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Updated on: Nov 2, 2022
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In the last article, we discussed the Marketing strategy of HP. The purpose of this blog is to inform you about the marketing strategy of Broadcom. America serves as the corporate home of the global corporation Broadcom.

They employ 11,000 people worldwide, with 1500 working in research and development facilities. To reach consumers and convert them into customers, marketing tactics are developed.

These tactics aid them in getting their goods in front of a huge global audience. As we know the growth of digital marketing makes it vital for every business to use it wisely to reach a global audience.

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We will discuss every element of our marketing strategy for Broadcom in this blog. The history, target market, business plans, etc. of the company.

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About Broadcom

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Source – Wikimedia commons

A leader in worldwide technology, Broadcom Inc., a Delaware corporation with headquarters in San Jose, California, creates, develops, and provides a variety of semiconductor products and infrastructure software solutions.

Tan Hock Eng is a philanthropist and business leader from Malaysia who is Chinese. He is the CEO of Broadcom Inc. 

Tom Krause, President of Broadcom Software Group, stated that the company was “continuing to build one of the world’s premier enterprise software businesses committed to customer success.”

“We continue to invest in our focused approach of working together with the biggest multinational clients to deliver an extensive array of sector-leading solutions and produce long-term profitability.

Broadcom Software offers an enormous opportunity to capitalise on a clear customer requirement for scalability, agility, and security to power their most complex hybrid IT environments and accelerate our long-term growth with an addressable market of more than $100 billion today.”

Broadcom Corporation was founded in 1991 by UCLA professor Henry Samueli and student Henry Nicholas. In 1995, the company left its Westwood, Los Angeles, site and moved to Irvine, California. Broadcom, which has approximately 11,750 employees in more than 15 countries, went public in 1998 and is now traded on the NASDAQ exchange (ticker symbol: BRCM).

2012 saw $8.01 billion in total revenue earned by Broadcom. In 2011, Broadcom was among the Top 10 Semiconductor Vendors according to sales. Since joining the Fortune 500 in 2009, Broadcom has advanced to rank #327 as of 2013.

Quick stats

CEO Hock E Tan
CMO Kirsten Spears
Area served America, Asia, Europe, Japan, Middle East
Industry Semiconductor and Infrastructure software solutions
Revenue 594.95 billion dollars
Vision combines global scale, engineering depth, broad product portfolio diversity and superior execution and operational focus to deliver category-leading connectivity products so its customers can build and grow successful businesses today and in the future.
Tagline A world connected by Broadcom


Marketing strategies of Broadcom –

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Infrastructure software and semiconductor solutions make up its two business sectors. Its Internet protocol (IP) licensing and semiconductor solution product lines are also part of its semiconductor solutions business.

For controlling the flow of data in data centres, telecom, enterprise, and embedded networking applications, it offers semiconductor solutions.

For the wireless industry, it also offers a range of radio frequency (RF) semiconductor components, wireless connectivity options, and specialised touch controllers. 

Infrastructure software includes its mainframe, distributed, and cyber security products as well as its FC SAN business for fibre channel storage area networking. Its mainframe software provides solutions for DevOps, AIOps, security, and data management systems.

Voice, video, data, and multimedia communication are all effortlessly delivered by Broadcom solutions in the home, office, and mobile contexts.

Broadcom uses many targeting strategies to remain competitive and customer-focused.

Broadcom has positioned itself as one of the global technology leaders that develop semiconductors.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing strategy of Broadcom - marketing campaign

Promotional packages are used by Broadcom to advertise their goods and services. The contents of a promotion package can be moved around the map by performing Move actions repeatedly until they reach their final destination.

It can only include Move actions, and each Move action’s environment and stage location must be the same.

If approval is necessary, you must still approve the promotion package between executions even though you can reuse it up until the point where the contents of the package have been promoted to the end of the map.

However, you do not need to reset the package, manually edit the SCL to change the inventory source location, or re-cast the promotion package. Broadcom has good customer success and the company has a good success rate in all areas.

Marketing strategy of Broadcom - marketing campaign

It operates in more than 15 countries and is a worldwide success. Their major customers are Apple, Asus and many more.

Social Media Marketing

Broadcom is active on youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn –

Youtube: Broadcom has 2 channels on youtube. One has 4.5k subscribers and another one has 20.5k subscribers. The other account is the most active and releases its videos in it.

Twitter: Broadcom has 52.2k followers on Twitter. 

LinkedIn: Broadcom has 317k followers on LinkedIn

Broadcom has the highest number of followers on LinkedIn and it usually posts about its brand and new collaboration, products etc.

SEO strategies

Marketing strategy of Broadcom - ubersuggest seo screenshotSource – Ubersuggest

As we can see the organic keywords for Broadcom are 128k and it is the best. 

The traffic on the website is 277k and that is amazing. Broadcom is one of the best companies worldwide. By this, we can know that Broadcom works hard to make success in the business.

Mobile apps

To install the app of Broadcom you need to go to the play store and search for clarity by Broadcom and install the app.

Clarity by Broadcom is a PPM Platform made to help medium to large businesses to manage their products, services and finances by using task boards and financial analysis tools and other features.

App has 4.8 ratings on the play store with 5T+ downloads.

Content Marketing Strategies

Along with social media Broadcom releases blogs related to tech on their websites as a form of content for their audience.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s unique about the marketing strategy of Broadcom?

Broadcom is a company that produces semiconductor products, wireless devices, Bluetooth etc. these days the use of wireless devices or semiconductors has been an essential one. 

The world is being ruled by products like wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS devices.

 Nowadays, everyone—young and old—uses these goods, and their use has become a requirement. One of the fundamental utilities everyone requires is wifi. This makes it possible for all the major events to occur, including board meetings and virtual classes.

 Connecting with folks from all over the world is beneficial. These events all take place thanks to Broadcom. You may view this site right now thanks to Broadcom and numerous more businesses of a similar nature.

It has positive as well as negative impacts on society. 

Broadcom uses Digital Marketing strategies. It uses Twitter, linked in and youtube. Digital marketing is mostly used by almost all companies in this world. It helps to promote its products with the help of different apps and websites etc.

Broadcom has more no of followers on LinkedIn around 317k and it posts mostly about its products etc. If you are interested in digital marketing check out IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course to upskill.

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Thank you for taking out time to read this case study. Hoped it helped you. Share your thoughts about this marketing strategy of Broadcom in the comment section below.

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