Complete Marketing Strategy of AU Bank with STP Analysis

Updated on: Jul 24, 2022
Marketing Strategy of Au Bank

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In our last blog, we discussed the SWOT analysis of AU Bank. In this blog, we will dive into an in-depth marketing strategy of AU Bank – A Small Finance Bank in India.

AU is a scheduled commercial bank that serves financial services to inferior and middle-income people and micro and small businesses that have limited or no access to standard banking and finance channels. The bank is ranked 257th among the Fortune India 500 Companies, enabling a convenient banking experience with many industry-first initiatives.

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We will learn the entire marketing strategy of AU Bank by the end of this blog. Before diving deep into it, let’s begin with the company’s story, target audience and digital presence.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About AU Bank

AU Bank was founded by Sanjay Agarwal as a private limited company and was later publicly listed. AU Small Finance Bank was founded in 1996 in Jaipur as AU Financiers. It is a non-deposit-taking Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC). It has worked particularly well to fund the economic growth of the under-serviced, lower and middle-class individuals. 

The Bank offers loans, deposits, payment products and services. In addition, it has strived to diversify into savings products such as deposits, payments banking, distribution of third-party products and additional credit products, establishing its position as a comprehensive provider of financial products and services.

Quick Stats on AU Bank
CEO Sanjay Agarwal
Area Served India
Industry Financial
Market Share/ Revenue Rs.3817 Crore (2021)
Vision To be the world’s most trusted retail bank and coveted employer that is admired as the epitome of financial inclusion and economic success, where ordinary people do extraordinary things to transform society at large, thereby guaranteeing Trust, Confidence and Customer Delight.
Tagline ‘Badlaav Humse Hai’


Marketing Strategy of AU Bank

Let’s take a look at Au’s marketing plan. and how Aetna carries out the marketing campaign, among other things.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

STP begins with segmentation, in which organizations break their marketing into distinct categories depending on factors such as those listed below.

Demographics Segmentation
Geographical Segmentation
Location-Based Segmentation

It identifies the group of buyers based on differences in their desires or requirements. From the beginning, the products of AU Bank are segmented based on the customers belonging to similar geographical areas. Besides geography, psychographics and demographics are also considered.

AU small Bank finance’s target audience is low and middle-income individuals, age group (18- 60) and retired senior citizens to make their banking services hustle-free and fully online for their convenience. 

AU’s positioning in the market has increased after their several collaborations and campaigns as mentioned in the blog. AU small finance Banks’ powerful message to bring a change in the banking system as well as in society helped in positioning as their message made close contact with the hearts of people.

Marketing Campaign

“Badlaav humse hai campaign” was released to make a shift in the banking system and freedom from old habits. The bank aims to spread the advanced banking feature:

As stated by RBI’s guidelines AU has started a journey of becoming a universal bank by next year. TV is chosen as an important medium to raise brand awareness to reach their target segments.

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Campaign 1

AU Finance Bank released its first festive campaign for Ganeshotsav under its umbrella #BadlaavHumseHai. The campaign addresses the age-old custom of males in the household eating before the women. In today’s day and age, this practice has lost its rationale and works only as a measure to imply a member’s importance in the household.

With the thought that a family that eats together, stays together,’ AU Bank attempts to bring a small, do-able, yet significant change in the dynamics of our culture and family values.

Another campaign on Diwali named “Happy Diwali” was released by AU Bank under the campaign belt of #BadlaavHumseHai.

Social media influencers and celebrities like Mithali Raj, Mrunal Thakur, and Vikrant Massey took pledges on the occasion of Independence Day. The challenge was further extended by each celebrity/ influencer reaching out to people in their network. This social media strategy helped the brand ignite plenty of conversations and helped them engage with their target group.

The theme of the campaign was related to freedom. Organising a campaign on Independence day is significant to their motive is to bring freedom in terms of the banking system by making it all online and a click away. The reason for their success was the cause that they are working for and also reaching out to their targets through social media and influencers.

