Elaborated Business Model of DHL | IIDE

Updated on: Sep 22, 2021
Elaborated Business Model of DHL | IIDE

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DHL is currently the largest logistics company in the world. It is also the world’s only courier company that delivers to sanctioned nations like North Korea. It delivers over 1.5 billion parcels in a year. It has one of the best business models in the industry which helps it stand out in the market. Thus this makes us keen to know the business model of DHL.

In this blog, we have discussed the business model and other related factors for its success.

Before we start with its business model let us first know about DHL as a company.


About DHL

  DHL Logo |  Business Model of DHL | IIDE

DHL is an International Courier, Package Delivery & Express mail service. It was founded by Adrian Delsey, Larry Hillblom, Robert Lynn on Sep 25, 1969, in San Francisco and started giving its service all over the world by the 1970s. 

DHL was chiefly interested in offshore and intercontinental conveyances, however, the Success of FedEx provoked their intra-US expansion which began in 1983. DHL is a division of the German logistics firm Dutch post. 

DHL Provide services & deliveries to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. As it is German-owned,  However, there are strict Limitations for delivery in North Korea, as the country does not have friendly relations with the West. 

DHL is no longer a United States company, they are not allowed to make domestic flights between U.S. airports. DHL Signs contracts with other providers to fulfil this service. 

DHL is an Employee & customer-centric company. They emphasize their Employee’ needs and take Care of them By giving Incentives, Bonuses, Holidays frequently. DHL Currently has nearly 3,25,000 employees

Let us now see the business model of DHL.


Business Model of DHL | Finance, Logistics, Marketing

A business model helps a business to build its business by analyzing what they are going to sell and how are they going to promote it. It also helps it analyze what are the expenses it is going to incur and how is it going to make a profit.


DHL initial business model was a follows:

DHL initially started by providing services for the people who have to wait at the port for their parcel to arrive to fill the documentation. It was so that the longer you stay at the port the more charges you had to pay, so DHL came up with an idea that it brought the documents of the parcel before the ship arrives by air and prepare all the documents before in hand and keep it ready. They made a huge success in it and then targeted large companies for their setups in new places with cheap delivery of items.

Let us now see the other factors which help the business grow.

DHL Truck | Business Model of DHL | IIDE


Competitor Analysis of DHL

With online customers acclimated with flipping between various web stores at the snap of a catch, it tends to be a colossal test to win their consideration. Regardless of how particular or speciality the item you’re selling might be, you’ll generally be rivalling the hundreds (if not a large number of) comparative e-posteriors the web has to bring to the table. What’s more, all of these online contenders are a danger to your productivity. 

Leading a careful contender examination ought to be an essential piece of your business methodology. An effective contender examination will help you: 

  • Learn best practices to market and sell all the more successfully 
  • Identify holes in the market where client request isn’t being satisfied – need you can foster your business to meet.

Let us now see the Marketing mix of DHL.


Marketing Mix of DHL

A marketing mix consists of 4Ps which include the Price, Place, Promotion, and Product mix. This helps us know how the business is going and what are things that need to improve in the businesses model.

Let us start the marketing mix by looking at the Price mix of DHL.


1. Price Mix of DHL

The pricing depends upon a lot of factors including:

  • Weight of the product. Which Is getting Shipped
  • Nature/Type of product: If the product is of glass or electronic device then additional insurance charges will be applied.
  • Nature/Type of delivery selected; instantly delivery, regular delivery, or speedy delivery
  • Distance to be covered by the package
  • The consignment size: only matter in the case of e-commerce or entrepreneurial transactions

Let us now see the place mix of DHL.


2. Place Mix of DHL

DHL Divisions in India | Business Model of DHL | IIDE

  • It used two marketing channels for its distribution of products. The first one is that it sells its services directly to its customers through online channel and the second one is that it sell through different people appointed by them all around the world.
  • It has a large distribution channel around the world which also includes North Korea.

Let us now see the Product mix of DHL.


3. Product Mix of DHL

It provides different services like:

  • Express delivery
  • Fast delivery
  • Regular delivery

Let us now see the Promotion mix of DHL.


4. Promotion Mix of DHL

  • It promotes its services to large companies and also individuals.
  • It sponsors different events like Hero Indian League, Formula 1 racing, etc.
  • It uses different platforms like television, social media, etc to promote its services.





In the analysis of the Business model and other related factors that help DHL improve in their business, we know that DHL has the best business model in the industry.

It started by just helping the people save their time and money on the port by bringing the related documents by air and doing all the related work before the shipment arrives and charging them for their services.

Now they have developed and have been collaborating with companies to set up their businesses by transporting all their required assets to the destination in one contract.

From the marketing mix of DHL, we have seen that it provides many services to its customers and charges differently for every different service. 

They provide the customers with ease in transportation with their well-distributed branches all over the world and they promote their services using different channels and by sponsoring different events.

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