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Updated on: Dec 28, 2022
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Practical assignments, case studies & simulations from Business Review helped the students from this course present this analysis.

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In our recent article, we talked about the marketing strategy of AIG.

In this article, you will learn about the marketing strategy of Chubb, and our main focus will be the various marketing tactics used.

Marketing is part of the DNA of a business that can succeed or fail. As users worldwide go digital, marketing follows them into the digital realm. If you’re interested in mainstream digital marketing, have a look at the CEO of IIDE Karan Shah’s Free MasterClass in Digital Marketing 101.

We will cover our full marketing strategy of Chubb in this blog. Before diving in, let us start with the company’s history, target audience, and digital presence.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About Chubb – 

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Source – Chubb Corporate Newsroom

American corporation Chubb Limited was founded in ZĂŒrich, Switzerland. It is the parent firm of Chubb, the biggest publicly traded property and casualty company in the world, which offers insurance products encompassing property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance.

Chubb is active in the London insurance market at Lloyd’s and in 55 other nations and territories. Chubb’s clients include local and international companies, as well as individuals and insurers looking for reinsurance coverage. Chubb offers life insurance, reinsurance, commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, as well as personal accident and supplemental health insurance.

In 1882, Thomas Caldecott Chubb and his son Percy started a marine underwriting business in New York. They raised $1,000 from 100 top businessmen and focused on insuring ships and cargo. Chubb Corporation was founded in 1967 and  listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1984

Beginning in 1970, the company owned  Chubb Colleges, a chain of  technical trade schools spun off from the company’s employee training program but sold the schools  for $1 to  private equity firm Great Hill Partners and to the Tech Academy partnership in 2004 

In 2007, Chubb was named the Readers’ Choice Award winner for “Best Recognized P&C Insurance Company” by Commercial Insurance In 2010, Chubb ranked fifth on Chicago Business’ “Best Workplaces” list.

Quick Stats –

CEO Evan G. Greenberg
CMO John Keogh
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Insurance
Market Revenue US$ 40.96 Billion (2021)
Vision Excellence, technical proficiency, service, constant improvement
Tagline Peace of mind


Marketing Strategy of Chubb – 

As there are many aspects to take into account when developing the ideal marketing strategy, let’s begin the case study on the marketing strategy of Chubb by revealing its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

After segmenting the large and diverse customer market into smaller groups with homogeneous characteristics, Chubb Limited must judiciously select target market segments whose needs and expectations match the resources and capabilities of the business. Chubb segments its services for Individuals and Families, Businesses, and Life and Health Insurance.

Targeting can be done by assessing the commercial attractiveness and growth potential of the identified market segment. 

Chubb targets similarly as per its segments.

Analyse the positioning of competitors and assess your position in the market.

Chubb is positioned as the largest P&C insurance provider in the world and the top provider of commercial line coverage in the US.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of chubb - marketing campaign

The “One Step Ahead” creative platform brings Anda’s value proposition to life Anda advises businesses, families and individuals on how best to act to stay ahead of the curve, helping them overcome obstacles, avoid problems or recover quickly. 

The event, which will premiere in Australia and North America, is designed to help Anda further strengthen its global leadership in ensuring businesses of all sizes.

As part of ADA’s year-round advertising campaign, ads will run on social media, display and TV (VOD and linear)  and will support the US and Australian Opens, including ADA as the main sponsor. Chubb has previously worked with 72andSunny in Australia on other successful global branding campaigns.

Social Media Marketing 

  • Facebook: 38,993
  • Instagram: 7,496
  • LinkedIn: 619K
  • Twitter: 28.8K

Chubb’s presence in the online community is designed to share information about Chubb’s industry outlook, company news and initiatives, and our products and services in the spirit of education and awareness.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of chubb - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest 

Chubb has 336K+ organic keywords, which is outstanding. According to SEO Standards, a number of keywords – below 500 is terrible, above 1000 is acceptable, and 10,000+ is amazing.

Over 20,000 visits per month are considered an amazing number, so Chubb receives about 1.1 million monthly visitors which is remarkable.

This exhibits Chubb’s incredible and effective SEO approach.

Influencer Marketing 

An early example of influencer marketing involved YouTube celebrity PewDiePie He teamed up with the producers of a horror film set in the underground French catacombs of Paris for a series of videos in which he took on the challenge. It’s perfect content for PewDiePie’s 111 million subscribers and gets almost twice as many views as the movie’s trailer Everyone wins.

Here is a simple example. It’s easy to imagine a celebrity partnering with a company to endorse a product, even if the promotion is a series of 10-minute videos rather than a 30-second TV ad.

E-commerce Strategies

Chubb does not have an e-commerce portal to sell its services online. But they do provide in detail information about the services they provide so it makes it convenient for their audience to identify their needs. They also have a facility to contact the agents and brokers near them.

Mobile Apps

Chubb has multiple mobile apps available on the google play store. 

  • Chubb Travel Smart – 3+ ratings and 10T+ downloads
  • Chubb Mobile –  3+ ratings and 10T+ downloads
  • Cyber Alert –  3+ ratings and 1T+ downloads

You can examine the details of your policy, handle your account, and do a lot more using the Chubb Mobile app.

Content Marketing Strategies

Chubb is fairly active on social media. But along with its social media presence, they also publish some healthcare blogs on its sites for content marketing.

Here ends the marketing strategy of Chubb. Let’s proceed toward its conclusion.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in the Marketing strategy of Chubb?

We hope you all got a brief idea about the marketing strategy of Chubb Limited and the tactics used by them as well. As we know, Marketing strategy refers to the overall plan to reach potential customers and convert them into actual consumers

A marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a marketing plan and describes the marketing activities a business will carry out. A good marketing strategy can help an organisation use its limited financial resources effectively to generate more revenue.

Chubb Limited is a brand that has been around for years and people know it. This gives him great notoriety. Its products have maintained their quality over the years and are still appreciated by customers who find them good value for money.

The digital revolution has made it easier to add a personal touch to marketing to attract customers. Businesses can now develop laser-centric audio and video content for their target audiences. Companies can now quickly inform their customers of promotions and sales offers via social networks. Data-driven marketing concepts are likely to open up endless possibilities for businesses.

This reveals the increasing requirement for companies to understand and utilise digital marketing. This triggers an increase in demand for such competent digital marketers. You now have an alternative to learn from IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Program and Post-Graduation Program if you are inquisitive and want to upgrade your skills with this in-demand expertise.

If you like this in-depth analysis of your business like the marketing strategy of Chubb, find more of these insightful case studies on our IIDE knowledge portal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and share your thoughts on this case study on the marketing strategy of Chubb in the comments section below.

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