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Updated on: Jan 7, 2023

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In the previous blog, we talked about the marketing strategy of Topper, an online learning platform. In this article, we will shed some light on the marketing strategy of InterviewBit an online interview- job preparation site.

The objective of this blog is to help you gain some inside knowledge of InterviewBit. The survival of a company depends upon its marketing strategies. Marketing has become a crucial part of our lives and since the world has become digital, digital marketing has followed up to it too.

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Let’s start the marketing strategy of InterviewBit by getting an idea about what the company does.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About InterviewBit – 

Marketing strategy of interviewbit - interviewbit logo

Source – InterviewBit 

A Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup founded in 2015, InterviewBit was established by Anshuman Singh who was a Software Engineer and an Interviewer at Facebook and Abhimanyu Saxena who had worked with Progress Software and Fab.com before InterviewBit. Abhimanyu Saxena looks after the technical strategies of the company and Anshuman Singh is the Head Coach of the company. InterviewBit is now a family of around 250 employees.

InterviewBit helps young professionals in learning skills for technical interviews and also helps with real technical job skills. Whether a fresher or a working professional, InterviewBit helps polish technical knowledge and implement it in real life. InterviewBit helps people get the job they always dreamt of.

It connects people with the right companies worldwide based on their skills and preferences and does everything needed to make sure they get in. It trains young professionals through online training medium which includes interview questions from various companies as well as coding practice sessions. InterviewBit is the best platform because of company referrals and a personalised schedule for each individual. The Startup also has 800-plus offers from leading Tech companies all around the globe.

Quick Stats – 


Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh


CMO Rahul Karthikeyan
Area Served Worldwide
Industry E-Learning
Market Revenue $23.7M per year
Vision “To assist each candidate in obtaining their desired job by improving their technical knowledge through various InterviewBit trainings.”


Marketing Strategy of InterviewBit –

Even though InterviewBit does not have enough marketing strategies but we will still try to cover some of the strategies that are implemented by InterviewBit. Now we will jump into the marketing strategy of InterviewBit and learn how they carry out their unique strategies.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation- Businesses segment their customers in order to select the best niches for their products. The target audience for InterviewBit is very specific. It segments the customers according to their desperation for setting a bright future and getting into their dream companies. 

Targeting- Precisely, InterviewBit has a very particular target audience. Since InterviewBit has a vision of helping young workers and freshers in finding the job they dream of, we can estimate that the targetted audience of InterviewBit is around the early to late 20s. InterviewBit specifically targets younger youth and those who are still in their initial learning stage.

Positioning- A company should identify how it should position its product to target the most valuable segments of the market. InterviewBit is positioned as a platform for learning the skills required for technology jobs.

Marketing Campaigns 

InterviewBit does not have any particular marketing campaigns.

According to Saurabh Saxena (Chief Operating Officer (COO), InterviewBit), There is no need for a separate Strategy Team rather, the GTM (Go-to-Market) teams are the ones that also act as Marketing and Sales Teams. Saurabh Saxena also says that the Marketing Strategies come up with the joint efforts of the Chief Medical Officer, Rahul Karthikeyan and the Head of Sales Mr Nitin Solanki.

InterviewBit gets around 70 Thousand students per day through their YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Google ads and also by influencer campaigns. The Chief Operating Officer, Saurabh Saxena elaborates that they look into what would influence their targetted audience and goes by it. And as a matter of fact, the target audience of InterviewBit is mainly influenced by influencer marketing.

Social Media Marketing 

InterviewBit can be found on every social platform such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Below is the statistical data along with a chart showing the number of followers  InterviewBit has respectively on each social media platform.

  • Facebook: 26,676 Followers
  • Instagram: 29.3K Followers
  • LinkedIn: 211,728 Followers
  • Twitter: 5716 Followers

InterviewBit has the most followers on LinkedIn followed by Instagram being the second platform to have the highest number of followers.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of interviewbit - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest

SEO strategy has no other alternative and InterviewBit uses it to the fullest extent. According to SEO ranking, below 500 keywords are considered bad, above 1000 are considered good, and 10,000+ is considered amazing. As we can see interviewbit.com has 492,614 organic keywords and it is considered amazing. That means the digital marketing of InterviewBit is gaining a great number of insights.

Also, the traffic per month is around 4.6M which is considered a large amount. Hence, InterviewBit has a great SEO strategy. This proves that InterviewBit is fueled by a foolproof SEO strategy along with working hard enough to keep the brand soaring in the Google organic SERP results.

Influencer Marketing 

The Chief Operating Officer, Saurabh Saxena says in an interview that they have collaborated with a lot of influencers but haven’t given any precise details about their marketing strategies. 

E-commerce Strategies

InterviewBit has an e-commerce portal through which you can use all the services that they offer through their online website that too for free. They offer various mock assessments and interviews which help you to become interview ready.

Mobile Apps

For the record, the company has not yet launched any mobile apps but maybe in the near future, it might launch one.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is also an important element in a successful marketing strategy. True and transparent content helps the audience to know about the brand and gives them an idea if they should trust the brand or not. Therefore it is very vital for a company to provide enough content to the audience for their better understanding. 

InterviewBit provides content through social media but along with that they also post various blogs and articles that help the audience to solve their doubts.

This ends the detailed marketing strategy of InterviewBit.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in the Marketing Strategy of InterviewBit?

From being a startup to now having organic traffic of around 4.6M, the 2015 Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup company has come a long way. It is guiding a lot of lost youngsters who don’t have any clue whatsoever on how to go on about the job they dream of. However, InterviewBit has tackled its issues, and the biggest plaguing them is its lack of marketing efforts.

A company’s marketing function is an integral part of its existence, and this field is rapidly digitizing in the current environment. Currently, marketing is undergoing rapid changes, and it is one of the main pillars of any business. Learning about digital marketing has become increasingly important with the field’s growing importance. So, the company needs to include better marketing strategies in order to gain a better audience. 

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of InterviewBit has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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