce sales.

The beauty industry in India is expanding rapidly with the increasing female spending power and preference for quality products. The strategic consolidation among various beauty product concerns has helped Maybelline gain strength in the highly competitive Indian market segment.

Promotion Strategy of Maybelline

Maybelline uses both traditional and digital mediums to promote its products. Both types of advertising and marketing have helped the company to build a loyal following and increase its brand recognition among women. 

The digital marketing strategy of Maybelline relies greatly on brand promotions and user-generated content on platforms such as Youtube and IGTV while traditional advertising relies mainly on traditional media like magazine and newspaper ads and broadcast media.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - Marketing Mix - Promotion Strategy

So this is how Maybelline’s marketing mix strategy pans out, let us now go through the marketing strategy of Maybelline in the coming sections.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline

Today, people want to know how they will feel when they put beauty products on their face and head outside and this is really where Maybelline’s marketing tactics come into play.

The marketing strategy of Maybelline includes collaborations, brand ambassadors, sponsorships, and extensive traditional and digital promotions. The beauty industry has created a movement toward consumerism and wanting products to be personalized and delivered.

Being an industry-leading brand that is used to delivering products as close to the consumer’s heart as possible. With this new generation using social media more than ever before, the need is huge for brands to deliver products that make them look fantastic.

So here are the few marketing strategies that Maybelline implements to make sure they are noticed by the customers.

Collaboration Strategy of Maybelline

The beauty industry is highly lucrative with constant competition for customers. While some cosmetics are created to only appeal to a certain demographic, Maybelline does routine collaborations with various companies like Marvel, and Puma to launch new personalized products which help them promote themselves to multiple different audiences.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - Collaboration Strategy

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study8

Brand Ambassadors of Maybelline

In recent times, Maybelline has taken on the task of marketing its products globally by signing a number of celebrity brand ambassadors. Among the celebrities are Alia Bhatt, Athiya Shetty, and Sara Ali Khan who promote its products in India. Gigi Hadid is signed as a global ambassador for the brand.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - Brand Ambassadors

The brand even collaborated with famous model Gigi Hadid to create a range of products inspired by the model’s makeup theme. The launch of the Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection was a smashing success.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - A Case Study - Brand Ambassadors

The new faces of Maybelline were presented at a lavish ceremony in Mumbai. Suhana Khan, the daughter of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan, Ananya Birla, a supermodel and police officer, Eksha Kerung, and PV Sindhu, the world champion badminton player, are the brand ambassadors from India. The action aims to forge a closer connection with Gen Z customers in India.

marketing strategy of maybelline

Virtual Beauty Studio

Maybelline Virtual Beauty Studio is an online makeup tool that helps its customers to find a perfect match of their style, size, and skin tone instantly online. It allows the audience to choose from a wide range of shades and other products. 

And when you’re ready for your make-up deliberation, the easy-to-use virtual makeup tool allows you to step back and watch her reflection in virtual reality.

Marketing Strategy of Maybelline - Virtual Beauty Studio

Digital Marketing Strategy of Maybelline

Social media marketing strategy

Maybelline is aware of the importance of social media sites in the current digital era. This social media marketing strategy of Maybelline maintains daily contact with its customers through an active and interesting social media presence. Maybelline fosters a feeling of community and promotes discussions about its products by disseminating tutorials, beauty advice, and user-generated material.

Influencer Marketing

Maybelline strategically collaborates with well-known people who appeal to their target market. By partnering with well-known beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and social media influencers, Maybelline expands its reach, builds its reputation, and appeals to its devoted fan base. This marketing strategy of Maybelline increases consumer trust in the brand while also raising brand recognition.

These are some key components of the marketing strategy of Maybelline that worked on so far, Let us now look at their advertising campaigns.

Marketing & Advertising Campaigns of Maybelline

Marketing and advertising campaigns are very important for Maybelline. They play a vital role in creating awareness, in revitalizing the brand after a time which also helps in creating brand loyalty. It is the best marketing strategy of Maybelline.

The ability to create awareness and get people talking about the products through the media is vital for any business’s success.

