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Updated on: Nov 9, 2023


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Is digital marketing an effective means of building enterprises in Klaten City (Central Java Province)? If you are looking for a Scope of digital marketing in Klaten City or if you wish to make a career in digital marketing then you can have a look at this blog.

In this blog, we‚Äôll look at digital marketing in the post-covid world, the scope of digital marketing for businesses as well as students, and the future of digital marketing in Klaten, one of Indonesia’s most innovative cities and the best vacation spots.

The concept of digital marketing                               

To stay in a market, businesses need effective interpersonal relationships with their customers. Along with that, it is also essential for them to understand the needs and desires of their customers so they can satisfy their needs. The internet has made it easier for companies to reach their mass market to understand their needs and desires. Therefore, with the introduction of the internet on 1 Jan 1983, digital marketing came into play in the 1990s, which involved marketing products using digital tools and platforms.

Digital marketing has the following benefits

  • Coverage of local areas
  • Increased engagements
  • Multi-type content
  • Cost effective
  • Easy Tracking
  • Personalised and provides valuable information

As a result of the internet, everyone can now access valuable content of their interest on a variety of online platforms. So, if you want to learn the tools and tips for digital marketing, you may check out the free masterclass by the Founder and CEO of IIDE, Karan Shah.

Let‚Äôs now take a closer look at what digital marketing entails for Klaten, let’s examine its scope.

 Scope of digital marketing in Klaten - Job availability

This is an overview of what the job scene looks like around Klaten                     

Klaten comes under the top 100 smart cities in Indonesia. Generally, smart cities focus on technological advancement to provide services to their residents and solve their problems

. A major focus for Klaten will also be to increase its digital media platform to enhance its connections with the world, as it intends to expand its small and middle enterprise businesses, create more jobs, and build awareness among its employees so that they can better understand how digital marketing works.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on a large number of industries, especially the tourism sector, aviation, and the hospitality industry. As a result of the situation, Klaten has also had an impact on innovation in the region, causing financial disruptions and major downturns for local businesses.

Through implementing AI, digital tools, and e-commerce, Klaten is now concentrating on improving the conditions of the economy.

Because of this, careers in digital marketing show a major boom in Klaten and all over the world.

Scope of digital marketing in Klaten - (Top 10 E-commerce users in 2020)

Scope of digital marketing in Klaten for businesses

( Indonesia)


1.  Rise in numbers of E-commerce users

It is expected that the growth of e-commerce users will reach 221 million in 2025 as per Digital Market Outlook. In Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the growth of SMEs and the e-commerce industry through the shift to online shopping as well as new business owners selling purely online.

Indonesia is one of the most sought-after e-commerce markets in the world, with both large local players and global heavyweights competing for this massively growing market. In 2017, approximately 20 million people shopped online; this figure is expected to rise to 65 million by 2022.

List of e-commerce companies in Indonesia

OLX Shopee Lazada group Traveloka
Super Shipper Astro SIRCLO
Pomona J&T Express TaniHub Modalcu

Scope of digital marketing in Klaten - Ecommerce users in Indonesia

  • Building interpersonal relationships with customers

Companies are focusing completely on digital marketing to create brand loyalty among people and build good relationships with them. Sending messages to others via emails and social media is a quick and simple process.

¬†As a result of digital-marketing-tools companies have been able to analyze and measure their customers’ behavior regarding their products and services.

  • Increment in Online marketing

 The use of digital platforms is very high in Indonesia. It ranks 5th in the highest internet users country and ranks 4th population-wise. Facebook and Instagram are the most used digital platforms in Indonesia. In 2023, the average ad spending per user in the Social Media Advertising segment is expected to be $5.08, and in the Digital Advertising market, mobile will account for 70% of total ad spending by 2027 as per the Statista website.

  • Development in SMEs

With digital marketing small and medium-sized enterprises showing positive results. Since SMEs businesses in Klaten are facing stiff competition from one another, companies are focusing more on digital marketing to understand their customers’ needs and to promote their products in order to make them stand out from their competitors.

