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Updated on: Jan 18, 2023
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In one of our latest blogs, we learned about the marketing strategy of Maruti Suzuki. Now, we are going to analyze the Marketing Strategy of Eicher Motors, a leading player in the Indian automobile industry, to further understand how best to use and draw a marketing strategy and tackle competition by understanding their marketing strategy. 

Eicher Motors is an international vehicle manufacturing company based in India. Since 1948, the business has existed. Its success is widely attributed to its global digital marketing strategy. 

Let’s dive in to discover how Eicher Motors does its marketing. Before we begin, if you are interested in building a digital marketing career for yourself, you should check out this Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing now.

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About Eicher Motors –

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Source – 1000 Logos

With its headquarters in New Delhi, Eicher Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automaker that produces motorbikes and commercial vehicles. Middleweight motorcycle producer Royal Enfield’s parent firm is called Eicher.

India’s Eicher Motors is a producer of commercial vehicles. The Goodearth Company was founded in 1948 with the purpose of distributing and maintaining foreign tractors. Together with the German tractor manufacturer Eicher, the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd was founded in 1959. Eicher has been entirely owned by Indian shareholders in India since 1965. From 1970, when they acquired 30% of the German Eicher tractor, Massey Ferguson held a portion of it. In 1973, Massey Ferguson acquired the German business.

The Indian licensee of Massey Ferguson tractors, TAFE Tractors (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd) of Chennai, purchased the tractors and engines division from Eicher Motors Ltd in 2005.

A collaboration agreement for the production of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) was signed with Mitsubishi in Tokyo in October 1982, and Eicher Motors Limited was also incorporated during this time. Under the “Eicher Mitsubishi” brand, LCVs were sold. Eicher Goodearth purchased a 26% stake in Enfield India Ltd. in February 1990, and by 1993, Eicher had acquired a 60% equity shareholding in Royal Enfield India.

In July 2008, Eicher Motors Limited (EML) and Volvo Group established VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), a 50/50 joint venture that develops, produces, and sells commercial vehicles as well as technical components and engineering design services.

Volvo Group currently holds 45.6% of VECV, but there are 122 additional institutional investors listed. For 100 crores, VECV acquired the activities of Volvo Buses India in 2020.

Quick Stats – 

CEO Siddhartha Lal
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Automobile
Market Revenue $1.63 B
Vision To be recognized as the industry leader driving modernization in commercial transportation in India and the developing world.
Tagline Go Pro


Marketing Strategy of Eicher Motors –

According to the Seven steps of marketing, the first step of building a successful marketing strategy is identifying your target audience and the market in which the business operates. This would be the focus for the subsequent subtopics, beginning with the marketing strategy of Eicher motors.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

At Eicher motors, the variety of products they have to offer is large. However, the company cannot serve every customer in the Automobile industry. Hence, as a part of its strategy, Eicher motors work on the Psychological segment of individuals that want modernized vehicles for commercial use. 

Although vehicles are provided for customers in other segments and areas, Eicher motors’ main segmentation is done around modernized vehicles for commercial use. 

The main target of Eicher Motors is the group of customers that require buses and trucks for commercial activities. Eicher motors provide a wide range of automobile machines, but, its primary target and focus (niche) are commercial automobile machines for India and the wider market. 

Eicher motors have taken the position of using Customer Value Driven Marketing to achieve its marketing goals. In line with the Targeting and Segmentation of Eicher motors, the company has taken the Customer Value Driven Marketing Strategy. 

This means that the company Works to build a long-standing and engaging relationship with the right customer. 

Marketing Campaigns

In line with the Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning of Eicher Motors, Eicher motors have engaged in many marketing campaigns which have been listed on its website. Amongst the many, marketing campaigns, the following campaigns have stood out.

1. Raising awareness of the benefits of using unadulterated fuel

In September 2021, Eicher motors launched a campaign on what fuel is best for vehicle maintenance, particularly in the rust of internal spare parts, preventions of engine stalling, and wear and tear of pistol reduction.

An animated video was released describing a typical situation and encouraging people to use proper fuel through that. This was intended to drive proper use and consumption of the right fuel for an Automobile Vehicle.

2. Know how to reduce vehicle breakdown

In another animated video, Eicher motors used a scenario to show its customer how to prevent or, at best, reduce vehicle breakdown. The animated video uploaded to YouTube ended by highlighting the point that automobile users should, clean their turbochargers for better mileage and better pickup.

These campaigns have made large numbers of potential customers turn towards the company. In line with its marketing position, customer value-driven marketing, the company has focused on supporting customers with certain specific needs they may have. 

Again, in most of the marketing campaigns of Eicher Motors, the company tends to use animated videos. This form of video creation has been known to drive engagement and be more interesting.

Social Media Marketing 

  • Facebook – 63K Followers
  • LinkedIn – 315K followers
  • Twitter – 8K followers 
  • Youtube – 45.5K

Eicher motors are not known to have a strong digital presence on typical social media platforms like Instagram. This might be attributed to the marketing choice of their target market and the relevant social media platforms that should be used.

However, Eicher motors have a subscriber base of 45.5K on YouTube where most of their digital advertising is done.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of eicher motors - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest

According to SEO rankings, having fewer than 500 keywords is terrible, having more than 1000 is good, and having more than 10,000 keywords is fantastic. As we can see, Eicher is good and has 2K+ organic keywords. Additionally, the amazing amount of traffic is 26K+ each month. Eicher Motors must therefore continue to enhance its SEO tactics while exerting sufficient effort to keep the brand rising in Google SERP organic results.

Influencer Marketing

Eicher Motors is not particularly known to adopt this form of marketing. However, Eicher motors have appeared on television with  Ajaya Sharma of ET Now.

Ecommerce Strategies

The Company does not currently have any ECommerce strategies as their target marketing is not considered to need this service.

Mobile apps

Eicher motors have a mobile app for its customer base. This Mobile App shows vehicle usage, the nearest fuel stops, and many other useful features that help customers use Eicher motors effectively. The app can be downloaded at eichermotors.co/app.

Content marketing Strategies 

The type of content Eicher motors typically uses is animated short scenario-type videos. Eicher motors run most of its campaigns, ranging from awareness to support, to driving interest through animated videos. This consistency helps its customers to click with them when they see their unique animation type.

This brings us to the end of the elaborated marketing strategy of Eicher Motors.

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What’s Unique in the Marketing Strategy of Eicher Motors?

Eicher motors have adopted a well-versed and dynamic marketing approach to suit its demanding and large market. It has picked its niche, trucks, and buses for commercial use, and focused on gaining a sizable market share through its Customer Value Driven Marketing. Its animated video technic continues to capture people’s attention when they come across it. 

In sum, the strong and well though Marketing strategy of Eicher Motors is a major contributor to its success. If you are interested in more case studies like the marketing strategy of Eicher Motors, the IIDE Knowledge Portal is the place for you. Again, if you are interested in drawing such an analysis from scratch, or any aspect of digital marketing, the wide range of programs available to you like Online Digital Marketing Courses and MBA in Digital Marketing Courses. Alternatively, watch this 45-minute Free Masterclass video to learn what Digital Marketing is and get a certificate.

Hope you found this Marketing strategy of Eicher Motors useful. Do share your views in the comments section below.

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