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Updated on: Jul 7, 2022
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In a previous article, we learned about the in-depth SWOT analysis of Birla Corporation. In this blog, we will have a deep insight into the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation.

The objective is to learn and gain insights into Birla Corporation and how it became India’s largest cement, jute, linoleum, and auto-trim producer.

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Now let us understand the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation. But before we discuss the marketing strategy, let us know more about Birla Corporation.

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About Birla Corporation: Company Overview

Birla Corporation started as a jute manufacturing company, but as time evolved it grew its operations into four main divisions including cement, jute, linoleum, and auto trim. Also, many people try to mismatch Birla Corporation with the Birla Corporation which is another multinational conglomerate, but both are different.

The Company is primarily engaged in manufacturing a range of cement under the name MP Birla Cement, cement is the company’s core business activity. It has a significant presence in the jute goods industry as well.

Birla Corporation is one of India’s largest cement conglomerates and also claims to be the most international of the country’s major corporations. It handles over 36 countries with more than 140,000 employees.

Quick Stats on Birla Corporation
CEO Arvind Pathak
Marketing Manager Ashish Jain
Area Served India
Industry Conglomerate
Market Share/ Revenue 2.26TCr (Revenue)
Vision To deliver superior value to our customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.
Tagline Cement se Ghar Tak

Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation

Now let us learn about the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation. And how Birla Corporation performs its marketing strategy.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning


Birla Corporation Ltd exists segmented into three broad categories; 1) tier I/II/III cities; 2) public sector/private sector, and 3) customer/builder.


Among these segments, Birla Corporation targeted builders and customers in both public and private sectors in all-tier cities.


Birla Corporation’s positioning in the market by delivering strong quality cement and retaining them with a strong brand by promoting superior value services to the targeted customers.

Marketing Campaign 


Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation - Campaign 1

MP Birla Cement conducted a marketing campaign in Jan 2019 in which they highlighted the importance of tri-colour which is raised and filled with pride in the hearts of every school child. 

It is in the heart but sadly not in all eyes which is why MP Birla Cement took an initiative to make Republic-Day special for visually disabled students at 7-under schools across the nation. The group created a cement plate of Indian flag with Braille markings that helped students feel and understand the flag they’d only heard. 

The campaign’s alluring video was aired on Youtube where the video got immensely successful with more than 10+ Lakh views. The campaign created for India by MP Birla Cement captivated the whole nation.

MP Birla Cement-“Cement Se Ghar Tak”

Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation - Campaign 2

MP Birla Cement presented its most superior offering in 2017 when it introduced “M P Birla UNIQUE” which with its 9 Unique Benefits, UNIQUE is the best in class cement in the premium category.

The group launched this new cement in their new “Cement Se Ghar Tak” multi-media campaign which was created to make the home builders aware of various facets of home building and different kinds of construction material.

The campaign’s main purpose was to showcase that MP Birla Cement is a customer-centric firm that always puts customers first and does not stop at just selling the best quality cement, it goes beyond and provides the best technical & other services and support to them to build a dream home – therefore, its motto is Cement se, Ghar Tak.

MP Birla Cement Samrat & Perfect Plus TVC

Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation - Campaign 3

2 years ago, MP Birla Cement launched 2 TVC commercials hand-on-hand which highlighted the promotion of their two types of cement i.e. Samrat & Perfect Plus. The commercials didn’t get that much attention as compared to MP Birla’s CSR campaigns, but the script idea and creativity to present the product was awesome. 

The main purpose of the commercials was to influence customers about why they should choose MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus & Samrat to build their perfect home!

Social Media Marketing 

Birla Corporation is occasionally active on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

The company – MP Birla Cement has the maximum number of followers on LinkedIn than Facebook and the least on Instagram. 

The company has 2.08k subscribers on YouTube. 

Followers on social media platforms 

  • Facebook – 22,000+ followers
  • LinkedIn – 30,000+ followers
  • Instagram – 3,000+ followers 

The posts are mainly related to sustainability, roofing and building guidelines, festivals and their leaders and leading workers’ special day celebrations. They need to be more active on social media and share posts more often because today people are going digital and so are businesses.

So, to compete in this competitive industry the brand needs to work more on its social media handles.

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SEO Strategy 

Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation - SEO

As SEO ranking suggests, the Number of organic keywords – below 500 is poor, above 1000 is characterised as good and 10,000+ is characterised as stunning.

As we can see has just crossed the boundary 2,800 keywords can be characterised as fair in SEO terms.

This shows that the digital marketing of Birla Corporation is gaining quite a good number of insights, but they need to work on more in this area.

Also, the traffic per month is approximately 31,000k+ which is really a good statistic. Hence, Birla Corporation is doing great in SEO, but still needs improvements in its SEO strategies while working hard enough to keep the brand soaring in the Google organic SERP results.

Ecommerce Strategies

Birla Shakti Cement has a website where you can check the company’s work, profile, product information, CSR activities, careers at MP Birla, newsletters etc. One can also contact the firm for business-related queries. 

MP Birla Cement does not sell its products on its website as it deals in the manufacturing of heavy raw materials and bulk order items. Their potential customers directly deal with the contractor who uses the cement produced by MP Birla Cement for the construction of buildings or houses.

Influencer Marketing

The company does not use this mode of marketing.

Mobile Apps

Marketing Strategy of Birla Corporation - Mobile App

Birla Corporation Limited has an app named ‘Armaan Nirmaan’. Armaan Nirmaan is a real-time network interactive platform for dealers, retailers and professionals. The functions of the application include enquiries for certain products, selling to customers, keeping track of past enquiries etc. 

The app aims to further enhance the productivity of its trade partners and have seamless communication going with the company. The application has more than 100k+ downloads with a star rating of 4.3.

Content Marketing Strategies

In the area of content marketing, Birla Corporation Limited publishes several blogs/guides on their social media handles. The blogs are related to construction tips and guidance. 

Other than blogs the firm is also engaged in creating short videos of the same tips and guidance because the company feels that one can make the user understand the message more through visuals rather than written format. 

MP Birla Cement uses social media platforms extensively for the announcement of its insightful content and blogs. The company is always active in creating and publishing quality & engaging content.

This ends our elaborative marketing strategy of Birla Corporation. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation.

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Conclusion: What’s unique in Birla Corporation Marketing?

As we can see, the main focus of the company is to post information online on social media platforms (content marketing). They are very active there. The company is doing relatively well in every aspect of digital marketing except using influencer marketing and that’s okay to use the only ones that can give a return on investment.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Birla Corporation, and do share your thoughts on this case study marketing strategy of Birla Corporation in the comments section below.

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