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Updated on: Jan 29, 2024
marketing strategy of amara raja batteries

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In our previous article, we learned in detail about the marketing strategy of Complete Marketing Strategy of Exide Industries With a Company Overview & STP Analysis

In this article, we will delve deeper into the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries, a leading global conglomerate business based in India.

One of the largest business conglomerates in India, Amara Raja has interests in a variety of industries, including the production of lead-acid batteries (under the AMARON brand), power conversion products, sheet metal products, precision components, electronic products, infrastructure development, industrial services, food processing, and media and entertainment.

One of India’s top producers of automotive and industrial batteries is the Amara Raja Group of Companies, whose flagship company is Amara Raja Batteries Limited.

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This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries. However, before we delve into that, it’s important to first understand the company’s history, its target audience, and its digital footprint.

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the company.

About Amara Raja Batteries 

Amara raja site logo

In the Indian storage battery market, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) is a market leader in terms of technology and one of the biggest producers of lead-acid batteries for both industrial and automotive applications.

the workforce of 15,000+ employees across 7 firms that operate 16 businesses, and at the center of it all is our people. We take pride in creating a stimulating work environment with principles that encourage each of us to grow as people.

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Buyer Persona of Amara Raja Batteries

Buyer’s Persona






20 years




  • Seeks quick, convenient power storage solutions
  • Values the ability to consult with top-notch battery advisors
  • Prefers tech-driven solutions
  • Appreciates the ability to rapidly contact battery advisors online

Interest & Hobbies

  • Tech-savvy individuals
  • Automotive enthusiasts
  • Urban residence dwellers
  • Lifestyle and wellness enthusiasts

Pain Points

  • Difficulty in accessing quality power storage services
  • Challenges in scheduling appointments with battery advisors
  • Concerns about the quality and consistency of power storage services
  • Prefers a quieter ambiance for consultations

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram
  • pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Tinder


Marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries –

1. Segmentation  

The marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries involves understanding diverse groups within the public based on shared preferences and tastes. This understanding facilitates the development of a strategy to appropriately promote their offerings.

The segmentation strategy of Amara Raja Batteries incorporates psychographics, demographics, and geography.

After identifying the various customer segments within the industry, it’s crucial for Amara Raja Batteries to concentrate on a specific market. The choice of target market is determined by ten critical factors:

  • The financial return potential of the target market – Amara Raja Batteries needs to decide whether the segment it is planning to target can be financially lucrative.
  • Organizational technical capabilities to cater to a specific consumer segment in the Electronic Instr. & Controls industry
  • Organization’s comparative strengths and weaknesses to market successfully to the target market.

2. Positioning

In the fiercely competitive market of today, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries must prioritize brand positioning and value proposition positioning to achieve commercial success.

It is crucial for Amara Raja Batteries to position its products in a manner that not only leaves a lasting impact on customers but also establishes a distinct identity and reference point for its offerings.

Given the declining production costs in the Electronic Instruments and Controls sector and the direct customer access facilitated by e-commerce and other online retail strategies, the importance of brand positioning and product differentiation in the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries is increasingly paramount.

3. Marketing Campaigning

The marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries encompasses the use of diverse media channels for advertising their products, including television, radio, print, and online platforms.

In addition to traditional advertising, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries also employs interactive methods such as demonstrations and video conferencing in their non-advertising campaigns. This multi-faceted approach ensures a comprehensive reach to their target audience.

amaron bateery

1. Amaron’s innovations extended beyond the battery industry. The battery was a forgotten, under-the-hood item until Amaron totally repositioned it as a top-of-mind commodity for consumers.

This was accomplished through ground-breaking print and television communication. Like no other advertising previously, Amaron’s infused the category with life and vitality.

Amaron’s communication has received praise from the top marketing and creative minds. Check out a few of our past award-winning campaigns.

Amara Raja Batteries announced a slight improvement in its September quarter results, with operational profit just surpassing that of the prior year.

According to the corporation, growth would have been faster if the telecom sector disruption hadn’t occurred.

Although it rose when compared to the same quarter last year, the company’s revenue decreased when compared to the prior three months.

The company’s revenue for the three months ending in September was Rs 1,428 crore, down from Rs 1,497 crore in the quarter ending in June but higher than the Rs 1,333 crore reported in the same quarter last year.

amara raja batteries

2. The company added in a statement that the automotive battery industry “continued to sustain growth momentum in four-wheeler batteries supported by stronger after-market sales stemming from a high preference for our brands Amaron and PowerZone.”

According to ARBL, it has begun supplying Honda Motor India Pvt. Ltd. with two-wheeler batteries. About 60% of ARBL’s revenue comes from the automobile industry.

According to the company, the industrial battery sector had double-digit revenue growth thanks to an ideal product mix and robust demand.

 4. Social Media Marketing

The process of generating content for social media platforms as part of the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries serves multiple purposes. It not only markets its products and services but also fosters a community with its target audience and drives traffic to its business.

