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Updated on: Oct 22, 2022
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In our previous article, we learnt in detail about the marketing strategy of a really fascinating brand Progressive – One of the best insurance companies. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the marketing strategy of Aviva- a British multinational insurance company 

We are all aware of today’s digital world where all the brands, companies and industry are marketing their products by influencing or taking up any celebration as their brand ambassador.

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 We will thoroughly cover the marketing strategy of Aviva in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive, let us start by learning the company’s story, target audience and digital presence.

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About Aviva – Company Overview

Marketing strategy of Aviva - LogoSource – Pinterest

Aviva is a British multinational coverage organisation established in London, England. It has approximately 18 million clients throughout its centre markets of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

In the United Kingdom, Aviva is the biggest widespread insurer and a main existence and pensions, provider. Aviva is likewise the second biggest widespread insurer in Canada.

Aviva additionally has a focal point in the increased markets of China and South East Asia via investments and joint ventures with different firms. Aviva has a number one list on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE hundred Index.

The call of the organization upon its formation in May 2000 became CGNU per cent and was created while Norwich Union merged with the insurer CGU.

In April 2002, the organization’s shareholders voted to extrude the organization called Aviva per cent, an invented palindrome phrase derived from “viva”, the Latin for ‘alive’ and designed to be short, memorable and paintings international.

The Norwich Union emblem, however, became retained for the United Kingdom’s long-time period of financial savings and popular coverage business.

In April 2008, Aviva introduced that it might undertake the Aviva call as its international patron dealing with the emblem and that the Norwich Union emblem might be phased out withinside the United Kingdom.


CEO Amanda Blanc
CMO Cheryl Toner
Area Served United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada
Industry Financial Services
Revenue £33.184 billion (2021)
Vision Our vision is to be the first choice company for all stakeholders, while achieving the stature of the market leader in the general insurance.
Tagline With you today, for a better tomorrow


Marketing Strategy of Aviva –

In the marketing strategy of Aviva, let’s begin with its STP Analysis –

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Segmentation depends on the needs, expectancies and shopping behaviour of clients which are heterogeneous and rely upon multifaceted factors like – Age, Gender, Income, Lifestyle, Values etc.

Aviva’s basic segmentation is into – Insurance, Investments, Retirement and Health. 

The targeting may be achieved with the aid of using comparing the industrial and increasing ability of the segments. Aviva mostly targets people around the age group of 18 -59 for their plans.

Aviva now calls to set a clean positioning assertion that might create a fine photograph of the presented product withinside the customers’ minds.

Aviva has positioned itself as one of the leading insurance companies in the UK and Ireland, and the Second largest general insurer in Canada.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing strategy of Aviva - Marketing campaignSource – MediaNews4u

Aviva Life Insurance currently released its new marketing campaign “Hello Life, Hello Aviva” targeting Millennials. The marketing campaign showcases one-of-a-kind surprises, detours and demanding situations that come alongside the manner in one’s existence and conjures up customers to be organized and welcome those wholeheartedly.

Conceptualised through Creativeland Asia, the marketing campaign has been rolled out throughout social media systems, in conjunction with conventional systems which includes OOH and radio.

The new marketing campaign narrates one-of-a-kind aspirations and activities withinside the existence of an individual, from own circle of relatives to retirement and sudden modifications that might not were planned.

With the marketing campaign, Aviva Life Insurance similarly seeks to encourage people to make their goals a reality, whether or not it’s miles a child’s schooling or marriage, one’s very own retirement or elderly parents’ security, or maybe developing one’s very own business.

Marketing Strategy of Aviva - Marketing campaignSource – Marketing Week 

Financial offerings massive Aviva has unveiled a brand new positioning, “It takes Aviva” because it seeks to reassert its function as a marketplace chief and display its miles about “greater than insurance”. 

The campaign, which debuted on British TV on Saturday and became created through Adam&Eve/DDB, is “the maximum widespread funding in our logo for the remaining 5 years”, consistent with the institution logo and recognition director of Aviva. 

Marketing strategy of Aviva - Marketing campaignSource – Models Direct

This campaign was launched for the old-age audience to make them aware and encourage them to purchase retirement plans/policies with their retirement income. This campaign was showcased as a Tv ad along with a press ad and online marketing.

Sue Helmont, Head of Brand for Aviva UK says: “The advert also has an aspirational tone; telling the story of a popular retirement dream to move abroad. The aim is to put customers at the heart of the campaign encouraging them to take action and shop around for their retirement income, whilst putting the Aviva brand firmly at the front of their minds.”

Social Media Marketing

This evaluation is part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ collection in which we do a 360 diploma evaluation of a brand’s complete social media activity.

  •   Facebook- 922,468 followers
  •   Twitter- 31.6K followers
  •     Instagram – 1569 followers Facebook and Instagram are the most followed platform compared to others.

Facebook and Instagram are the most followed platform compared to others. Twitter usually tweets all the time about new service launches, promotional events offers etc.

We can consider Twitter as the best platform for any brand, product or service out there to market itself. Their social media posts are mostly regarding the promotions of the services and the type of insurance they provide.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of Aviva - Ubersuggest SEO Screenshot

Source – UberSuggest

There are 30,777 organic keywords which is amazing, according to SEO Standards keywords around 500 are bad, above 1000 is good and above 10000 is great. Aviva has organic monthly traffic of 136,647 which is great as monthly visits above 20000 are considered good.

Influencer Marketing

In December last year, Aviva run an ad While adam & eve DDB devised the strategy, innovative and included an innovative approach, Razorfish led the improvement of the concept, layout and consumer enjoyment at the back of the Shape my Future tool. Zenith ran the media marketing campaign for Aviva, which covered media partnerships with Vice, Buzzfeed and AOL.

Mobile Apps

It has launched a brand new app Aviva Drive in the UK, which displays units of younger people’s using capabilities and offers secure drivers a reduction on vehicle insurance.

They also have one app called Aviva Live. this app is to engage with their customers through live polls, surveys and Q/A. This app has a rating of 2.8 on the play store with 10T+ downloads.

Content Marketing Strategy

They’re the leading UK company of insurance, wealth and retirement solutions, with sturdy franchises in Canada and Ireland. They write various blogs apart from their social media pages. Blogs are mainly related to the services they provide.

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Conclusion – What’s unique about Aviva marketing?

Aviva is the UK’s main Savings, Retirement, Investments and Insurance business, assisting 18.5 million clients throughout our centre markets of the UK, Ireland and Canada.

To make the maximum out of life, plan for destiny and feature the self-belief that if matters pass incorrect we’ll be there to place it right.

According to the Ubersuggest SEO analysis, Aviva is good at its SEO strategy but it still has room for improvement. 

They are launching various marketing campaigns targeting their various audience according to their need and requirement which is amazing.

Aviva can still work on its social media presence to get in contact and connect with a wide audience.

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