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Updated on: May 28, 2022
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Starting in 2018, Gynoveda is World’s first FemTech with a vision to combine content, technology, and Ayurveda that enables women to experience healthy periods, Lifelong! with a safe self-care solution.

Over 600 million women, globally suffer silently from menstrual disorders yet they dread paying a visit to a gynaecologist. That is where Gynoveda comes in, with their products being made of 100% ayurvedic herbs that are rigorously tested for their safety, purity, and potency.

We are sure you’re thinking ‘but how did they get successful?’. Well, you have come to the right place. Today we are gonna take a look at the marketing strategy of Gynoveda, marketing tactics, target market, campaigns, and ways to attract new as well as existing customers.

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We will fully cover the marketing strategy of Gynoveda in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive into the marketing strategy of Gynoveda, let us start by learning the company’s story, target audience, and digital presence.

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About Gynoveda

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda

Gynoveda was Started in 2018 by a husband-wife duo Rachana & Vishal Gupta. Gynoveda is an ayurvedic healthcare company that provides products made out of 100% AYURVEDIC HERB. They provide self-care products that deal with PCOS, abnormal discharge, period pain, irregular periods, and 20 such Gynec issues.

Gynoveda also sells Skincare products that are made from Ayurvedic herbs, but they still express themselves as a brand that is period centric. It holds the promise to change over 600 million women’s lives globally. Since 2019, is visited by 400,000 women every month.

In 2019 India Fireside venture’s leading capitalist invested in gynoveda. Which gave them the boost they needed. During the pandemic in 2020, when women couldn’t visit a gynaecologist’s clinic, Gynoveda’s customer base grew by 1000x. Gynoveda is currently leading the period of revolution in India.


Quick Stats on Gynoveda
CEO Vishal Gupta
Area Served South Asian Countries
Industry Femtech
Market Share/ Revenue
Vision To combine Ayurveda and technology as a safe self-care solution that enables women to experience healthy periods, lifelong!
Tagline Ayurveda for healthy periods


Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda

Gynoveda’s marketing strategy is all about providing a worldwide solution that has no side effects, which makes them more trustworthy. Gynoveda sells its products with the help of all the digital platforms.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Gynoveda focuses majorly on a female healthcare brand made from 100% ayurvedic herbs. And due to most products being period-centric their customers are between the age of 16 to 50 years old.

Even though they also sell skin care products they are entirely focused on period’s related products.

Gynoveda is the world’s 1st femtech company that uses Ayurveda and technology while also news surrounding they have created an AI-enabled period testing system.

We can say that their segmentation has been on-point and that they can reach their target audience efficiently and effectively.


Marketing Campaigns

Benefits of the Yoga campaign

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda - Campaign 1

Gynoveda’s campaign is a Yoga awareness campaign. We all know how beneficial yoga for our health is but we don’t know how to start, which asana’s to perform, and how yoga can help our health. To show how doing yoga daily could help women with health issues they were facing.

Gynoveda started a campaign in which they regularly started posting the Asanas that are helpful and showcasing the benefits of yoga helped their audience to understand the importance of yoga and made their interactions with the audience. Gynoveda launched this campaign during Yoga day, and it is safe to say that this campaign did well.

 PCOS awareness campaign

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda - Awarness 1

Gynoveda is hosting several sessions with their customers who have gone through the disorder and those who are still facing the issue. While helping their customers with their products they are also able to spread awareness on the topic.

They have been running paid ads across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Not just females but this campaign was also able to educate males who didn’t know about the problems women face regularly which is why we give this campaign a salute.

Doctor’s advice

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda - Awarness 2

Gynoveda was able to guide their audience by hosting sessions with female doctors who were able to share all the knowledge they have regarding the misconceptions on these issues.

Because of this campaign, many of their audience was able to deal with their social anxiety and the doctors were also able to help their viewers by giving them correct advice, which led this campaign to become a success.

Social Media Marketing 

Gynoveda has displayed its presence on all the major social media platforms.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube

Gynoveda is showing steady growth on social media with 65K followers on Instagram, 65K+ followers on Facebook and almost 14K YouTube subscribers count which is impressive.

Their content is mostly informative mixed with their product showcase and links to the products and interviews with their customers.

Their YouTube channel is still not up to the mark as average views on their videos are between 1-2K although they aim to spread as much awareness as they can, and could help women.


SEO Strategy

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda - SEO

There’s no alternative to SEO strategy and Gynoveda has made quite a decent use of it. Though they claimed to have 40K visitors per month our analysis tells a different story. They have nearly 17,000 visitors per month which looks pretty weak in front of 40,000 monthly visitors.


Influencer Marketing

Marketing Strategy of Gynoveda - Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which brands and individuals working together create and deliver content, products, or services to a large number of social media followers through the use of influencers.

Gynoveda has used this strategy by sponsoring several female influencers such as –

Taapsee Pannu (Bollywood Actor)
Poornima Bhat (Mom, Doctor, and baker)
Neha Modi Jalan (Mom and fashion influencer)
Mona Gonsalves (Mom, Celebrity anchor, and Emcee)
Urmila Verma (Mom and an Actress)

Gynoveda has partnered with UNIMO and has been promoting their products on Instagram and Youtube, the influencer has gained Gynoveda quite a lot of followers and engagement.

E-Commerce Strategies

Gynoveda has an E-commerce website that helps in generating sales through the website. Even though Gynoveda has its very own E-commerce website, Gynoveda’s products are listed on E-commerce giants like Amazon, and Flipkart. The majority of the audience is likely to visit Amazon and Flipkart because of their authority so listing products on these sites is the best way to generate staggering conversions.

On their website, Gynoveda displays a code on every page on the site that offers its customers a percentage of discount when applied. By shifting products daily on the homepage and issuing new offers and discounts, it can result in better conversions. Also, every influencer has their unique code which also gives their customer some discount which is a good way to lead customers to the conversion path.

Content Marketing Strategies

Gynoveda’s goal is to spread awareness about health issues faced by women and how their products can help them tackle those issues. The best part about Gynoveda’s content marketing strategy is that they primarily focus on videos. They have used their Instagram flawlessly, with a mix of product launches and informational posts, and they tend to upload a lot of video content.

Video content is the best way to keep the audience engaged and make them more likely to return to their page. Their blog posts are focused on providing information about how their products are natural and effective with no downsides.

Their Youtube can do better, even with paid advertising they are unable to generate decent views on videos. This means they have to work on their video campaigns. Gynoveda has active social media platforms, blogs, testimonials on their websites, and useful videos on youtube.

Our marketing strategy discussion for Gynoveda has come to an end. The digital marketing approach of each company is unique. For instance, we have discussed Gynoveda’s approach to reaching its target audience.

However, a different approach may be taken by a yoga studio to promote its business. If you are interested to know what strategies will they use then check out this video

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s Unique in Gynoveda’s Marketing? 

Gynoveda with its innovative and quality product has been making progress, and there’s no denying that if they continue to make more quality content and advertise its products to their utmost potential it can achieve its goal and help females all over the globe.

Though their marketing strategy is still lacking they still have ways to improve on that and it is suggested that they make proper use of content and not change but bring up the statistics to the level they claim to be.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Gynoveda has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Gynoveda, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of Gynoveda in the comments section below.

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