5 Best SEO Courses in Kumbakonam With Certification

Updated on: Aug 31, 2022
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Looking for SEO Courses in Kumbakonam? Want to learn about SEO? Or start your blogging website? Good SEO is paying attention to google algorithms and remaining up to date with the latest changes. And this can be a time-consuming task. But, don’t worry we’re here to help you.

In this blog, we’ve listed the best SEO courses in Kumbakonam with the complete details regarding syllabus, duration , fees and other details. Before knowing, let’s understand what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the technique used to improve a website’s technical setup, content relevancy, and link popularity so that its pages and the website itself can be more easily found, more relevant to user search queries, and popular among users, and as a result, more popular with search engines.

By presenting content that satisfies user search needs, search engines advocate SEO actions that help both the user search experience and the page’s rating. This comprises, among other SEO best practices, the use of relevant keywords in page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags, the use of descriptive URLs that contain keywords rather than a list of numbers, and the use of schema markup to explain the meaning of the page’s content.

People can find what they’re seeking online with the aid of search engines. Search engines are a typical starting place when you require information, whether you’re looking into a particular product, finding a restaurant, or making travel arrangements. 

The process of positioning your website to appear higher on a search engine results page (SERP) in order to draw in more traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For search terms that are most important to your target audience, it is common to try to rank on the first page of Google results. Therefore, SEO is just as much about knowing what your audience wants and needs as it is about knowing how to design your website technically.

SEO jobs are in great demand among other digital marketing skills. Don’t believe it? Let us have a look at the SEO jobs available in Kumbakonam.

SEO Courses in Kumbakonam - Job Statistics

Source: LinkedIn

Numbers speak for themselves, right? Now, you must not have a second thought if you are considering learning SEO!

Bonus Tip: If you want to know and learn about digital marketing and its nuances in detail, then you may check out IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course This includes all the crucial aspects of digital marketing, including SEO and many more.

Now let’s have a look at the list of best SEO courses in Kumbakonam that will help you gain better insights of SEO in a simple and understandable manner.

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5 Best SEO Courses in Kumbakonam


1. IIDE – The Digital School


IIDE is one of today’s leading institutes for digital marketing in India. Having been named the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” at the World Education Congress Awards 2021, IIDE is raising the bar of global education.

IIDE is transforming the way students learn today. Unlike other traditional institutes, IIDE doesn’t encourage students to learn from PPTs which have not been updated for a long time. We believe in a customized, concise, and real-world relevant curriculum.

Of the numerous specialized courses available, IIDE offers an Online SEO Course that follows an advanced teaching methodology. The course begins with watching high-quality video lectures, followed by live online sessions and you will also be given assignments as well as practice tests to assess your knowledge.

Want to learn more about this SEO course? Here’s everything you need to know about IIDE’s online SEO course with certification. But before we get into the details of the course, here’s a glimpse of student life at IIDE.

SEO Course Syllabus 

  • Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training
  • Keyword Research: Integral part of On-page SEO
  • On-page SEO Tutorial
  • Google- proofing your website
  • Off-page SEO Tutorials
  • Google Search Consoles
  • Blackhat Techniques

SEO Course Faculty 

IIDE has a team of wonderful trainers, who are industry experts and have hands-on experience in the subject they teach. This helps the students to learn from the top business leaders and get some insights into the corporate world as well. Below mentioned are the trainers responsible for teaching IIDE’s Online SEO course:

SEO Trainers

SEO Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the online SEO course is approximately 10 hours. The SEO course fees are INR 15,000.

This fee may appear to be a little on the high side, but have a look at the course highlights:

SEO Course Highlights 

  • Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
  • 6+ Hours of Live Class
  • 1+ Hour of Video Lectures
  • Attend lectures via any Device
  • Access to Video lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests & Assignments
  • Learn From Experts
  • Dedicated Q&A Support and Help

Certification Offered

On completion of this online SEO course, you will be able to rank your website higher on Google and become an SEO professional. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.


IIDE Students Work At

SEO courses in Vijayawada- IIDE alumni

Student Reviews

Student Reviews -IIDE

It is always said that learning from the best will give you a better understanding and a great experience.

So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of how learning is at IIDE, sign up for this free masterclass led by Mr. Karan Shah, CEO, and founder of IIDE, himself on the basics of digital marketing.

Now, this masterclass is not directly related to SEO but it will give you an overview of digital marketing. This way you get to learn something new and also decide if our teaching style works for you.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: admissions@iide.co
Website: https://iide.co/seo-course-online/

2. QuickXpert Infotech

SEO Courses in Kumbakonam - Quickxpert Infotech

Based in Mumbai, Quickxpert Infotech provides IT solutions to its customers. With 30+ courses and 100% job opportunities, they have expertise in various fields including HTML, Web Designing, Database Design  Java and others.

It provides courses such as Python, Digital Marketing , SEO, Data Analytics, Software Testing and much more. Its SEO course will help you learn about online marketing and latest techniques to uplift your knowledge and your business. Not only that, it will guide you to the steps and methods to rank higher in the SERP.

