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Updated on: Dec 18, 2022

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We learned about Aviva’s marketing strategy in our previous article. We shall go into detail about the marketing strategy of AIG in this article because it is a preeminent international insurance company.

The marketing initiatives of American International Group had a significant role in the company’s growth. As more and more people move their businesses online, marketing is evolving.

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Do you want to know how AIG become so prosperous in the insurance sector? This article will explain the marketing strategy of AIG and help you figure out the solution. Let’s begin with the company’s history and target market before delving further.

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About AIG – 

marketing strtaegy of aig - logoSource – 1000 logos

The American multinational financial and insurance company American International Group, Inc. (AIG) has operations in more than 80 different nations and jurisdictions. AIG companies had 49,600 employees as of January 1, 2019. General Insurance, Life & Retirement, and a stand-alone subsidiary with a focus on technology are the company’s three primary lines of business.

Commercial, personal, and international field operations are all part of general insurance. Life & Retirement encompasses Institutional Markets, Life, Group Retirement, and Individual Retirement. The golf competition known as the AIG Women’s Open is sponsored by AIG.

The corporate headquarters of AIG is located in New York City, and the business also maintains operations elsewhere. 83% of the Forbes 2000 and 87% of the Fortune Global 500 are served by AIG. On the 2018 Fortune 500 list, AIG was rated number 60.

AIG is ranked as the 87th largest public corporation in the world by Forbes Global 2000 for 2016. AIG has $65.2 billion in shareholder equity as of December 31, 2017.

AIG was saved by the Federal Reserve for $180 billion during the 2007–2008 financial crisis, and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission linked AIG’s failure to the widespread sale of unhedged insurance. In 2012, AIG paid the US government $205 billion back.

Quick Stats 

CEO Peter Zaffino
(President and CEO)
CMO Jeff Getis
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Financial services
Market Revenue US$52.06 billion (2021)
Vision We are committed to create enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the most dedicated professionals supported by innovative programs, tools and management.
Tagline “Bring on Tomorrow”


Marketing Strategy of AIG – 

Let’s learn about the marketing strategy of AIG! First, let’s understand the STP Analysis of AIG.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

AIG segments its services in Businesses and individuals looking for financial guidance.

AIG’s target audiences are Large businesses and wealthy individual investors.

AIG is positioned as a reliable banking institution for clients.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of aig - marketing campaign

Rugby tournaments and leagues including USA Rugby, the Japanese Rugby Federation, and initiatives like Rookie Rugby and Rugby in a Box are all sponsored by AIG. Additionally, American International Group has supported New Zealand Rugby and the illustrious All Blacks as its official insurance partner and global sponsor.

As part of a four-year sponsorship agreement, the AIG emblem was shown on the football team’s jerseys. Through numerous marketing initiatives, advertisements can be seen on television, in print publications, and on billboards.

AIG sponsored a nationwide drone race on ESPN in addition to using paid and organic social and paid search as part of their channel mix. The company used heat mapping to quickly determine what data influencers were most interested in.

Social Media Marketing

The business is quite active on a number of social media networks. It is accessible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • 432000 followers on Twitter
  • 1,510 Followers on Instagram
  • 777,840 followers on LinkedIn
  • 331,984 Followers on Facebook

It has the maximum number of followers on LinkedIn.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of aig - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest 

As per SEO ranking, it is said that the number of keywords – below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing. As we can see that  has 77,723 organic keywords and it’s considered as good. That means the digital marketing of AIG is gaining an amazing number of insights. 

The website receives around 294K+ traffic, indicating that its SEO techniques are cutting-edge and current.

Influencer Marketing

To spread and amplify their thoughts, AIG is utilising a new category of “data influencers.”

Six per cent of the population, or about 10 million people, are both data literate and utilise data to influence others. One of the first companies to attempt to leverage these new influencers is H+K client AIG.

E-Commerce Strategies

You can enrol for insurance, investment and claims on their official website. Once you open their website you get various service options once you select you are directed to another website core bridge financial which will guide you through further procedures.

Mobile Apps

AIG has multiple mobile apps available on Google Play Store.

  • AIG RS – 3+ ratings and 10T+ downloads
  • AIG Travel Assistance – 5 ratings and 50K+ downloads
  • AIG SG – 3+ ratings and 10T+ downloads (not available in India)
  • AIG Safe Travel – 3.4 ratings and 10T+ downloads

Content Marketing Strategies

As for Content Marketing, AIG has a separate newsroom in which they post various articles, stories, videos, social media posts, and news releases as a part of their content.

This ends the elaborative marketing strategy of AIG. Let us conclude our learning below.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s unique about the marketing strategy of AIG?

As seen in the article, AIG has a clear STP Analysis. AIG as a parent company does not have many marketing campaigns but its subsidiaries so have. AIG has a good Social media presence and SEO Strategy.

AIG also have have e-commerce strategies and a mobile app for their customer’s convenience. This shows that the marketing strategy of AIG is good and it has managed to satisfy its customers and surpass its competitors. 

This shows how important digital marketing has become to attract and retain your customers irrespective of the industry you work in.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of AIG has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of AIG in the comments section below.

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