Detailed Marketing Strategy of Adani Transmission – With STP Analysis

Updated on: May 28, 2022

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In our last post, we learned about the marketing strategy of Power Grid Corporation of India, an Indian power organization. In this blog, we will discuss the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission, India’s leading power company. 

The objective is to learn and gain insights into Adani Transmission and how it became India’s leading power company. This company aims to utilize the resources most efficiently and contribute to making India one of the ultimate power performers and set India apart. 

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We will fully cover the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive into the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission, let us start by learning the company’s story, target audience, and digital presence.

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About Adani Transmission – Company Overview

Marketing Strategies of Adani Transmission

Adani Transmission Limited (ATL), based in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, is one of the country’s largest private-sector power transmission businesses, with operations in all of India’s regions. With an enabling policy framework in place, major capacity expansions, and increased prospects for private engagement through tariff-based competitive bidding, India’s power transmission sector is well-positioned for growth.

The CEO of Adani Transmission is Mr Anil Kumar Sardana. The founder is Mr Gautam Adani. The company was established as a public limited company in Ahmedabad on December 9, 2013. On December 17, 2013, the Registrar of Companies in Gujarat issued the company a certificate of commencement of operation. The company reports a net profit of Rs 230 cr approx. 

ATL’s primary goal is to tap into India’s immense transmission potential, to construct 20,000 circuit kilometres of transmission lines by 2022.


Quick Stats on Adani Transmission
CEO Anil Sardana
CFO Rohit Soni
Area Served India
Industry Energy and power
Market Share/ Revenue ₹2,479 Crores
Vision To be a world-class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation.
Tagline Timeless Values – Driving Growth and Prosperity


Marketing Strategies of ADANI

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

  1. Segmentation – Adani transmission segment involves power transmission activities, trading segment, Mumbai GTD Business and many more. 
  2. Targeting – The company does not produce anything to be sold, they transit power with 14000+ power transmission length and 23000+ transformation capacity. So it doesn’t apply the concept of transmission.
  3. Positioning – As for the positioning of the company in the market, it is one of the leading companies in power transmission and trading.

Marketing Campaigns

The company has done lots of marketing campaigns which help them in reaching and expanding their customers. Successful campaigns also establish credibility and a feeling of truth and justice in all the campaigns they do from the beginning to the end.

#The LiveTheConstitution campaign    

Marketing Strategies of Adani Transmission - Campaign 1

#Thelivetheconstitution campaign was one of the most successful.

The theme of the 71st Republic Day in 2020 will be #LiveTheConstitution. The company promoted a disruption notion of India’s national spirit. It emphasises India’s ambition to become a secular, democratic republic, as an indication of equality among all Indian citizens.  

The #GoodnessNeverStops campaign is the second campaign.

Marketing Strategies of Adani Transmission - Campaign 2

Adani Group has teamed together with DDB Mudra to create a heartwarming film, #GoodnessNeverStops, to honour the frontline troops. The film pays tribute to Adani Group’s employees for their tireless efforts and steadfast support throughout the Covid-19 crisis lockdown.


Marketing Strategies of Adani Transmission - Campaign 3

Digitalization of schools: Information Technology has had a powerful mark on the knowledge process, and ATL believes that using technology as an enabler, can assist to enhance the education sector. It is operating on the digitalization of primary and secondary schools, as well as nourishing e-learning infrastructure like computers and projectors at Dahanu.

Social Media  Marketing

Where can the company be found?

Facebook: Adani Group 3.8K page likes
LinkedIn: Adani Transmission Ltd. with 4256 followers
Instagram: Adani online with 79.2K followers.
Twitter: Adani Group

They are active on all the Social media platforms and the most followed social media platform is Instagram. They share lots of informational content as well as their success stories on all their pages. Mostly they have inspiration and their people’s life journey at Adani group, their encouragement,  learnings, experience, etc. They can come up with many other marketing activities to interact with consumers. One good thing is that they reply to and like the comments on social media pages and engage with their consumers well.

SEO Strategies 

Marketing Strategies of Adani Transmission - SEO

As per SEO ranking, it is said that the number of keywords – below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing. As we’ve seen, the majority of its traffic comes from online searches. The number of keywords is above 3000+ which is pretty good for the SEO team members of Adani group,  and the traffic on the website is above 7000+ a month is amazing and the company can do much better.

Ecommerce Strategies    

The strategic partnership between Flipkart and Adani Group is intended to help them achieve their business goals. The fulfilment centre, which will be leased to Flipkart, will act as the primary distribution centre for the western area of India as well as foreign exports.

Flipkart will expand its supply chain infrastructure in the country as a result of this cooperation with Adani, and it hopes to stave off intense competition from other MNCs, collaborations, and collaboration. When the newly constructed fulfilment centre opens in the third quarter of 2022, all eyes will be on the volume of trade it will generate.   

Mobile App

Adani Transmission separately doesn’t have a mobile application. Other sectors of the Adani group have apps like Adani Electric, Adani saksham, Adani collections by collect, etc do have the mobile app. 

Content Marketing Strategies

They post a variety of articles connected to health, the environment, green energy, inspiration, people’s stories, motivation, and award winners, among other things. At Adani Transmission, they just got the Adani Long Service Award as well.

They also share posts about human concerns as well as raising awareness about the necessity of water conservation. They don’t miss out on anything and have excellent content marketing.


This ends our elaborative marketing strategy of Adani Transmission. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in Adani Transmission Marketing?

Adani Transmission Limited (ATL) is one of the largest private sector power transmission companies operating in India. The company is very huge and has a proper handling system. They have done a lot of amazing and unique marketing campaigns and CSR activities. They are active on all the social media channels and are updated every day. Their posts are very informative and knowledgeable.

As digital marketing is essential in today’s times and the company is doing well, they still can work on the part of interacting with customers and creative content marketing strategies.

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of Adani Transmission in the comments section below.

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