Other Campaigns –

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Campaign 2

PAAKHI- save the bird campaign: The campaign was held to establish an emotional connection with the youth and enable quality lead generation. More than 90 branches in the west, north and south participated in the same. AU provided clay pots in residential areas, parks and more to provide birds water in scorching summer.

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Campaign 3

Teacher’s Day and Children’s day Campaign: AU reached out to 9,000+ Teachers and children, held drawing competitions and more to build a strong bond with kids, their parents and school staff. AU personalised appreciation cards on Teacher’s Day. Floated a zero balance account offer and gave free eye checkups to children.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is really important when it comes to gathering the audience at large and no wonder a bank like AU Bank uses it to its full advantage.

The Bank can be found on these –

Facebook: 328,624 followers
Instagram: 21.4k followers
Twitter: 12.6k followers

As we can see from the above stats, the AU is most followed on Facebook and they keep their followers. AU keeps its customers hooked up on all the platforms and they are super active in all the channels. The type of content that the AU utilises is; informational, promotional, and awareness and as well they do festivals’ wishes and more too.

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SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - SEO

AU small Bank Finance’s most of the traffic comes from the searches made online. Au drives half of its organic traffic from offline and advertisement campaigns on social media. Easy and feasible searching options are the cause of its growth and higher ranking on Google.

The SEO strategy of AU is strong enough to keep it soaring on the SERP results as shown in the data above. Their strategy of keeping their organic keywords 100,000+ contributes to the same.

SEO helps in achieving your long-term goals for your brand. A good ranking and a favourable placement help in raising the profile of your brand. In short, SEO strategies are crucial for the development of the website and to provide more visibility to the relevant audience.

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Influencer Marketing  

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Influencer Marketing

As a part of influencer marketing AU small finance bank has chosen Bollywood superstars – Kiara Advani and Aamir Khan as their leading influencers. Both the stars have rising popularity among youth as an icon. Both of them are seen promoting AU Bank services in a series of advertisements. You can check AU Bank’s social media handle to know more. 

AU Small Finance Bank, India’s Largest SFB has unveiled a mega Brand Campaign, aptly titled ‘BADLAAV Humse Hai’. This is the first integrated marketing communication campaign from AU Bank since its inception to showcase their creative endeavour that showcases the bank’s passion for innovation.

“Kiara Advani is one of the most popular Indian film actors and a youth icon. Her professional choices and repertoire of work find perfect resonance with AU’s journey so far’” said Sanjay Agarwal.

E-Commerce Strategies

The Bank has an online portal active 24/7 for the customers for account opening and other facilities. One can also use their application for the same.

Mobile Apps

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Mobile App

The bank has a mobile app named  AU 0101

Users can avail service of smart Banking and can also Enjoy 24×7 access to their funds through AU 0101 App and AU 0101 NetBanking, a video banking facility and more according to users’  convenience.

AU provides WhatsApp Banking services to their customers. The savings account can be opened by just texting the bank via WhatsApp and can also find one’s nearest branch at their convenience.

Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of AU Bank - Content Marketing

The Bank is very active in terms of content marketing. They very frequently upload blogs sharing details to their customers about the facilities they provide with just a click.

The blogs are about financial literacy and account opening including savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, credit cards, debit cards, Digital banking Insurance and more.

This ends the elaborative marketing strategy of AU Bank. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of AU Bank.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in AU Small Finance Bank’s Marketing?

The Bank’s approach to people and its audience is sentimental and emotional. Campaigns such as PAAKHI and Teacher’s day were held to build an emotional connection with the audience of every age group. The urge is to bring a change in social norms and accept the new change in stereotypes of whether its Bank’s new digital-friendly facilities or the society.  Video banking to open a savings account is a new facility introduced in 2022 by AU Bank only.

The bank is famous for its “Badlaav humse hai” Campaign urging the rising importance of digital marketing going with a rapid change. 

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of AU Bank has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

If you like such in-depth analysis of companies just like the marketing strategy of AU Bank check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of AU Bank, and do share your thoughts on this case study marketing strategy of AU Bank in the comments section below.

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