SEO Course Syllabus 

  • Understanding Search Engines
  • WordPress
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Analysis and Audit Report
  • Grammarly
  • Canva
  • Moz Toolbar
  • Google Various Updates 

SEO Course Duration & Fees

This SEO Course in Kumbakonam comes under Digital Marketer Training Program which is for the duration of 2.5 to 3 months. For the details regarding fees, you have to sign up or download the pdf available on its website. 

SEO Course Highlights

  • Free Demo
  • Job Oriented Course
  • Training from Experts
  • Best Placement
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Prepare Sessions
  • Course Certificates

Contact Details

Phone: +917506252588
Email: inquiry@quickxpertinfotech.com
Website: 101, Prestige Chambers, outside platform 2 Thane West Railway Station, Behind Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Status, Besides Maurya Hotel, Thane West

3. Udemy

SEO Courses in Kumakonam - Udemy Logo

With over 741M+ course enrollments and 54M+ learners, is an online learning platform. It is a destination where people can connect through knowledge around the world. It helps people business, institutions and organizations to learn better and easier.

It offers 204,000+ online video courses for you to choose and learn from! It is divided into the categories of Design, Development, Marketing, Business, Personal Development, Music and much more. As it offers many courses in SEO, the Ultimate SEO Training Course is listed here.

SEO Course Syllabus 

  • SEO Fundamental Principle
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating Content for Website
  • On-Page SEO 
  • Off-Page SEO 
  • Technical SEO
  • Speeding Up WordPress Website
  • User Experience

SEO Course Duration & Fees

This SEO Course is for a duration of 14 hour 4 minutes of total length and costs INR 449. It also carries a 30 days money back guarantee.

SEO Course Highlights

  • 7.5 Hours On-Demand Video
  • 27 Articles
  • 17 Downloadable Resources
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Contact Details

Phone: NA
Email: press@udemy.com
Address: ResCowork 07, 10th Floor, Tower B Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39 Gurgaon

4. Coursera

SEO Courses in Kumbakonam - Coursera logo

With 100+ Million learners around the world, Coursera offers online courses and degrees to people from anytime anywhere. They have partnered with best the universities around the world to cater the best learning.This enables one to change their life from anywhere.

From Data Science, Business, IT, Health, Computer Science, Arts, Social Science, Personal Development, it offers a wide range of courses. Its SEO Specialization courses will make you an SEO expert. It will help you master the tools and strategies that will guide you through the SEO journey. Details about Google SEO Fundamentals have been given here.

SEO Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to On- Page SEO
  • Introduction to Off- Page SEO
  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Keyword Theory and Research

SEO Course Duration & Fees

This SEO Course in Kumbakonam is for the duration of approximately 29 hours. And do you know what’s the amazing part of this course? You can enroll for free!

SEO Course Highlights

  • Shareable Specialization and Course Certificates
  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Course Videos & Readings
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  • Graded Programming Assignments

Contact Details 

Phone: (800) 952-5210
Email: press@coursera.org
Address: 381 E. Evelyn Ave Mountain View, CA 94041

5. MyCaptain

SEO Courses in Kumbakonam - My Captain Logo

With 150+ young mentors and 100K students impacted, MyCaptain empowers and enables young minds to choose the career they deserve. They are the online platform and have partnered with industry leaders and helped students throughout their journey to find their passion.

My Captain caters pro courses such as Digital Marketing, Content and Copywriting and UI/UX Design. Their SEO Course will help you play with the keywords to improve ranking in the search engines. This course will help you become an SEO expert!

SEO Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Measuring Success
  • Google Algorithm

SEO Course Duration & Fees

This SEO course is for the duration of one month and costs INR 5,999 including GST.

SEO Course Highlights

  • Practical Knowledge
  • Lifetime content access
  • Internship and Placement Support
  • Industry Standard Content
  • Personalized and guided assistance

Contact Details

Phone: 095139 87644
Email: NA
Address: The Hub Unit 1, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the best SEO course in Kumbakonam?

Ans. As mentioned above, IIDE’s Online SEO Course is the best SEO Course available in the market. It includes everything from pre-recorded sessions to live training by the experts wherein you may solve your doubts.

Q. How many months does it take to complete an SEO course?

Ans. It depends on your practice and the time you devote to SEO. If you are consistent and devote 3 hours per day, then you can learn SEO in a month but you need continuous practice to get better at it.

Q. Is SEO easy to learn?

Ans. It depends on your mode of learning. If you’re opting for a good and comprehensive course then it’ll be much better and easier to learn than learning all by yourself. 

Q. How much does an SEO course cost?

Ans. It depends on which institution or organization you’re learning from. While some courses are free, others are paid. 

Q. Is there a course for SEO?

Ans. Of course, there are. Some of the best are mentioned above. These courses include both free and paid courses that will help you in your SEO journey. 


Above were the some best SEO courses  in Kumbakonam which can help you become a really good digital marketer. With that, these courses will help you in your ranking in the SERP and improve your website traffic.

If you want to master the other skills of Digital Marketing , then you may check out short-term certification courses by IIDE. These courses include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Online Reputation Management, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and much more. These courses will help you dive deeper and understand the nuances of every subject.

If you are looking forward to choosing Digital Marketing as your career, you may also check out  MBA level Post Graduation in  Digital Marketing offered by IIDE.

We hope that this blog has helped you and you had a great time reading it. If you have any query please let us know in the comments below.

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