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Updated on: Oct 30, 2022
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In our previous article, we learned in detail about the marketing strategy of Sun Tv Network. In this section, we are going to discuss the Marketing Strategy of Dish TV which is quite interesting as they come up with some amazing campaigns which help them to be so successful.

The objective is to learn and gain insights about dish tv and how it became the world’s largest direct broadcast satellite Television provider.

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We will learn the entire marketing strategy of dish tv by the end of this blog. Before getting into the marketing strategy of Dish TV, let’s first know about the company, What it does and its STP Analysis. 

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About Dish Tv 

Marketing Strategy of dish tv - logo

Source – Wikipedia

 DishTV is Asia’s largest Direct-to-home entertainment provider. The company pioneered the digital revolution in India and has since become the world’s third-largest DTH operator.DishTV was launched by the Zee Group on 2 October 2003

DishTV provides satellite television services to millions of customers across India and around the world. This includes a variety of channels for various genres including movies, sports, music, and much more.

DishTV also offers HD channels for viewers who want to watch high-definition content. The company uses a tri-satellite technology which means that it broadcasts HD signals from three satellites at once instead of just one like other companies do. 

This makes it possible for DishTV to offer more channels than any other DTH provider in India today!  Along with it, dish tv has a humongous number of subscribers and users.

Some unknown facts about dish tv which made it popular –

  • The convenience of dish tv network
  • Personalizes your dish tv network experience 
  • Facility to record shows on your favourite dish tv network
  • For selected PrimeTime Anytime shows have the option for an Autohop
  • Facility to transfer recorded shows from your Hopper or Joey to an external hard drive
  • You can watch TV On The Go With DISH Anywhere

Dish TV DTH is India’s widely accepted DTH service with millions of subscribers. Dish TV provides the widest range of HD TV channels to users and subscribers.

There are vast scores of TV content for users to tune into. along with the live TV channels, Dish TV also provides  ‘Dish Activ’, a popular movies-on-demand service to watch the latest Hindi (and regional) movies.

Along with the regular setup boxes, Dish TV also has ones that are Wi-Fi enabled. This means the subscribers who opt for a Dish TV connection get to watch a lot more than just live TV channels.

With Dish TV’s Wi-Fi-powered setup boxes you can watch and stream online content on several OTT platforms and start exploring a world full of entertainment and excitement. 

Quick stats

CEO Anil dua
CMO Jay Roth
Area Served Asia
Industry Satellite television
Revenue ₹3,569 crores (US$450 million) (2020)
Vision SPEED FIRST. QUALITY ALWAYS. excellence is a given.
Tagline Dish Nahi Dishkiyao (they have plenty other taglines)


Marketing strategy of Dish tv – 

Let’s discuss the marketing strategy of dish tv and how it carried out its campaign.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning 

Dish TV has a wide range of products and services which caters to different customers according to their needs and demands. basically, their customers of them are the audience with family.

The company decided not to compete against entrenched cable operators in metros and urban areas and instead focused on providing services to rural areas and regions not serviced by cable television.

Dish TV made its position by being one of the most preferred brands in the country when it comes to entertainment. It became the first brand to provide services in rural areas which made it stand in the market with a large number of subscribers.

Marketing campaign 

Marketing Strategy of Dish tv - marketing campaign

SET- TOP – BOX Matlab Dish TV campaign most of the campaign dish TV mainly depends on TV advertisement and the campaign was also done through the same medium and the response was outstanding.

The major reason for the success of the Company is that it has the calibre of providing maximum entertainment at the minimum cost which makes it unique in its way. 

The price of DTH value packs starts at Rs 85 which is very much low compared to the analogue cable services. Thus, the viewers get to enjoy maximum entertainment at the lowest possible price. And the goal of the campaign was achieved as a huge number of people bought the setup box.  

marketing strategy of dish tv - marketing campaign

(Dish TV tells you the easy way to win hearts) – a campaign which won the heart of many people and the main aim of the objective of campaign was again telling to people that they have come up with a new service.

Even in this campaign Dish TV was able enough to communicate with its audience and made sure that the campaign works great for them as many people purchased the product.

marketing strategy of dish tv - marketing campaign

(‘Life Masala Maar Key) –   The campaign is aimed at further strengthening its bond with the Indian consumer.  The campaign showcases varied people from across the country enjoying entertainment in their unique way, which every Indian does – with a little masala, with a little extra emotion.

The campaign brought a lot of engagement and the audience loved the campaign.

Social media marketing 

Dish TV is active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin etc.

  • Instagram – 47.3k 
  • Facebook  – 83.43k followers 
  •  Linkedin 17.1k followers.

Most of the post on Instagram and Facebook is fun and engaging.

SEO Strategy 

Marketing strategy of dish tv - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest

According to the SEO Standards organic keywords below 500 are bad, above 1000 are good and above 10000 are amazing as seen above dishtv.in has 157,672 keywords which are great. 

Monthly visits above 20000 are amazing, dishtv.in has 702k monthly traffic which is impressive.

Influencer marketing 

For influencer marketing purpose dish tv mostly select celebrity influencers like shah rukh khan because they have a huge number of followers and hence, they think people can be influenced easily.

E-commerce strategy 

It won’t be suitable for the brand to be on the e-commerce platform.

Mobile apps 

The company do not have any mobile apps. But they can try using a Mobile App for the convenience of their audience to subscribe.

Content marketing strategies

When it comes to content marketing strategies dish tv is very much active on Instagram and Facebook but they should also focus on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin where they can understand the audience in a better way 

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Conclusion – What’s unique about the marketing strategy of Dish TV?

DishTV is the market leader in DTH services with a strong market share, followed closely by the competitor Tata Sky.

Since the pricing for the majority of players in the segment is similar, DishTV follows aggressive marketing to maintain an edge over competitors. The brand ambassador of Dish TV is the famous Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan.

They always come up with unique campaigns like 

Life masala mar ke 

SET-TOP-BOX Matlab dish tv 

tells you an easy way to win hearts

As we all know that marketing is very much important nowadays and businesses and brands always try to connect to their audience and customers uniquely and differently now brands have also started to present themselves on the digital platform because  it connects a business with its customers when they are online, & is effective in all industries.

From building brand image to connecting to the audience everything can be done on the digital platform.

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We hope that this blog has given you good knowledge about the marketing strategies of Dish tv. If you would like to read and learn such insights about other companies, check out IIDE’s Knowledge Portal. This portal covers more interesting case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study hope it helped you. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Do express your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Reading.

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