So here are some of the most popular marketing and advertising campaigns of Maybelline:


The ‚ÄúSo Bold So Collosol‚ÄĚ campaign by Maybelline aimed to take a bold stance with its new range of eye makeup. The objective of the advertising campaign was to spread awareness about the launch of Colossal Eye Makeup.¬†

The brand has created a range of bold shades that will offer you gorgeous looks instantly in a variety of ways and are waterproof. 

Fit Me As I Am

The campaign, Fit Me As I Am, wants to encourage people to be bold and take risks with their lives by encouraging them to go out in the open and make a change. Celebrities reflect the trends and values that are being talked about in the world at this moment in time. 

‚ÄúMake It Happen‚ÄĚ

The ‚ÄúMake It Happen‚ÄĚ idea is another outstanding Maybelline marketing effort. This ad used makeup as a means of self-expression and empowerment for women, encouraging them to follow their goals and desires.

Collaboration with Humans of Bombay

This campaign was done with popular women celebrities like Jonita  Gandhi, and Aisha Ahmed who shared their stories of how they came up with the hurdles to reach where they are. This was done in collaboration with Human of Bombay, a Mumbai-based community organization.

Maybelline New York has introduced a new initiative called ‚ÄúBrave Together,‚ÄĚ to provide accessible mental health support for all. According to the brand, in India, only 41% of young adults aged 15-24 consider it acceptable to seek help for mental health issues due to the fear of social stigma from peers and family members.

Top 5 Competitors of Maybelline

  • Revlon: Revlon is an American global corporation that deals in cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care. On March 1, 1932, Revlon established its headquarters in New York City, where it is still located today. Charles Lachman, a chemist, the Revson brothers, and others established Revlon. Products from Revlon are available in 150 nations, and the company has several global offices.
  • Lakme: Indian cosmetics company Lakm√© is owned by Hindustan Unilever. It was given the name Lakm√© after the French opera of the same name, which is also the name of the goddess Lakshmi, who is well-known for her beauty. Check out our blog to know in-depth about Lakme and its marketing mix.
  • Avon: ¬†Avon, is an American-British international cosmetics, skincare, perfume, and personal care firm with headquarters in London. It offers direct sales to customers. In 2020, Avon generated $9.1 billion in global sales annually.
  • Chanel: The French luxury fashion house Chanel was established in Paris in 1910 by Coco Chanel. The Wertheimer family owns it privately, and its corporate headquarters have been in London since 2018. To get more insights check out the marketing strategy of Chanel.
  • Lancome: The French company Lanc√īme, whose name is pronounced in French, is known for its high-end cosmetics and fragrances. The parent company of Lanc√īme, L‚ÄôOr√©al Luxury Products, sells upscale skin care, perfumes, and cosmetics under the brand name Lanc√īme.

Example of a failed marketing campaign of Maybelline

What was the issue?

Maybelline faces backlash for using bearded makeup artist Ryan Vita in a commercial after transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney caused a similar stir. This is the second time this year that Maybelline’s selection of influencers for its commercials has caused a rift among the public.

What Backlash did they face?

The commercial, which showed Vita using Maybelline‚Äôs ‚ÄúSuper Stay‚ÄĚ liquid lipstick, caused a big uproar among fans of the company. In less than 24 hours, the film had over 1.2 million views, and on numerous social media channels, there were numerous criticisms and boycott requests.

The response to the advertisement highlights persistent conflicts in society over gender roles, especially in fields like beauty where cisgender women have traditionally been the target consumer. This incident also highlights the difficulties brands have in striking a balance between potential backlash and their efforts to be inclusive.

As we can see as and when Maybelline’s business is succeeding it is bringing along a huge competition to tackle.  Also, the world of digital marketing is expanding so it is needed that the marketing strategy of Maybelline is continuously enhanced and strategized well according to consumer needs to sustain the changing market trend.

With this the case study on the marketing strategy of Maybelline comes to an end, let’s go through the final summary in the coming section.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC


Maybelline has built up the highest rate of consumer-friendly relationships with its reliable cosmetic products. The unique marketing strategy of Maybelline has enabled them to come out above the competition by providing its customers with new and innovative products that also kept their customers interested. 

With proper pricing strategy and marketing tactics in place, Maybelline has placed itself very well in the crowded industry.

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