This process is commonly referred to as social media marketing. As part of its marketing strategy, Amara Raja Batteries maintains a presence on several major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook: 5.1k Followers

Amara Raja Batteries Facebook Profile

Youtube: 4.56k Followers

Amara Raja Batteries YouTube Profile

Instagram: 3707 Followers

Amara Raja Batteries Instagram Profile

Linkedin: 24k Followers

Amara Raja Batteries linkedin profile

5. SEO Strategies

SEO Strategy of Amara Raja Batteries

In the realm of SEO rankings, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries is considered to be of high quality, as it utilizes 3457 organic keywords. This is above the threshold of 1000 keywords, which is deemed satisfactory, and significantly higher than the lower limit of 500 keywords, which is viewed as subpar.

The use of these organic keywords in the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries indicates that their digital marketing efforts are yielding substantial insights.

However, with a monthly traffic averaging at 26K+, there is room for improvement. Therefore, it is imperative for Amara Raja Batteries to persistently strive to enhance its brand visibility in Google’s organic SERP results and refine its SEO techniques as part of its marketing strategy.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, a strategy where a company collaborates with a social media influencer to promote its products or services, can take various forms. While some collaborations are focused on tangible promotions, others are more subtle, with companies working with influencers primarily to boost brand awareness.

However, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries does not incorporate influencer marketing. They have chosen not to engage with influencers in their marketing campaigns, indicating a strategic preference within the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries.

7. E-commerce Strategies

Amazon amaron battery

As part of the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries, their products, including batteries and inverters, are available for purchase on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Customers have the opportunity to avail additional discounts when they combine Amazon services with multiple credit cards.

In addition to these platforms, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries also involves promoting their products on their own website portal. This platform provides customers with detailed information about their batteries, inverters, and other services they offer.

Given their status as a leading manufacturer of batteries and their widespread availability in most offline stores, procuring these batteries and inverters is quite straightforward. This accessibility is a key aspect of the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries.

8. Mobile Apps

Amara Raja batteries App

In the context of the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries, a mobile app refers to a software application specifically developed for use on small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones and tablets, as opposed to desktop or laptop computers.

  • Should be available in online and offline mode product 
  • Notification of upcoming product
  • Availability of the product

9. Content Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries primarily involves active engagement on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Their YouTube channel features promotional videos and social media campaigns about Exide batteries, providing guidance on their usage.

However, the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries appears to lack a focus on article marketing and blogging.

Their website does not feature any blogs or articles. To boost organic traffic to their website, it would be beneficial for the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries to place greater emphasis on these areas.

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Top Competitors of Amara Raja Batteries

The battery manufacturing sector is highly competitive. Here are a few top competitors of Amara Raja Batteries in India as well as internationally:

  1. Top Competitors in India
  • Exide Industries
  • TATA Green Batteries
  • Luminous
  • HBL Power Systems
  • BaseBatteries
  1. Top Competitors Internationally
  • Xiamen Sunrise
  • Pureforge
  • AESC Japan
  • Shandong Yongjin Transmission Machinery

These companies, like Amara Raja Batteries, are making significant strides in the battery sector.

 Failed Campaigns of Amara Raja Batteries

While Amara Raja Batteries has had many successful campaigns, there have been a few instances where their initiatives didn’t resonate as expected with the audience:

Amara Raja Batteries Industry

  1. Closure of Factories In 2021, Amara Raja Batteries entered a legal battle after the AP Pollution Control Board (APPCB) issued closure notices for two of its plants—Karakambadi-Tirupati, and Nunegundlapall in the erstwhile Chittoor districts. The company was accused of violating environmental norms. This led to a significant setback for Amara Raja Batteries, as it affected the company’s reputation and operations.
  2. Withdrawal of Expansion Plans While the legal battle was still underway, the management of the automotive battery maker withdrew their expansion plans in Andhra Pradesh. In May 2023, the company launched a gigafactory in the neighboring Telugu State of Telangana to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. This move was seen as a failure of the company’s expansion plans in Andhra Pradesh.

These instances serve as reminders that even the most promising companies can face challenges. However, they also provide valuable lessons for Amara Raja Batteries to learn from and improve upon in their future endeavors.


A case study on the marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries reveals a unique approach. The company effectively communicates that its car batteries can perform optimally in any terrain and have the capacity to tow anything.

This message is conveyed through engaging, stunt-based advertisements, primarily disseminated via the YouTube platform as part of their marketing campaign.As companies increasingly seek digital marketers, upskilling through programs like IIDE’s ODMC could be beneficial.

The marketing strategy of Amara Raja Batteries has enabled the company to outperform its competitors, largely due to its exceptional efforts in promoting the brand to its clients. Marketing, being a vital pillar of any organization, is undergoing rapid transformation.

With the rising prominence of digital marketing, it is crucial to stay informed and educated on the subject.

If you enjoy in-depth company analysis, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please comment below with your thoughts on the case study.

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