5 Best SEO Courses In Zaria For Absolute Beginners

Updated on: Sep 30, 2022

Looking for an SEO course in Zaria? Do you want to rank your webpage #1 on Google’s SERP but don’t know how to do it? If so, then this blog can be a perfect headstart for you to learn about various SEO courses as well as job opportunities available for you in Zaria.

In this blog, we’ve listed down the top 5 SEO courses in Zaria along with all the necessary details regarding these courses so that you can choose the best SEO course for yourself at your own convenience.

But before diving into the list of top 5 SEO courses in Zaria, let us first understand what SEO is, what are its benefits, what are the job opportunities available in this field, and why you should start learning it as soon as possible.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of improving the quality of a website so that it can appear higher in search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The main goal of SEO is to make sure your website is unique as well as relevant to your readers. 

There are many benefits to using SEO. It helps in attracting quality traffic to your website. It strengthens your credibility. You don’t have to spend on advertising for SEO. It helps you maximize your PPC campaigns. It helps you in staying competitive as well as it is traceable. But most importantly, it helps you reach more people by ranking your website higher on search engines. Return on investment is another one of the main benefits of SEO as well as a reason to rely on it.

With the rapid increase in the number of websites as well as various e-commerce portals, the competition is intensifying and in order to put websites on the top of SERP, every company needs an SEO expert who can help them in accomplishing their task. Therefore, with all the competitive analysis, the demand for SEO jobs is also growing rapidly. Let’s just take a look at the SEO job opportunities available in Nigeria:

SEO Courses in Zaria - Job Statistics

Source – LinkedIn.com

Astonishing, isn’t it? As you can see there are numerous job opportunities in the field of SEO in Nigeria and with the rapid increase in the number of websites there sure will be more in the near future. So if you want to make a career in the field of SEO, you should choose the right SEO course and start learning it as soon as possible in order to become an expert in SEO.

Bonus tip: Content is an important part of SEO. The demand for content writers has increased significantly in recent years as more and more businesses realize the importance of content and SEO. So if you want to learn about content marketing as well as various content marketing strategies, check out IIDE’s Online Content Marketing Course with Certification. In this online course, you’ll learn how to create a holistic content marketing strategy in order to attract and engage your desired target audience as well as convert them into paying customers.

Now let us straight away look into the 5 Best SEO Courses in Zaria that will help you in becoming an SEO professional

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Top 5 SEO Courses in Zaria:


1. IIDE – The Digital School


IIDE is one of today’s leading institutes for digital marketing. Having been named the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” at the World Education Congress Awards 2021, IIDE is raising the bar of global education.

IIDE is transforming the way students learn today. Unlike other traditional institutes, IIDE doesn’t encourage students to learn from PPTs which have not been updated for a long time. We believe in a customized, concise, and real-world relevant curriculum.

Of the numerous specialized courses available, IIDE offers an Online SEO Course that follows an advanced teaching methodology. The course begins with watching high-quality video lectures, followed by live online sessions and you will also be given assignments as well as practice tests to assess your knowledge.

Want to learn more about this SEO course? Here’s everything you need to know about IIDE’s online SEO course with certification. But before we get into the details of the course, here’s a glimpse of student life at IIDE.

SEO Course Syllabus 

  • Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training
  • Keyword Research: Integral part of On-page SEO
  • On-page SEO Tutorial
  • Google- proofing your website
  • Off-page SEO Tutorials
  • Google Search Consoles
  • Blackhat Techniques

SEO Course Faculty 

IIDE has a team of wonderful trainers, who are industry experts and have hands-on experience in the subject they teach. This helps the students to learn from the top business leaders and get some insights into the corporate world as well. Below mentioned are the trainers responsible for teaching IIDE’s Online SEO course:

SEO Trainers

SEO Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the online SEO course is approximately 10 hours. The SEO course fees are USD 190.

This fee may appear to be a little on the high side, but have a look at the course highlights:

SEO Course Highlights 

  • Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
  • 6+ Hours of Live Class
  • 1+ Hour of Video Lectures
  • Attend lectures via any Device
  • Access to Video lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests & Assignments
  • Learn From Experts
  • Dedicated Q&A Support and Help

Certification Offered

On completion of this online SEO course, you will be able to rank your website higher on Google and become an SEO professional. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.


IIDE Students Work At

SEO courses in Vijayawada- IIDE alumni

Student Reviews

Student Reviews -IIDE

It is always said that learning from the best will give you a better understanding and a great experience.