  • Boom in the Tourism sector¬†

 Tourism industries are also showing a boom with the introduction of digital marketing. As per Hindustan times during Jan-Sept, Indonesia saw 2.27 million visitors in comparison to  86,245 in the same period last year. The absolute economic contribution of tourism in Indonesia is expected to increase by 73.5 billion US dollars (+145.34 percent) between 2022 and 2028. In 2028, the economic contribution is expected to be 124.0 billion US dollars.                


Scope of digital marketing in Klaten after Covid 19


  • Surge in internet marketing¬†

Even though digital marketing had already been popular since its introduction, Covid 19 has prompted a surge in the use of digital marketing tools and online commerce. During the pandemic, Indonesia, the region’s largest digital economy, saw a 13% increase in digital consumers. With a population of over 250 million people, Indonesia could be a promising market for influencer marketing. Furthermore, the number of social network users in Indonesia is expected to exceed 250 million by 2025. (Source: Statista)

    • ¬†
  • Large audience targeting has become easy

It has also been used as an effective tool for industries during Covid 19 to reach their customers. The use of data in digital marketing allows businesses to target audiences based on factors such as gender, age, location, interests, and education. Ultimately, in the end, the business will be able to generate profits by providing products according to the interest of the target market.

  • Revolution in the Industrial sector

  • Indonesia is adopting the Industry 4.0 initiative to promote technological implementation in companies by creating Digital Capability Centre Indonesia. The center is designed to train workers and provide information to them about digital literacy. The implementation of Industry 4.0 aims to realize the great national aspirations that will propel Indonesia into the top ten largest economies by 2030.( Source: investindonesia)


  • A boost to agriculture through digital technologies

As a result of the Covid 19 outbreak, there has been a serious impact on the tourism industry, which has in turn affected the livelihoods of many households that are highly dependent on tourism. Therefore, training is being provided to people under the Employment and Livelihood program in Klaten city. More farmers are using e-commerce in Indonesia to increase their output and reduce costs.

  • Use of digital tools in small businesses

MSMEs have started using digital tools to expand their markets and benefit from using them. According to McKinsey, various measures can be adopted to help Indonesia’s MSMEs benefit more quickly from new technologies. The government and e-commerce service providers could, for example, work together to train business owners and their staff. Creating one-stop platforms could ease the transformation for these businesses


Scope of digital marketing in klaten for students

  • Various job opportunities for students

¬†Now most businesses are shifting towards digital marketing, therefore it has created various job opportunities for people, especially youth who spend most of their time exploring and consuming digital content. Digital labor technologies can potentially boost Indonesia’s GDP by USD 35 billion by 2025 and create 3.7 million jobs as per McKinsey report.

  • Freelancing opportunities¬†

Digital platforms have made it easy for people to work online while sitting in a comfortable place. Various job opportunities such as copywriting, web design, digital marketing consultant, social media manager, photographer, SEO specialist, web developer, content writer, and content marketing manager, etc.

  • ¬†Facilitates E-learning opportunities¬†


Learning has become easier for anyone who has desired to learn despite having any challenges with the introduction of digital platforms. E-learning creates a series of virtual learning environments during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also facilitates online learning by utilizing mobile technology and artificial intelligence. As a result, the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and the Internet facilitates online learning. 

You can enroll in an online digital marketing course if you are keen to learn digital marketing. 

  • ¬†Increment in no of Startups¬†¬†


With technological advancement, there is an increase in the number of startups due to digitalization. In 2022, there were 285 startups in Indonesia that had raised a minimum of a million U.S. Bucks in funding. In 2022, its startup ecosystem was ranked second in Southeast Asia.

  • High demand for digitalization

Digital marketing is in high demand nowadays and it has created various opportunities for individuals who are aware of digital tools. Companies are now looking for that candidate who has a complete understanding of digital tools to help them with their brand promotion and get higher traffic to their websites and platforms. 

You can refer for a complete understanding of tools.


Scope of digital marketing in Klaten in the future


  • High Adoption of digital technology

AI-powered chatbots will be in more use by customers to resolve their doubts and confusion. According to estimates( source – Statista), Indonesia’s internet penetration rate will rise to 82.53 percent by 2026 from 69.8 percent. For businesses aiming for fast reach, lower costs, and improved user experience, adopting new technology is crucial.

  • Establishments of more startups/businesses


Businesses can expect an increment in B2B market segments. The business will be more focused on website optimization and digital media.