So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of how learning is at IIDE, sign up for this free masterclass led by Mr. Karan Shah, CEO, and founder of IIDE, himself on the basics of digital marketing.

Now, this masterclass is not directly related to SEO but it will give you an overview of digital marketing. This way you get to learn something new and also decide if our teaching style works for you.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: [email protected]
Website: https://iide.co/seo-course-online/

2. Halita Digital Skills Academy

SEO Courses in Zaria - Halita Digital Skills Academy logo 

Halita Digital Skills Academy is one of the most trusted and renowned digital marketing training institutes based in Abuja, Nigeria. It is well known for providing quality digital skills education to students. Its main goal is to provide students with quality hands-on education along with real-time projects.

Halita Digital Skills Academy is one of the oldest SEO training institutes in Abuja, offering comprehensive SEO training to students, including live internships on projects. The Academy constantly updates its syllabus with new updates in search engine algorithms. This course explores each SEO topic in detail and also provides practical implementation examples so that students can easily understand all the topics. You can also join the Halita Digital Skills Academy demo to learn more about their training methodology and teaching experience.

Course Syllabus

  • What is SEO
  • Why Do You Need SEO?
  • The Current SEO Landscape
  • How People Search
  • Overview of Keywords
  • Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly – Using Meta Tags
  • Linking Strategies
  • Innovative Techniques for Building Inbound links
  • Overview of Terminologies
  • Optimizing Your Website
  • Creating Content
  • Developing a Link Strategy
  • Top 10 SEO Tips
  • What Not To Do
  • How to Use Blogging as an SEO Tools
  • Localization and Getting Found in Local Search
  • Staying Out of Trouble with Search Engines

Course Highlights

  • 90% practical 10% theory
  • Classroom mode as well as Online/E-Learning
  • Practical-oriented training
  • Practical examples and assignments
  • 100% placements assistance
  • Better career opportunities

Course Duration & Fees

It is a 2-day SEO course and its price is NGN 25,000.

Contact Details

Phone: 0807-185-5559
Email: [email protected]

3. BiZmarrow Technologies

SEO Courses in Zaria - BiZmarrow Technologies logo

Founded in 2010, BiZmarrow Technologies is one of the most prestigious training centers in Nigeria that offers personalized and hands-on training in Digital Marketing, Adobe Packaged Training, Microsoft Advanced Training, Mobile and Web App Development, Diploma in ICT and Computers, Branding, and Brand Graphic Design, Python Programming and Management Training, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap training.

BiZmarrow Technologies also offers a live hands-on online SEO training course that will show you how to drive paying customers to your website. This course will also show you how to sustainably grow your organic traffic from search engines. This course provides practical, hands-on training from basics to advanced principles of organic search. 

In this SEO course, you’ll learn how to use various SEO techniques to help your website rank higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This course covers a variety of important SEO concepts including keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, analytics, and technical SEO. This advanced SEO training course can easily transform you into a full-stack SEO professional.

Course Syllabus

  • What is SEO
  • Why Do You Need SEO?
  • The Current SEO Landscape
  • How People Search
  • Business research and analysis- ( Differentiating business Benefits from Features)
  • Customer identification and segmentation (KYC)
  • Identifying the customer pain point and words they use to describe it
  • Keywords research and analysis
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  • Google Webmaster Central Developments
  • Linking Strategies
  • Innovative Techniques for Building Inbound links
  • Video Optimisation
  • Optimizing Your Website
  • Creating Content
  • Developing a Link Strategy
  • Top 10 SEO Tips
  • What Not To Do
  • How to Use Blogging as an SEO Tool
  • The Importance of Hosting
  • Understing the new Google ranking factor -Core Web Vitals
  • Localization and Getting Found in Local Search
  • Staying Out of Trouble with Search Engines

Course Highlights 

  • Develop skills for a real career
  • Practical hands-on training
  • Learn from experts
  • Learn from the comfort of your home or your offices 
  • Project-based learning
  • Virtual Instructor-Led live online
  • Interactive Class

Course Duration & Fees

The details regarding the duration and the fee of this SEO course by BiZmarrow Technologies are not provided on BiZmarrow Technologie’s website but you can contact BiZmarrow Technologie to know more about these.

Contact Details

Phone: 08088996437 / 09096669196
Email: [email protected]

4. Digitalspot Academy

SEO Courses in Zaria - Digitalspot Academy logo

Digitalspot Academy is a world leader in providing digital training, known for helping individuals and organizations succeed in today’s digital age. Its mission is to provide individuals with world-class digital skills and training. It provides students and professionals with the industry’s most comprehensive digital technology training courses to help them transform their careers, lives, as well as businesses. It shares valuable knowledge with students through its instructor-led live courses which enable businesses and professionals to achieve greater success.

Digitalspot Academy offers SEO training courses that will help you learn a variety of proven SEO strategies that you can apply to your website to get 10x more traffic. It will also teach you how to use SEO to generate leads and generate new customers for your company.

In this SEO course, you will learn and understand various aspects of SEO including on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, local SEO, UX and web content creation, YouTube SEO, site audits, international SEO, and more. This course has been developed by experienced SEO professionals with many years of professional experience in Nigeria and abroad. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to master their SEO skills and drive free or organic traffic to their website that generates lots of leads and sales.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To Seo
  • Seo Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Seo Optimization
  • Seo Copywriting
  • Off-Page Seo Optimization
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Reporting & Analysis

Course Highlights 

  • Learn by Doing
  • Real-Time Support
  • Earn a Certificate
  • Virtual Learning (Online)
  • Expert Instructors
  • Get Qualified in SEO
  • Free support for 1 month on a project

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this online SEO course by Digitalspot Academy is 4 Saturdays and its price is NGN 50,000.

Contact Details

Phone: +2348137004198
Email: [email protected]

5. Udemy

SEO Courses in Zaria - Udemy logo

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms to help you gain in-depth knowledge on any subject you desire. It offers many courses to help students and professionals continue to grow in their careers.

Udemy offers a Google SEO Masterclass for Beginners, one of the top-rated courses on Udemy. This course will give you a wide variety of hands-on SEO tactics. In this course, you’ll learn how to get your website to the top of search engines like Google using a few simple tricks. This course is basically for those who want to learn various SEO tips and tricks to become an SEO master.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Keyword Planning & strategy
  • Tools for Keyword Planning
  • On-Page SEO (Non-Technical)
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool)
  • On-Page SEO (Technical)
  • On-Page SEO Tools
  • Off Page SEO Concepts
  • How to get Backlinks
  • SEO Tools
  • WordPress SEO Plugins
  • Pro SEO Tips

Course Highlights

  • 12 sections
  • 67 lectures
  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 4.6 star rated

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this SEO course is 8 hours and 18 minutes and its price is USD 29.99.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I do SEO on my own?

Of course. You can do SEO yourself. With practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. Our advice; take an SEO course and apply what you learn to your business. A great place to start learning SEO is IIDE’s Online SEO Course.

Q. Is SEO a good career choice?

Yes, SEO is a great career option as it is one of the most in-demand careers in digital marketing. Several organizations around the world are hiring SEO experts to create better content and generate more business leads.

Q. What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the art of creating keyword-optimized content designed to appeal to human users as well as search engine algorithms. In simpler words, SEO copywriting is about writing content that Google can easily understand. If you want to learn more about Copywriting, check out IIDE’s Online Copywriting Course with Certification.

Q. Should copywriters know SEO?

Copywriters don’t necessarily need to have a deep technical knowledge of SEO, but they should know the basics of SEO. From conducting keyword research to creating organized and optimized content, the content available on the page can have a huge impact on its performance.

Q. Is it true that the quantity of links is more important than the quality?

Unfortunately, it is a common SEO myth that the quantity of links is more important than the quality. While more links may seem like a good SEO strategy, this is no longer the case. In fact, too many low-quality links can drag your website down as well as threaten your credibility.


That’s it, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on the Top 5 SEO courses in Zaria and found it to be helpful in starting your journey in the field of SEO.

The ability to rank your website #1 on Google is not the only thing that makes you an expert in the field of digital marketing. The field of digital marketing has various other areas and tools that must be mastered to advertise and promote your business online in today’s digital age. If you want to further your education in various other areas of digital marketing, check out IIDE’s short-term certificate courses.

If you’re looking to advance your career in digital marketing, consider taking IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course. This course will help you become an expert in this field. This course covers basic to advanced digital marketing concepts and it’s more efficient than spending hours learning digital marketing from Google. It will also help you land an entry-level digital marketing job and prove to future employers that you have all the necessary as well as industry-relevant digital marketing skills.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding SEO or Digital Marketing then let us know in the comment section down below. We’ll be happy to hear from you as well as answer your queries. Happy Reading!

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