The Indonesian population is actively engaged in the digital space, which makes ad: tech a viable option to revolutionize the online landscape in Indonesia. It is likely that we will see more startups in the future based on digital marketing as technology advances.


  • Fintech revolution and digital payment growth

            Several factors are driving more digital advertising in Indonesia, including alternative finance options such as p2p lending, cryptocurrency, and eCommerce tech investments.  

As per the Statista website –

  • In 2023, the Neobanking segment is expected to grow by 33.4% in revenue.
  • The number of users in the Digital Payments segment is expected to reach 247.26 million by 2027.
  • In 2023, the total transaction value in the Digital Payments segment is expected to be US$77.46 billion.


  • Increasing use of Virtual reality

To meet customer demands and increase brand awareness, companies will continue to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 

As per the Statista website¬† –¬†

  • By 2027, there will be 101.1 million consumers in the AR & VR market.
  • In 2023, there will be 31.8% of users, and by 2027, 34.6% of users are anticipated.
  • It is anticipated that the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be $3.48 USD.


  • Better opportunities and career growth


Indonesia is now moving toward digitization. This will lead to more job opportunities in this field. If Indonesia embraces digitization, it can achieve an estimated USD 150 billion in growth‚ÄĒ10% of GDP‚ÄĒby 2025. According to the Mckinney report, digital technologies provide opportunities to increase productivity across sectors and broaden economic participation to all segments of the population.

Scope of digital marketing in Klaten - Global digital market

Where can you learn digital marketing in Klaten city (Indonesia)?


Due to the advancement of technology, Indonesia is becoming a digital hub that attracts more companies to set up their businesses here. To grab the opportunities in the field of digital marketing it is important to have a strong understanding of it. Many online platforms provide courses in digital marketing. One such platform that you can trust to understand how digital marketing works is IIDE (Indian Institute for digital marketing). IIDE provides various programs such as a 4-month certification course, an 11-month MBA level PG, Short term certifications. You can click here for more information and reviews.



FAQs ‚Äď Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the scope of digital marketing in Klaten?

Ans. With digital marketing, it has become easy for businesses to understand the preferences of their customers. Therefore, businesses are looking to invest more in digital media for their expansion.

Q2. Which digital marketing career has the highest salary?

Ans. Many job profiles offer you a high salary such as Email developer, Social Media Manager, Brand Manager, Google analytics expert, and E-commerce developer. It ultimately depends on how skilled and creative you are.

Q3.  Which country has more scope in digital marketing?

Ans. A country such as the US has a high number of job openings in digital marketing. It is home to big IT companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Q4. Which skills are required to be a digital marketer?

Ans. Among the digital marketing skills that digital marketers may acquire and ace are SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Graphic Design, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Data Analysis, and Web Development.

Q5. Is digital marketing a good career in Klaten?

Ans. Businesses are increasingly shifting to digital marketing, and statistics show that the field will have more job opportunities in the future. This is a great opportunity that you should seize.

Q6.  What is the future scope of digital marketing in Klaten?

Ans.: The future looks promising, with continued growth and more scope of digital  marketing in Klaten especially when more industries recognise the importance of an online presence.

Q7. What is the new development and scope of digital marketing trends in Klaten?

Ans.: Trends such as social media advertising, influencer marketing are increasing the scope of digital marketing in Klaten.

Q8. What are the insights on the future potential and opportunities within the scope of digital marketing in Klaten’s evolving market?

Ans.: E-commerce growth , Mobile optimization , and online community engagement can contribute to the exponential growth of digital marketing in Klaten.

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In conclusion, I think digital marketing represents a good career opportunity considering the current trend and its potential in the future. In this blog, we discussed the scope of digital marketing in Klaten and how it has turned into a smart city by implementing digitization. 

Therefore if you are looking for a basic understanding of digital marketing you can take a look at the IIDEs masterclass conducted every Saturday. 

If you are interested in getting a basic understanding of digital marketing, you should consider enrolling in a course on digital marketing. The IIDE is one such platform where you can feel confident in upskilling yourself if you want to gain a deeper understanding of this field.

You can also refer to IIDEs various blogs on digital marketing will also give you an understanding of this field. For reading the blogs you can click blog reading.

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